Rug from improvised materials in the bathroom

On the floor in the bathroom is most often laid tiles. It even on a hot day remains cool, but it does not add comfort. In addition, tile can be slippery, and this is dangerous, so it is recommended to use special mats. Buy them today, you can in any store, but why spend money when an unusual and original, comfortable and nice mat for bare feet can do by yourself? How to make a rug in the bathroom with your own hands, what ideas to choose for creativity? The author's decor can be made from yarn, plastic bags, stoppers and even old t-shirts. The cost of the product will be low, but the effect is excellent.

Rug in the bathroom

Rug in the bathroom is necessary, because after a shower it is very unpleasant to stand with your feet on the cold floor.

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With your hands for the bathroom you can make not only a beautiful, but also a useful rug. How to achieve this? It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to buy special products in the store. To make an unusual accessory you need to prepare a sea or river pebble of a suitable shade. It will be attached to the fabric base and net, which can be easily bought in specialized stores. The very basis is neatly sewn with nylon threads.

There is also a simpler method. You can pour pebbles to the brim into a shallow plastic pallet, paint the sides in the right color. It turns out an unusual design, which will be nice to get up after a hot bath. Such an original mat is practical, the water is drained simply, pebbles can be washed and dried if necessary.

Wine Stoppers

Carpet of cork

The mat in the bathroom can be made from ordinary wine corks.

As a raw material for making a rug in the bathroom with your own hands, you can use wine stoppers. To produce one warm and stylish product, you need about 200 pieces of the same size and shape. To get traffic jams is not so difficult, they can be collected after any event or purchased in specialized stores. The cost of traffic congestion is small, such a rug will be much cheaper than the factory floor. But the bathroom will acquire original features.

How to make such an unusual accessory for the bathroom? Each plug is neatly cut in half, the flat side facing the floor to ensure anti-slip properties. The rusty side is sandpapered. Then, with a strong string or a nylon thread, the plugs are connected, threaded into rows. Then the rows are fastened together, forming a beautiful and durable web of the required shape. The mat will be flexible, pleasant to the touch, it is convenient to walk on it. In addition, the cork is not afraid of moisture, it is easy to clean. Unusual surface will provide a light massage effect, the product will be comfortable and useful for the feet.

Carpet of yarn

Carpet of yarn

The mat in the bathroom can be made from ordinary buboes made from yarn.

Stylish and comfortable mats in the bathroom can be made from material such as yarn. The work is simple and creative, children can be attracted to it, they will gladly make soft and bright pom-poms for future accessories. In addition to the rugs for the bathroom in the same way, you can make covers for chairs, toilets, padded stools for bathrooms.

The most lengthy stage is the assembly of the pompoms themselves. To do this, preparing a lot of yarn of different colors, paper for workpieces, scissors, hook. First, circles of the same length are cut from the paper, and they will be blanks. A hole is made in the center, through which threads will be stretched. It is best to take a thick paper so that it does not tear during work. The blanks are tightly wrapped in threads to the thickness that is necessary. On the outer edge of the thread is cut, a beautiful pompon is formed from the strand. Finished balls are fastened together with threads, after which you can assemble a mat of any shape from them.

To assemble the accessory, a dense fabric with non-slip properties is used.

Pompons are carefully attached to the fabric, resulting in unusual and pleasant mats in the bathroom.

Their form can be different. For example, having shown a fantasy, you can make a bright watermelon or an unusual starfish. The most simple variant - a rug for a bathroom of the rectangular form from pompoms of different color.

Old T-shirts

Rug from old T-shirts

For the rug you can use the usual old T-shirts.

Accumulated a large number of old T-shirts and T-shirts, which no one will wear? Why throw them away, when exactly on the basis of such raw materials you can make warm and beautiful rugs in the bathroom.

To make an accessory, it is necessary to prepare:

  • old T-shirts of a variety of colors (they must first be washed);
  • scissors;
  • thread;
  • hooks and knitting needles;
  • sewing machine.

There are several manufacturing options, it all depends on what you want to get as a result:

  1. Knitted rugs with your own hands for the bathroom. Beforehand, all the vests should be carefully cut into thin strips. Strips are recommended to be slightly stretched during cutting so that they are even, easily curled during operation. The obtained laces are rolled up in a ball. Further work will depend on what kind of result you need to get. Any desired scheme is used for mating. If there is no skill in dealing with knitting needles or crochet, then the strips obtained must be assembled into thick twisted bundles, from which to bind a pigtail. Then, starting from the center, the strips are twisted in a spiral, giving a soft and unusual accessory of round or oblong shape.
  2. Using a sewing machine, you can assemble a fluffy and leg-friendly accessory. For work, except strips of shirts, should prepare the foundation. It should be a detachment of non-slip or rubberized thin and durable fabric, it is cut out in the shape of a future rug. To work T-shirts and T-shirts must be cut to ribbons with a length of 9-10 cm. After that, on the sewing machine, the strips are stretched to the base in dense rows. How to do the work correctly? Each strip is folded in half, it is on this middle line that the machine line will pass. The rows should be tight so that the resulting pile is not too sparse. The mat will become soft and fluffy, it will be easy to wear off, perfect for any interior.

Plastic bags

Rug from polyethylene packages

Multicolored polyethylene bags will serve as an excellent material for the rug in the bathroom.

If at home a large number of absolutely unnecessary bright packages accumulated after shopping, then rugs can be made into the bathroom from them, having spent only time on manufacturing.

To make such a rug, you need to prepare:

  • thin, soft bags of various colors, which are easily twisted;
  • scissors;
  • iron;
  • accessories for crocheting (hooks, knitting needles).

Before you start making, you need to prepare the packages. They are cut into thin strips with a width of 1 cm. Then from the plastic blanks long strips are formed, individual elements are fastened with a conventional iron. The resulting threads must immediately be rolled into tangles, so that it would be more convenient to work with them.

The mat itself from workpieces crochets or knits, the technique of knitting is the simplest, for example, a column without a crochet. If you use multi-colored bags, you can make unusual and beautiful rugs in the bathroom with the chosen pattern. The size can be any, it turns out durable, absolutely not absorbing a moisture. The cost of the product is minimal, you only need to spend your time.

For the bathroom, rugs can be made by hand. They turn out beautiful and bright, while materials are used by improvised. To work requires only imagination and compliance with simple assembly stages. The result is a stylish and beautiful accessory.

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