Self-pouring bath with liquid acrylic

In our progressive century, many new technologies were developed. One of them was pouring a bath with liquid acrylic. The technology appeared in 2009. For a short period of time, she only got good reviews.

Acrylic bath recovery

Restoring the bath with acrylic does not require dismantling and will help save money to buy a new bath.

Liquid acrylic has a very large number of positive characteristics. Here are just some of them:

  1. When liquid acrylic is used to restore the coating of the bath, you can not do the dismantling work.
  2. It costs liquid acrylic much less than a new bath.
  3. Heat resistance.
  4. Strength.
  5. Durability.
  6. The repaired bath becomes much more attractive, it does not need additional care.

Principle of liquid acrylic

When the bath is covered with liquid acrylic, it begins to fall down, gradually spreading over the entire surface of the container. The result is a new coating thickness of not more than 8 mm. This coating perfectly conceals all the defects that have formed over a long period of operation.

Pouring a bath with liquid acrylic has become very popular. This is quite natural, since this material has a mass of obvious advantages:

Filling acrylic

To restore the bath you will need a liquid acrylic, which dries quickly and has practically no odor.

  1. When the bath is covered with liquid acrylic, it changes appearance. It becomes absolutely white, glitters like new. No damage is visible on the surface.
  2. After repairing the bath with liquid acrylic, it is pleasant to touch it to its surface. It does not slip, the coating does not react to aggressive media. Such baths are rid of the appearance of bacteria, are not afraid of mechanical loads.
  3. For baths covered with acrylic, very easy to care for. It is enough to wipe them with a special washcloth moistened with a detergent. The surface will again turn white and shiny. For washing, you can use:
  • soap;
  • baking soda;
  • means in which there are no aggressive substances.

Pouring a bath with liquid acrylic makes it possible to save large financial investments, because a new bath is quite expensive. And do not need to do the dismantling, remove the ceramic tile, remove the plastic corner. In other words, no additional work is required.

Interestingly, in this way, you can restore the bath with liquid acrylic, without resorting to the help of specialists. This technology is quite simple, so it is available to everyone.

Filling technology

As in any work, preparatory work is needed first. The surface of the bath must be prepared for future restoration.

First the following operations are performed:

  • the sewage pipes are disconnected;
  • drains are removed;
  • the gaskets are removed;
  • other connected parts are deleted.

At the next stage, the surface is sanded with sandpaper. To facilitate the work, you can use a grinder.

The advantages of a bath tank

The advantages of a bath tank.

It is necessary to remove the existing deep scratches, various defects. Such thorough cleaning will allow the liquid acrylic to evenly fill the entire surface of the bath. She will gain a beautiful appearance, her new gloss will look like she was just brought from the store. After grinding, the surface of the bath is degreased.

As a result, liquid acrylic can perfectly lie on the surface and firmly anchored on it. For degreasing it is quite suitable:

  • alcohol;
  • pure gasoline;
  • acetone.

Almost all solvents can be purchased at any hardware store. They are sold in specialized building supermarkets. These funds are also found in small bazaars.

Then the siphon is dismantled. It is not necessary to do this, but if you started to make repairs, it is better to put a new one right away. The surface of the old structure removes the mud coating. The upper layer of the enamel, which was covered by the system at the time of sale, is peeled off. Such work will be facilitated by a drill equipped with a special nozzle.

After removing the enamel surface should be sanded. This work is done only by hands. Surface again degrease. In case of large irregularities, they should be covered with putty. The hardener is added to the liquid acrylic and mixed.

Then acrylic, in accordance with the technology of filling, poured on the prepared surface. The acrylic coating is leveled.

It takes two days to dry completely. While the acrylic layer does not dry up completely, it is strictly forbidden to operate the bath. This is due to the properties of the water. It is much heavier than acrylic, so when it comes into contact with the acrylic surface, bubbles may form. This will trigger a reaction, and the coating of liquid acrylic will slowly degrade.

However, if you fully comply with all the technological requirements, then the newly born acrylic bath will last a very long time. Its appearance will remain attractive for many years.

Features of the liner

It has long been known that instead of a complete restoration, to hide all the defects of the old bath and to renew the coating, use a special acrylic liner.

Acrylic bath liner scheme

Scheme of acrylic liner for bath.

This method was widely used several years ago. Of course, this is a very economical method. It is quite practical and it makes it possible, with a minimum of money, to create from the old a practically new bath.

However, this method has some disadvantages. When full surface coverage with acrylic is done, a high-quality installation is always carried out, as the adhesion of the paint to the plane of the bath becomes very durable.

When installing the acrylic liner very often there is an uneven installation, there are deflections, an air cushion is formed.

When the bath is filled with liquid acrylic, the noticeable shortcomings of the bath cover finally disappear. When mounting the acrylic liner, dark spots often occur, especially when the mixture has not been cooked properly.

In contrast to the above, the bathtub, which is completely poured with liquid acrylic, never has any peelings. The use of an acrylic liner often causes depressurization of the drain. As a result, the appearance of:

  • odor;
  • spots;
  • fungus;
  • mold.

However, it must be said that everyone approaches the solution of the issue related to the repair of his own bath, especially individually. One of the principal issues is the availability of funds. Someone can afford a full acrylic cover, and someone will only limit the liner. But in any case, such a bath will be better than the old and will please its owner for several more years of life.

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