Select bathroom design 3 3 m

To date, in shops specializing in the design of a variety of premises, you can find a wide variety of materials, techniques and decorative elements. The same applies to the situation when you plan to engage in such a process as the design of the bathroom 3x3 m. Thus, your eyes will open a lot of a wide variety of options, with which you can even decorate a small bathroom.

Bathroom in Art Nouveau style

When decorating a bathroom in a certain style, do not forget about retaining its functionality.

Thanks to the availability of goods for every taste and purse, anyone who thinks about the design of the bathroom will necessarily find something suitable for it. But despite the fact that the bathroom is the premise where every member of the family will be almost always there, it is quite difficult to determine exactly with the uniform style of registration. Accordingly, in the process of decoration and repair it will be necessary to get acquainted with the advice of specialists in the field of design.

Registration of 3х3 m

There are many styles in the interior design of the bathroom that can safely be used to make the room not only functional and comfortable, but also beautiful.

Mediterranean style

The most convincing reason for choosing a Mediterranean style is that the interior of this room looks elegant and elegant. It is characterized mainly by the presence of tiles on the walls, mosaic or glass inserts, on which floral elements must necessarily be present. A typical design of a 3x3 m bathroom in the Mediterranean style also implies the presence of indoor plants on the windowsill. This design technique emphasizes the natural origin and naturalness of the style. All these features of the style are fine.

Rural French version

The advantage and distinctive feature of the presented style is a rich color palette, an abundance of interior details made of natural, natural material. Here quite often used:

  • textile;
  • tree;
  • skin.

Steklooboi will give the bathroom additional lighting and ease of design.

Separately it is necessary to note also such feature of the French country, as presence of traditional national patterns. Here, small patterns in the form of flowers and a traditional cage can be used. The bathroom area of ​​3x3 m, decorated in the style of French country, will be slightly different. When arranging the bathroom in this case, the choice of cool colors is recommended. This technique is used to make the visually limited space seem somewhat larger, deeper.

Particular attention should be paid to the design side of the bathroom 3x3 m, as the design of sanitary ware. French country does not provide for the use of white or monochrome surfaces in the interior, so take care that small, but patterns, appear on the sink, bath or shower. You can independently paint their surface in accordance with the decor of the rest of the room: floor, ceiling and walls.

Classic room

This style is one of the most exquisite ways to design a bathroom. It is here that he will become especially elegant and rich. You will see this.

Bathroom design 3x3

To visually increase the space of the bathroom, you can use finishing materials of light tones.

Recreate the atmosphere of classicism and create the appropriate entourage with the help of properly selected materials and decorative elements. So, in the list of necessary components of the bathroom in the classical style should be:

  • exclusive furniture;
  • stone, leather and wooden accessories.

As a material for finishing works for furniture or for plumbing, silver and gold leaf are the best. In accordance with all the above features, we can say that the classical style requires a fairly serious investment in the financial plan.

Ethnic room

This method of interior design is one of the most important and sought after directions when working with a bathroom. This style differs from the others in that it can successfully convey this or that mood. Considering the example of a bathroom in an ethnic style, you will notice that its most significant feature is the presence of very small details.

So, for example, there is a variety of use of dishes and ornaments made of wood and clay. The stone here plays an important role. In order to make a small room more impressive, you can resort to the use of natural stone in the finish of the floor along the entire perimeter of the bathroom. Stylization of sanitary ware under natural stone will not be superfluous. And thanks to very advanced modern technologies, it is possible to use whole natural stone blocks, from which shells and baths are built.

Art Nouveau style

This direction in the design of the bathroom 3x3 m rightfully occupies one of the leading places in choosing the style of the interior. Here, as nowhere, those decorative techniques and elements that can be used only in any particular style are ideally combined. Although at first glance it may seem that this is impossible. A fairly popular material and means for finishing the bathroom 3x3 m is a mosaic.

It is she who is able to reproduce sometimes unrealistic ideas, embodying the most courageous projects of designers.

This style is characterized simultaneously and open space, and the presence of a sufficiently large number of all kinds of objects.

This combination is possible due to the use of materials such as plastic and glass. Transparent or almost transparent elements (cabinets, shelves, bedside tables), inside which there is also a highlight, will become the main actors in the interior of the bathroom. These shelves and lockers can be successfully filled with accessories, the design of which refers to one of the styles described above (sea, classic, country).

Obvious is the fact that, when decorating a bathroom in the Art Nouveau style, you can not not use a variety of techniques. Convenient and multifunctional devices built into the walls, and other details and elements of household appliances, spread out over open shelves and transparent cabinets, will necessarily create the expected effect.

When choosing and implementing one of the design styles of the bathroom interior, it is worth remembering that not only plumbing and furniture should harmonize, but also the means and materials for decorating walls, floors and ceilings. In order to determine how and how to design the bathroom, you need to think over the overall design of the bathroom, which, in turn, depends on the chosen style of decorating the room.

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