Self-installation of a whirlpool in the bath

A pleasant and relaxing effect is having a bath. The same can be said about massage. And in order to combine these two kinds of pleasures, a special tub, named as a jacuzzi, was invented by clever people. Outwardly it is a usual bath, but with injectors and a connected system for vibrating. The action of water in such a "bowl" has an excellent effect on the nervous system. Someone is even pleased with what she does with the skin. Installing a whirlpool in a bath is not an easy task, but you can cope by following the tips given below.

Hydromassage bath

The hydromassage bath acts soothingly on the nervous system, it has a beneficial effect on the whole organism and helps to relax.

Mechanism of hydromassage

If briefly and in a nutshell, the essence of the whirlpool is reduced to the fact that a special compressor is supplied to the filled bath, which causes bubbling bubbles. Thus, in contact with the skin, they interact with nerve endings, informing the pleasant action to the entire body.

To this pleasure lasted as long as possible, the bath should function properly and be properly connected to all systems that make up the mechanism: sewer, electric, water and air. The breakdown of one may entail another, and so the installation of a bath with a hydromassage should be given to the masters if the master does not have the skills. Independently it is possible to carry out only works on acceptance by a premise of this unit. There are also a lot of difficulties, and you will have to carefully monitor all editing processes.

Preparing the room

There are four stages to this work:

  1. Measurements.
  2. Floor leveling.
  3. Replacement, installation and removal of water and sewage pipes.
  4. Podium device.
The scheme of the device of the whirlpool bath

Scheme of the device of the hydromassage bath.

It is worth considering that the design of the bathtub with hydromassage is quite big. After all, the kit includes all the system equipment. Therefore, after looking at such an assembly in the store, you need to estimate it to your own bathroom size. If it is small, then there is nothing to fix and to think about or to pick up a bath of a sedentary variant - there are also such. The rate of installation is one meter. That is, from each edge of the bath there should be an indentation in the specified number of units. In addition, it is worthwhile to know that such a bath is delivered in the assembled state, and therefore a narrow entrance should not interfere with the free introduction of future pleasure. Otherwise, you will have to break down the walls, but you need a proper permit.

Installation of a bath with hydromassage should be conducted on a perfectly flat floor. This is necessary, since a smooth, surface-free surface plays an original role of the bed, on which the pumps of the system will rest. If it is not in your bathtub, then you have to sweat. For work it is necessary to use the level and observe its slightest fluctuations. Also you need to puzzle the sewage system and, if possible, mount it directly to the floor. We can not forget about the waterproofing of the floor - not a drop on the heads of neighbors!

Do not disregard the water supply pipes. They should be located not less than a meter from the edges of the bath and be made of propylene. Old is better to replace immediately.

Arrangement of nozzles in the hydromassage bath

The location of the nozzles in the hot tub.

If the sewer can not be installed in the floor and it protrudes more than 7-10 cm, then there is a need for a podium installation. This is done so that the drain from the bath is free. The podium is constructed by the type of foundation, using formwork, reinforcement and concrete pouring. It can be decorated with decorative tiles in the tone of the walls. Then the construction will be a single ensemble. But do not make it too high: getting into such a bath will be problematic, for example, the elderly.

And now the object of your lusts was delivered and even brought to the designated place. What to do now? Rejoice! Since all the ordeals of the amateur on installation of the unit are over. Now comes the work of professionals. However, if the ambitions are great, then try to do it yourself.

Installation Recommendations

Stages of installation:

  1. Installation of pressure reducer and water filters. It is necessary to do this, since the mud from the water supply networks can completely clog the delicate injectors.
  2. Remove ground and connect the bath to the electrical network.
  3. Installation of decorative component. Usually this is some kind of curtain with curls.

The pressure reducer may not be needed, but you can put it just in case. It may well be that when taking a bath with a whirlpool, water is turned off. Thus, the automation will close the flow, and the pump will not run idle, which is extremely harmful for it.

You do not need to save on filters.

Even if it is not drinking water. To disable an expensive unit is capable of mud accumulation. And it will do it reliably, counting on expensive repairs or a complete replacement. Installation of such a system will not be difficult.

Further electricity. We will not write any horror stories about how one girl turned on a whirlpool bath, not grounded, climbed into it hoping to have fun and what happened to her later. It is already understandable. Therefore, in order not to be in the place of this girl or boy, it is necessary to establish a high-quality and soundly grounding with the output from the house, as well as the corresponding outlets, separately from all equipment. This should only be done by a professional.

Setting the scenery. Usually women fall into it, and, depending on the complexity of the elements, they will have to decide for themselves whether to call the master or not. Although if the work is carried out on a turnkey basis, then the installation of such beauties will be timed to the general installation.

That's all. It remains to check all the systems and pour foam into the tub with a hydromassage.

Important rules

Scheme of connecting the whirlpool bath to the power supply

Scheme of connecting the whirlpool bath to the power supply.

  1. Purchase of a bath in the store is accompanied by inspection and verification of the entire mechanism. If this did not work, you should conduct an inspection of its installation in the presence of the masters.
  2. Be sure to check the availability of warranty cards for all types of installation of pumps and work.
  3. Installation must be carried out in compliance with all safety precautions.
  4. A thorough check of the stability of the bath ensures that the whirlpool does not overturn the bath from the podium and will not end suddenly and deplorably.
  5. Operate hydromassage is recommended at least once a week.
  6. A bath with this function does not tolerate abrasive cleaners. It is worth buying special.
  7. Clean and change the water filters according to the operating life from the date of installation.
  8. You can not install any spare parts in the bath that are not related to the manufacturer. Repair and installation are made only with original parts.
  9. Do not use the whirlpool not for its intended purpose.
  10. If there is a breakdown and the design of the whirlpool requires transportation to the workshop, it is worth inviting to dismantle the masters, and not to drag it yourself. You must carefully drain the water before moving the bath.

Bath with hydromassage is the right thing in the household. For in our century of chaos and stress, the more pleasant treatment for the shattered nerves, and other sores, has not yet been invented. If all the installation work is done correctly and accurately, the bath will please its owners for a long time. Of course, subject to the above rules.

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