Self-contained shower enclosure

Shower cabin is easily assembled by hand. You can connect the shower enclosure to the water pipe and sanitary utilities yourself, if you follow the recommendations of professionals.

Diagram of shower enclosure

Diagram of the shower enclosure.

Step-by-step instruction

To connect the shower enclosure to the sewer, the following tools will be required:

  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • drill;
  • Adjustable wrench;
  • slotted screwdriver;
  • pliers.

Installation and connection of the shower enclosure is carried out in a spacious, well-lit room. Preliminary it is required to buy adapters flexible for water. To connect the shower enclosure in the presence of a steam generator, isolate electricity from moisture.

The scheme of connection of a shower cabin to a waterpipe

The scheme of connection of a shower cabin to a waterpipe.

Preliminary check the level of pressure in the pipes. This figure should exceed 1.5 - 3 bar, if you want to install a hydromassage shower or shower with a steam generator. Insufficient pressure will not allow full use of the shower.

The pallet is assembled and installed. The level is checked. Then you need to collect the shower panel and install the roof. After the assembly of the water supply system, the connection to the sanitary communications is performed. Clamps stretch.

Then determine the location of the shower. Experts advise in the bathroom to use flexible hoses. Water is supplied from under the sink. In other rooms, pipes made of plastic or metal are used. Connection of sanitary equipment involves fixing hoses. All parts for connection to the water supply must be reliable, and the clamps and fasteners - reliably tightened. Defects found during inspection are eliminated. Moisture on the threaded connections indicates leakage. The tube is disassembled, the sealant is replaced or the sealant is applied to the joint.

Nuances of connection

Connection of the shower cabin with their own hands is recommended to be carried out in stages. Experts advise to check the quality of tap water. From its rigidity will depend on the quality of the steam generator or hydromassage. On the parts in the process of settling scale and salt, so it is recommended to soften the water filter with a multistage or coarse cleaning system, which increases the service life of the shower.

Connection of a shower cabin to a water supply system

Connection of the shower enclosure to the water pipe is made after installation of the pallet.

Connecting the shower to the sewer is done after installing the pallet. It should be placed horizontally, without slopes. The height and the level of the tilt are adjustable with legs. The absence of slope is checked by the building level. The angle of the wall, which will have a shower, should be equal to 90 °. The additional stability of the structure is attached by the mounting of the support.

Before you connect the shower, you need to buy quality plumbing connectors and pipes. Use the parts that come with the kit, it is recommended after checking their reliability. Such elements include:

  • cranes;
  • hoses;
  • фум-ленту;
  • siphons;
  • electric cable;
  • tees.

Installation work

For shower cabins, the connection to the water supply system requires the use of a hose. Rapid drainage of water is provided by the slope of the pipe. Water can drain naturally if the siphon on the pallet is located under the drain. The pallet rises above the plumbing pipes. The location of the cab away from the riser requires the use of a sewage pump with a magnetic valve preventing flooding.

Connection scheme for corner shower enclosure

Scheme connecting the corner shower.

Pre-overlapping water on the riser. In the bathroom open the taps. Then weaken the fastening pliers. The old coupling is unscrewed with the help of the previous elements. The next step is to put the press fittings on the pipes.

The threads on the compression fittings are lubricated. The adapter for the shower enclosure is wound manually and tightened with pliers. Then the anchors and screws are installed. The next stage involves tightening the pliers of the joints.

After installing the shower panel, fixing of the water supply pipes is made by inserting decorative plates from the outside of the panel. Water turns on. Check the tightness and function. Handles mount.

Installation requirements

A shower cabin with a hydromassage or steam generator is connected to electricity in the final stage by means of a 3-core cable with a cross-section of 2 mm². On sale are models that require manual connection. In the electric shield, an automatic machine with a rating corresponding to the largest indicator of electricity consumption is needed. Design capacity of 5 kW requires an automaton for 25 A.

It is recommended that a safety shut-off device is used together with the machine. The bathroom needs to be connected to an additional equipotential bonding system. The room will need to be well ventilated so that furniture and walls are not spoiled by condensation. To connect the shower enclosure to electricity, grounding is carried out, zero is output. Electrical points and lighting protect against moisture ingress.

On the correctly performed work testifies:

  • no cracks on the panels;
  • firmly fixed pallet;
  • sealed joints;
  • absence of sharp corners;
  • A qualitative drainage of water at its full submission.

Acquired construction should not be scratched, damaged, cranky, sag, creak.

Scratching during operation requires adjusting the legs of the pallet.

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