Self-leveling the walls in the bathroom with plasterboard

Bathroom repair is quite a complicated process and requires a special approach. This is due to the fact that in this room, unlike other rooms in the apartment or at home, the humidity level is constantly raised. Therefore, the choice of materials and the work process will be significantly different. Aligning the walls in the bathroom with plasterboard causes many to distrust, as drywall is afraid of moisture. But it is worth noting that only normal GCR is damaged from moisture. For rooms with a high level of humidity, a special type of gypsum board was created.

Aligning the walls in the bathroom with plasterboard

Align the walls in the bathroom can be plasterboard.

GCR features

Conventional GCRs are gray in color, and moisture resistant ones are painted in green. This makes it possible to distinguish varieties and acquire the required option. Only cardboard is colored, and the shades of green can be completely different.

The main difference of this GCR is the additional additives, which significantly improve the quality of the material. It becomes waterproof and is not susceptible to the formation and development of fungi. That is why this kind of GCR is recommended to use in the kitchen and bathroom. Often it is used on an industrial scale.

Scheme of wall alignment without a frame

Scheme of wall alignment without a frame.

When using any finishing material, the bathroom should be equipped with high-quality ventilation, this will prevent the formation of fungus. In addition, all the finishing materials will last much longer.

Sometimes natural ventilation is not enough, therefore it is recommended to install forced air removal systems. Very often they turn on automatically together with light.

In order not to buy excess material, it is worthwhile to conduct all calculations. It is necessary to take into account the area of ​​the ceiling, if it will be lined with GKL.

Depending on the method of fastening, it is worthwhile to calculate the number of profiles and additional fasteners. As for screws, they need a lot, so you should take them with a margin.

Leveling Equipments

In order to align the walls of the GKL, which will be attached to the metal frame, it is worthwhile to prepare all the materials with which the work will be carried out. For the work to be carried out continuously, it is necessary that all the tools are available:

  • metal profile of two kinds;
  • gipsokartonnye sheets moisture-proof;
  • construction level;
  • screwdriver or drill;
  • perforator;
  • a construction knife with a sharp blade;
  • edge planer for chamfering;
  • sandpaper.
Screen for plasterboard bath

Gypsum cardboard is good at closing the screens under the bath.

Fastening Methods

Today there are two methods for leveling walls with plasterboard: frameless and frame. The choice of method will depend on some important factors:

Installation of drywall with wooden lathing

Installation of plasterboard with the use of a wooden crate.

  • condition of the wall;
  • facing material.

If the walls have small flaws, then simply glue the GCR directly to the wall, using special adhesive compounds.

If the roughness of the surface is large and the ceramic tile is supposed to be the finishing material, the fastening must be done on the frame without fail.

frameless method

Drywall sheets can be attached to the wall with a special adhesive solution. This method can be applied in the event that the basic requirements are met:

  • the surface has no significant differences;
  • The facing material will not be very heavy.
The scheme of installation of beacons for leveling

The scheme of installation of beacons for alignment.

If the walls are very uneven, the drywall can repeat these irregularities, and eventually the wall will have flaws. Also, if ceramic tiles are used as the facing material, there is a possibility that the sheets can move away from the base under the influence of a large weight.

In work it is necessary to use a material, the thickness of which does not exceed 12 mm. Before proceeding to this fastening, it is necessary to prepare the surface. The surface of the wall in the bathroom should be completely cleaned from the old finishing layer.

It is very important to dry all walls well. This is necessary in order to prevent the formation of fungi under the GCR. After drying, the base is treated with primers with antiseptic action. First of all, the wall is checked by a plumb and the highest point is determined, it is in it that the thickness of the adhesive layer will be minimal. From this point it is necessary to make markings on which the sheets will be fastened.

Use of metal profiles

If the premise of the bathroom has a sufficient area, it is recommended to fix the GKL on the metal frame. This method of fixing will further insulate the wall, conceal various communications, and also use ceramic tiles as facing material.

Scheme drywall sheet

Scheme drywall sheet.

Before the installation of the profile structure, it is very important to prepare the wall. To begin with, all the old finishing coat is completely removed from the surface.

Particular attention should be paid to plastered surfaces. Therefore, the surface must be checked for weaknesses. If any, they need to be eliminated. In the bathroom it is necessary to primed the wall. Antiseptic means will protect the surface from fungus and mold.

Mounting the frame

To level the walls, you must use a galvanized profile. In the process, profiles of several configurations will be used. As the main guide is used UD-profile, which is attached to the base of the ceiling and floor. For fixing it is necessary to use dowels. These profiles are inserted profiles CD, which will subsequently be attached to the gypsum cardboard sheets.

Scheme fastening metal frame under gypsum board

Scheme of fixing the metal frame under gypsum board.

Fastening of profiles between themselves is carried out by special screws. It is very important that the first profile be installed near the wall itself. The rest are located from each other in 600 mm steps. It is necessary to measure this distance along the axial line of the profile, and not from its edges. This will allow correctly fixing a standard GCR with a size of 1200 mm.

In order to give the framework additional rigidity, it is necessary to use special galvanized plates - hangers. They are attached to the profile and the wall, creating a kind of stiffeners.

When installing these hangers, it is very important to monitor the profiles by level, which will avoid uneven walls. Also, if necessary, additional horizontal jumpers can be installed from the profile. This is necessary if the height of the bathroom is greater than the length of the GCR.

Plasterboard sheets

The next stage after the construction of the frame is the plastering of the walls.

Choosing a moisture-resistant GKL, you can proceed to fix it on a metal frame.

As a fastening element, it is best to use self-cutters made of hot iron, they are black. Most often self-cutters of 35 mm length are used. In order for the work to be performed much faster, it is necessary to use a screwdriver or a drill with a special nozzle. The step between the fastenings should not be more than 15 cm. The hat of the screws is recommended to be slightly drowned in the cardboard.

In order to cut a gypsum board, it is necessary to use a construction sharp knife. With its help, a score line is drawn under the ruler, after which the material is then broken.

Before fixing the sheets on the frame it is very important to cut the chamfer. To do this, you must use the plane. Such processing of the end part will qualitatively trim the joints. It is very important to use a paint net at the stage of closing the joints, it will hold the solution and prevent the formation of cracks.

Aligning the walls with plasterboard using a metal frame will allow to level any surface and hide any shortcomings. In addition, in the space between the profiles can be laid heat insulation material. In addition, on the finished surface with confidence can be laid ceramic tiles.

Aligning the walls in the bathroom should be carried out with great responsibility, since it is from it will depend on the finished result. Before the beginning it is very important to think about how the finished result is expected. Measure the plumbing and the size of the room, because the GKL mounts on the frame can take a lot of useful space.

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