Selection of plastic panels for the bathroom

Today, plastic panels are a very popular finishing material for the bathroom. They have considerable advantages, they serve long and qualitatively. Of course, the first place is the tile, from which you can create any picture. But, choosing plastic panels, you will save on the material itself, as it is cheaper, installation will be much easier and faster, and it will not be difficult to take care of the panels, which will please any mistress. It is worth noting some more advantages that plastic panels possess: • paneling does not require wall alignment; • are not affected by moisture and temperature changes, which is ideal for use in a room such as a bathroom; • Plastic panels are easy to install due to the lock clutch (therefore, for those who have a little understanding of the repair, it will not be difficult to install them); But before installing them, it is worthwhile to know that there are several ways: • Mounting on the crate, where nails, screws or staples are used; • Wall mounting with brackets • Mounting with adhesive • Mounting using special fixing profiles For the bathroom, the first or last method is best suited, since it is fixed to walls that are not always dry is not practical. And also it will help to hide pipes and to make recessed fixtures. However, before buying panels and installing them in the bathroom, it is worth familiarizing yourself with some of the drawbacks that any finishing material has. First, the plastic panels will limit you when creating a certain design. You can choose only the color, but with the pattern will be more difficult. You can divide the room into several zones and attach panels of different colors, which will make the room more interesting. Secondly, they have a fragile construction, and with a strong impact you can break them, or a crack may form. Thirdly, this design can remind you of any office space, and therefore will not want to use them at home. There are three main types of this finishing material: 1. Rack, which have a small width, but visually they can increase the height of the room. If you do not seek to create a unique design in your bathroom, then this kind of perfect fit. 2. Panels for "tiles", which have a square shape. Such panels allow you to stack them in a checkerboard pattern, creating certain geometric shapes. 3. Panels are sheet, easier installation, but a monotonous design Which finishing material to choose for a bathroom is up to you. But before making a purchase, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the options and find out about their advantages and disadvantages in order to create an ideal bathroom.

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