Self-mounting shower tray

Buying a shower, almost every owner believes that it will please him for a long time, she will not need any repairs. However, in order to make this possible, it is necessary to correctly mount the shower tray. It is supplied directly with a shower cabin, sewage pipes are connected to it. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to properly mount a shower tray is relevant for every shower owner.

Shower tray scheme

Scheme shower tray.


The most expensive are marble pallets. However, such a price is fully justified. They are made with high quality and are designed for a long life.

Shape and dimensions of shower trays

Shape and dimensions of shower trays.

On the second place after the marble are metal pallets. The strength of such pallets is of equal importance. They are also durable, but the decorative properties suffer greatly.

A beautiful appearance can boast ceramic pallets. Their negative side is the high cost and high fragility.

The most popular are acrylic pallets. However, they do not have high rigidity and can flex under heavy weight. To compensate for these negative qualities, acrylic pallets are equipped with adjustable legs. Specially for them, wireframe brackets and various fittings were developed, which allows them to be properly installed.

If the acrylic tray does not have support for the base, it can easily crack from a heavy load. Therefore, when installing such pallets, an additional stand must be mounted. It will provide reliability and long-term operation.

Expensive ceramic or marble pallets are used extremely rarely. Iron pallets are also rarely used. However, steel pallets, like acrylic, are highly popular.

Installation of the pallet is often performed without the installation of walls and doors, using an ordinary curtain. It is a very economical way, but it also requires a hydro-protection, a sealing installation, a wall covering with a special waterproof film.

Start of installation

Shower trap for shower tray

Hydraulic lock of the shower tray: 1 drain pipe, 2 hydraulic seals, 3 shower drainage hole, 4 frame shower cubicle.

Similar to acrylic, steel pallets are installed on supports that can be:

  • brick;
  • metal;
  • plastic.

Sometimes there are other ways of fixing the structure. To carry out additional sealing, a modern mounting foam is used. However, its use increases the laboriousness of work.

For the installation of shower trays, without making a special deepening, no special tool is required. The most common tools are:

  • a hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • passages.

Silicone compounds can be used as a sealant. The negative side of such formulations is darkening at high humidity, resulting in an external appearance.

Installing the acrylic pallet

When the pallet is installed independently, special attention must be paid to leveling, using the adjusting feet for this.

The scheme of installation of the plastic pallet

The scheme of installation of the plastic pallet.

Since the floor does not always have a perfect surface, the length of the legs can be different. The instructions to the shower cabin thoroughly describe how to collect the pallet, how to properly connect the drain and bring the sewer pipe. Some cabins require electricity.

The easiest way to install shower trays is to lay bricks under the base. To get a solid and reliable construction, the bricks are put on the solution, first setting everything in order.

If you ignore this lining, then after a while you need to repair shower trays. Due to the large weight, the occurrence of cracks may occur. It is advisable not to drop heavy objects on such a pallet, as they can damage the enamel. Of course, you can restore the coating with mastic or a special liquid enamel, but the appearance will lose its appeal.

To insulate the bottom of the pallet, fill the possible voids, it is best to use the mounting foam. However, one should also take into account the fact that such compaction will cause additional difficulties in the case of repair or dismantling of the shower.

Scheme of self-made shower tray

Scheme of self-made shower tray.

To determine how correctly the pallet was installed, and to see the appearance of possible deflections, you just need to press the pallet. Do this with great care.

First the shower tray is installed. The flatness is regulated by screw feet and is exposed by the building level. After the final installation of the pallet, it is countered with ordinary nuts. The corrugated pipe, connected to the siphon, is combined with the fan pipe.

Connections passing at the bottom of shower trays must be securely fastened, since it will be practically impossible to dismantle the pallet after installation.

After the final installation, check the tightness of each joint. The water is poured into the tray, after it has merged, the junctions of the joint must remain dry.

Sequence of stages

To mount the pallet, you will need several special materials and additional accessories:

  • special glue;
  • sealant;
  • FUM lenta;
  • siphon;
  • mixer.
Stages of mounting the shower tray

Stages of mounting the shower tray.

Mounting shower trays, followed by leveling, is carried out with special legs, which have a height adjustment. The required position is fixed by locking bolts.

When the pallets do not have legs, they are fixed on a brick foundation, which is then poured with concrete. The base must have a height that is greater than the height that the runoff level has. The following technological operations must be carried out in a certain technological order:

  1. The base of shower trays is glued to the wall with special glue.
  2. The seam formed during the fastening is sealed with silicone sealant.
  3. Then, the drain hole is connected to a mixer having a double action. Usually it comes with a shower enclosure.
  4. Using a PCM tape, each connection, all attachment points are reliably sealed.
  5. At the final stage, it is checked how tight the draining system is made. The test is carried out by feeding a small water head into the pan.
  6. If leaks are found, additional sealing of all connections must be carried out.

Important Tips

Before you start installing the shower tray, you must first carefully read the instructions, make sure that these accessories are available. When the model has a base located slightly above the floor level, it is absolutely necessary to build an additional step so that it is easy to climb.

The scheme of installation of the shower pallet with a wall mixer

The scheme of installation of the shower pallet with a wall mixer.

While performing the installation, a lot of attention should be paid to the correctness of the exhibition of the level of the base relative to the sewage drainage pipe. If such a condition is violated, the sewage regime will fail. In addition, a poorly exposed base will disrupt the general equilibrium of the structure, which will lead to rapid destruction.

Of course, you can pick up a ready-made accessory in the store and install it in accordance with the instructions. However, this element can be made independently and give it the shape and dimensions that you consider the most optimal. For such work, it is necessary to lay a waterproofing layer beforehand under the shower unit.

First, the location of the structure is determined, in which it is installed in an unsecured form. The height of the installation should be above the floor by 20 cm. When all calculations are made and all the parameters correspond to the system, the pallet is attached to the floor and connected to the main sewer.

In order to prevent damage to the drain, when the construction is being constructed, it must be closed with a steel pipe of the appropriate size. The pipe needs to be attached to the floor. The whole area of ​​the pallet is completely laid with bricks, the received platform will play the role of the foundation. Then the screed is poured, which is located below the spill point, about 7 cm. This is necessary for further pouring the mixture, in order to level and lay the next pallet with ceramic tiles.

When installing the pallet, it must be remembered that it must have a small slope directed towards the drain. Such a slope is desirable to be made with bricks at once when laying the base, it is possible and during the finishing, using a concrete mortar.

Finishing work

During the drying of the screed, you can estimate how important it is to make a step for sitting. Simultaneously, determine how the side of the pallet under construction should look. If you decide to make a step, then bricks are laid out completely dried screed. At the same time the rim is also made of brick, but for its construction it will be necessary to make the formwork beforehand. At the final stage, the edge, together with the step, is laid out with ceramic tiles.

After complete drying of the concrete mixture, formwork is removed, the floor screed is removed. Bortics, together with the step, first primed, and after the drying of the soil, waterproofing works are carried out.

When all work is completed, the design has the required slope, the drainage is sealed carefully and securely, the ceramic tiles are laid. It is desirable that its color is combined with the color of the bathroom. Very often ceramic tiles are also placed on walls that come in contact with the pallet, unless, of course, they are covered with a special waterproof compound.

Tiles must be fastened with waterproof glue, which does not include silicone, as it, according to the written above, blackens and spoils the appearance.

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