Self-replacement door in the bathroom

It often happens that the door to the bathroom needs to be replaced. Usually it comes out of order from high humidity. In the houses of old buildings, simple constructions were constructed in these rooms, lined with DVT, which eventually fell into disrepair. Replacing the door in the bathroom - the work is not too difficult, it can be done on your own. It does not differ from replacing other doors. You should only be extra careful if the bathroom is tiled.

The scheme of replacement of a door in a bathroom

The scheme of replacement of a door in a bathroom.

Materials and tools:

  • new door;
  • wooden bars;
  • building mixture for the preparation of plaster;
  • trowel, spatula and grater;
  • bucket;
  • self-tapping screws and plastic dowels;
  • drill, hammer, screwdriver, bulgarian, nail, level.

Replacement of door

What is this job? We need to start with the dismantling of the old structure. The old door frame can be left only if the new canvas is fully fit. But this happens extremely rarely, most often you have to clear the opening completely. It must be done with the utmost care. If the walls in the bathroom are simply whitewashed or painted, then no complications arise. The old cloth is removed from the hinges, and the box is taken out of the opening.

Tools for door replacement

Tools for door replacement.

Formed in this gap after installing a new door plastered and again painted in the right color. Complexities arise when the bathroom is tiled. Such dismantling will lead to the fact that the tile will break and expensive repairs will have to be done again. But there is a way out.

It is necessary for the Bulgarian to gently cut the grooves around the old door on the first seam laid close to the door of the tile. Then, when dismantling, this row is removed without any damage to the neighboring rows of tiles. The door box is carefully broken with a nailer. If the new product is larger in size, then the opening will have to be expanded.


It is removed from the hinges, and the box is inserted into the opening. It should be leveled so that there is no distortion. You can use for this purpose a simple plumb line. Then the wedges are cut from the wooden bar and inserted between the box and the wall, fixing the box. The wedges should be driven tightly, so that the structure stands absolutely still (see fig.).

After the box is installed, the drill holes are drilled in each side. Usually 2 holes on top and bottom and 3 on side surfaces. The drill must be long enough to go through a tree and go into the wall for at least 5-7 cm. The plastic dowels are hammered into these holes and the box is fastened with screws. The heads of the screws are recessed in the wood. Before final fixing, it should be checked once again how completely the whole structure is installed.

After the box is fixed, hang the canvas on the hinges and check how well it closes. If there is a skew, you should loosen the screws and tuck the box with wedges.

The main part of the work is done. Now it is necessary to plaster the formed cracks and perform painting or lay one row of tiles.

The new door in the bathroom will last much longer if it is treated with a special compound that protects the wood from moisture.

The tree should be profiled and painted with oil paint. After painting, it can be closed tight, therefore, checking how the unpainted door is closed, you need to take into account that there will still be a layer of paint. It should not be closed too tightly. Typically, manufacturers take this into account when manufacturing doors.

Handles on the door are attached after installation and painting, so as not to scratch or stain them during work.

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