Self-setting mixer in the bathroom

Sometimes there is a need to install a mixer in the bathroom, you can do this work yourself, without the involvement of specialists. The modern market for this equipment is very wide, but despite the large choice of models, they are mostly of design and quality, and the installation process is the same.

The device of a modern bathroom faucet

The device of a modern bathroom faucet.

The installation of the mixer may be necessary during the overhaul of the bathroom or in the event that the old equipment fails. In both cases, the sequence of work will be similar. In the second case, you will have to do even more work to dismantle the old mixer.


Dismantling смесителя в ванной комнате

Dismantling смесителя в ванной комнате.

To perform the work you will need such tools and materials:

  • adjustable wrench;
  • spanners;
  • фум-лента;
  • building level;
  • mixer.

In the store mixers are sold in disassembled condition, but in its kit there are all necessary parts, including gaskets and eccentrics, watering can, hose.

Before starting the work, it is necessary to switch off the cold and hot water supply, after which it is necessary to open both valves in order to relieve the pressure in the system.

With the use of a key, unscrew the nuts with which the mixer is attached to the pipeline, the nuts must be turned counter-clockwise.

Each mixer kit includes the following parts:

The scheme of installation of a mixer in the bathroom on a wall of slate

The scheme of installation of the mixer in the bathroom on the wall of slate.

  • the body;
  • gassak and watering;
  • hose;
  • eccentrics;
  • gaskets;
  • decorative washers.

After removing the mixer, it is necessary to inspect the pipes, there may be part of the gasket or it may happen that additional filters are installed at the entrance, all unnecessary ones must be removed.

If the joints have rust, dirt or scale, they must be carefully removed. After you have dismantled the old mixer, you can move on to installing new equipment.


If you are replacing a mixer, then the terminals for connecting the mixer are already there, if you do this for the first time, then you must adhere to the following rules:

Mixer installation scheme in the bathroom

The scheme of installation of the mixer in the bathroom.

  1. The distance between the terminals of cold and hot water should be 15 cm.
  2. The pipe with hot water should be on the left, and with the cold - on the right.
  3. Above the bath level the mixer should be at a height of 15-20 cm, and from the floor - at a height of 60-80 cm.
  4. The inlet fittings must be recessed into the wall to a depth such that when laying the tiles they are at the level with its front side. This arrangement will allow using the decorative cup to hide the connection points of the equipment.

Instructions for the execution of works:

  1. The eccentrics are screwed in, this makes it possible to eliminate the difference in the interaxial distance between the tubes. Before screwing the eccentrics onto the pipe, a foamed tape is wound around to ensure tightness of the connection. By rotating the eccentrics, it is achieved that the distance between the centers is 150 mm, and by checking the level of their installation with a level.
  2. Apply the mixer and check the horizontality of its location. The union nuts must be twisted by hand. In the event that the tightening of the nut is difficult, it is necessary to adjust by turning the eccentric.
  3. Если все нормально, то смеситель снимают, на трубы надевают декоративные чашечки, уплотнительные элементы и снова присоединяют mixer.
  4. Using the adjustable wrench, tighten the fastening nuts, and in order not to damage their surface, a soft cloth must be placed under the key. Do not tighten the nuts very much, there will not be any leaks, since rubber gaskets are used.
  5. Perform fastening of the gander, the nut is tightened with a key, but also does not clamp very tightly.
  6. We connect the watering can and the hose, in this case a rubber gasket is also used, then we connect the hose to the hull.
  7. The attachment for the watering can be on the mixer itself, but in some models it can be on the wall. In the second case, note the location of the attachment on the wall, make holes and perform its installation.

This completes the process of installing the mixer in the bathroom, you have to apply water and check the quality of all connections. If in some place the water is dripped, it is necessary to tighten the nut a little.

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