Self-leveling 3d floor

Is it possible to make 3d floors with your own hands? It is known that any repair in the room is completed by finishing the floor. Constantly developed new products, allowing to unrecognizably change the design of any room. To such original samples are 3D coatings on the floor. What are they? ZD flooring in its external features resemble liquid coatings with any printed image. Similar decks can be seen not only in residential buildings, but also in public institutions: in clubs, restaurants, offices. The surface of such a coating is absolutely smooth, there are no seams and joints on it. The 3D image applied to it is so real that it creates an effect of volume and depth. Despite some complexity of the process itself and its absolute novelty, it is quite possible to make 3d floors.

3d Drawing Floor

The 3d floor can have a wide variety of patterns.

Considered floor coverings have a number of positive qualities:

  • impermeability;
  • integrity;
  • simplicity of care;
  • does not accumulate static electricity on the surface;
  • refinement;
  • reliability;
  • immutability of external qualities under the influence of different temperatures;
  • does not support burning;
  • high resistance to chemicals;
  • probability of creating any three-dimensional images.

The shortcomings of such coatings will be the high cost and complexity of the installation work:

  1. For the manufacture of 3d, special polymers are needed by their own hands, but they are not cheap. The bulk of the money is spent on drawing the picture in the given format. This requires a special film.
  2. To give the desired texture, plane and color to the sexes, it is required to make efforts, to understand with the special technology of drawing an ornament. Do this kind of work gradually.

Basic moments

"Cake" filling floor

"Pie" of the filling floor.

Work on the manufacture and installation of the floor is carried out by companies specializing in coatings of this kind. They bring with them the necessary materials and devices for installation. The desire to organize such work on its own leads to the fact that the tools need to be ordered.

To avoid unnecessary waste and not make a mistake with the choice, before installing the floor, you need to study the instruction that allows you to make correct calculations.

For the correct organization of the coating, it is necessary to prepare a number of components:

  1. Polymer or epoxy base. The proportion of parts is determined by its type. So, for 1 m² it will take 4 kg of substance.
  2. The hardener, the volume of which is determined by the selected base.
  3. Solvent. This substance is selected for the given samples.
  4. Drawing in a certain scale.

Set the 3d floor with your own hands on a pre-made concrete covering:

Layout of the filling floor device

The scheme of the device of a filler floor.

  1. Concrete flooring is finished using a grinding machine, the bulging elements are retracted by a perforator or chisel.
  2. Possible chips, cracks, cracks are filled with cement mortar or epoxy resin.
  3. After completion of installation work, the floor must be cleaned of litter and dust with a special industrial vacuum cleaner.
  4. It is important to pay attention to whether there are any stains on the surface. They should be quickly removed.

To create the floors of the species under consideration, you should go through several stages in turn. There are a lot of different subtleties, without knowledge of which it is impossible to organize the process correctly.

Before laying a new coating, the base surface must be carefully leveled.

Screw for 3d floor

The creation of a screed helps to realize the flooring correctly. Its quality will subsequently play a significant role and significantly prolong the operational life of the product. An important role is given to the material from which the screed is made. The initial leveling of the substrate is associated with the classical technique, namely with the use of cement and sand mortar.

Application of self-leveling mixtures

The self-leveling mixture is poured and leveled with a needle roller to remove air bubbles.

But it is necessary to say that 3d floor will look in such a design rough. And the old surfaces should be cleaned in a special way: usually they have a large number of different spots that require degreasing the surface.

Taking into account the fact that it is difficult to make a concrete base coat, now an excellent replacement coating has been invented, namely, self-leveling floors. These are ready-made dry mixtures of factory production, which are bred immediately before the main works. Such coatings allow achieving perfect leveling of the floor, because they freely spread over the entire surface, gradually filling the smallest cracks and crevices.

Significant differences in height give a basis for leveling the floor with cement mortar, the finishing base is made with a ready-made composition for self-leveling floors. In this way, you can save materials.

As the base surface dries, the permissible humidity norms will be 10%, and the priming of the surface will be mandatory. It must be thoroughly cleaned.

Presence of defects on the surface: shells, caverns - should be removed. Otherwise, when the work is completed, bubbles and unevenness appear on the base.

Stages of work

The floor with a three-dimensional plane has several interlayers. To create such a cover, it is important to follow the following stages of work:

Initially, the base of rough floors should be filled with a solution on a polymer or epoxy basis.

It is manufactured according to the instructions, which must be attached to the purchased material. Usually the height of the base coat corresponds to 5-6 cm. The solution should be prepared for the entire surface at once, due to the fact that the plane must be uniform in composition. To achieve such results, a special roller with needles along the whole circumference will help. On the flooded space such a device should be rolled.

Shortly before this, the composition is spread over the entire surface with a wide spatula. Due to the fact that the mixture quickly solidifies, after about 40 minutes you will need to show dexterity.

The rate of full hardening of the base coating is 3-5 hours, which is determined by the characteristics of the materials. It is also necessary to ensure that there are no drafts in the room and there are no sharp changes in temperature. That the flooded surface was not accidentally damaged, a special footwear with spikes was developed for such coating.

Then the pattern is glued to the base surface. You need to do this very carefully and carefully, so as not to spoil the clarity of the external coverage lines. If the label of 3D images is incorrect, the three-dimensional space may be lost, and the drawing will acquire flat and elongated outlines.

The finished ornament is covered with polymers or epoxy of the best quality.

Finally, the flooring is finished.

Such actions will reduce the sliding of the coating and significantly increase its operational life. Similar activities are carried out according to this scheme:

  1. A capacity of more than 2 liters is prepared, in which certain components are prepared by careful stirring. To make the composition homogeneous, without lumps, you should take a drill with a special nozzle.
  2. On the base with ornament the finished mixture pours out.
  3. The composition is spread over the entire coating.
  4. With the aid of a needle aeration roller, all air bubbles are removed by rolling. Such actions are carried out until the composition thickens. Usually it takes 15-30 minutes.

In the process of carrying out leveling measures, it is allowed to move along the plane only in special footwear, which has high spikes on the sole.

To achieve the highest strength of the floors, the first two days should be covered with a conventional polyethylene or foil. The time frame for hardening of such a coating is different, the determining factor here is the thickness of the material, the humidity of the room and the air temperature.


The presented technique will allow creating an entirely new, fashionable and original floor covering with your own hands. In the course of work, it is important to understand that polymers are used to fill the base base, and they release toxic substances. To reduce the risk of adverse effects, it is necessary to create compulsory ventilation of the room. The air in the room should be heated to 10 ° C or higher.

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