Restoration at home of baths with liquid acrylic

The long life of the bath leaves its imprint on its surface. It becomes unattractive, covered with all sorts of injuries (chips, scratches, scuffs). Do not despair, you can restore this piece of furniture using material such as liquid acrylic.

Liquid acrylic

Liquid acrylic is easily applied to the bath, quickly dries.

Liquid acrylic has several advantages:

  1. You can apply this material yourself and without dismantling the object to be restored.
  2. Due to its liquid and flowing state, the coloring material is uniformly distributed throughout the surface.
  3. Solidifies liquid acrylic slowly, so working with this material is fairly easy and fast.
  4. Restoring baths in bulk does not take much time.
  5. The bath is ready for use after 1-4 days (depending on the material).

Restoration of the previous species

To repair the bath you need to prepare the base. This work boils down to removing the old coating and degreasing the surface. Do this with the following materials and tools:

  1. Drills with an abrasive nozzle or sandpaper.
  2. Means for degreasing.

Use an abrasive cloth or a drill and remove the old coating. In the process of this work, protect the respiratory system from dust (mask, respirator). Clean the base of the bath from the settled dust. Wash the entire surface of the dirt. Degrease the furniture with thinner or soda.

Cleaning the tub

Clean the bath with a special cleaning agent or sandpaper.

Soda dilute water to a mushy state and the resulting composition, treat the entire area. Rinse with hot water. If the bath has deep cracks and chips, seal them. To do this, get a filler for metal for cars and apply it to the damaged areas with rubbing movements with a rubber spatula.

In order for liquid acrylic to lie evenly on the surface, it is necessary to warm the base of the bath. Therefore, fill it with hot water. Wait for 5-7 minutes and drain the liquid. Dry the object with a normal cloth (without lint) or use a hairdryer.

Remove the plums from the bath and place them below the bottom container, where the excess paint will merge.

If this work is not possible, isolate the drain with adhesive tape, and from above install the bottom from the disposable glass.

Liquid acrylic

To perform work related to updating the coverage you will need:

  1. Set of paint.
  2. Capacity.
  3. Gloves.
  4. Rubber spatula.

The perimeter of the bath on the floor is lined with old newspapers or building film. Places of docking with a wall are insulated with paint tape. We prepare liquid acrylic by adding a hardener to the polymer base. Using a wooden stick, we mix everything thoroughly. This will take 10-15 minutes.

Liquid acrylic небольшими порциями наливаем в пластиковую емкость (обрезанная бутылка) с носиком. Тонкой струей наливайте краску на один из углов, прилегающий к стене. Обработайте всю окружность ванны жидким акрилом. Полимерный состав под действием силы притяжения и своего веса постепенно будут стекать на дно реставрируемого предмета.

Restoring the bath with liquid acrylic

Liquid acrylic равномерно распределяется по ванне специальной щеткой.

After treating the bathtub from above, move to the area below. During work, try not to allow any passes. If any, pour liquid acrylic into the appropriate place. Do this along the whole circumference of the object.

Do not use a brush or roller during painting. Do not touch the already machined area, otherwise the integrity of the laid layer will be impaired. Do not take any action to the drips that will form during the work, they will disperse themselves.

Collect the painted paint on the bottom with a rubber spatula on the unpainted areas. As for the excess polymer mixture, do not worry, use a rubber spatula to guide it to the drain hole. Do all the restorations of the coating continuously. This will take about 4 hours of free time.

After complete treatment of the bath with liquid acrylic, it is necessary to close the room in order to prevent dust and various insects from getting to the surface. To completely dry the paint will take from 1 day to 4. It will depend on the selected material. After the required time, remove the tape around the perimeter of the bathtub and install the drain and overflow into place.

Thus, the recovery of baths, which is subject not only to specialists in this field of activity, but also to people who do not have certain skills in performing such works. Thanks to the application of a new layer of paint in accordance with a simple technological process, the bath is restored, which does not look different from the factory sample, and the life of this object is increased to 10-20 years.

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