Shelf in mdf or wood for bathroom

Bathroom furniture is significantly different from the room conditions for other rooms. It is resistant to strong moisture, steam, sudden temperature changes. Especially it concerns the shelves, which are more exposed to the negative influence of moisture. Not only beautiful and comfortable, but also practical shelves are selected. Today in stores you can buy a variety of furniture for toilets. However, an attractive and stylish bathroom shelf can be made with your own hands, which will be much cheaper. The main condition of such products is that they must be quickly and easily cleaned of soap foam, toothpaste, shampoo.

Shelves in the bathroom

In the bathroom there must necessarily be shelves for storage of hygiene supplies.

Select a location

You need to start by choosing a location for installation. It all depends on the overall size of the room, the availability of a free corner. If the bathroom is small, it is best to do a hanging shelf in the corner. Here it will not interfere and is perfect for storing cosmetics, powders, towels. The choice of a place is also influenced by wall decoration. For example, you can not hang a massive shelf on a plasterboard wall, it is better to choose a capital wall for this.

One of the main stages, when the regiment is made by hand, is marking. It is on it that attractiveness, strength of the future design depend, the possibility of its installation in the chosen place. As a basis, a pre-compiled drawing with all dimensions is used.

Today, you can order ready-made MDF panels, which will be cut into these elements (you can do it in any furniture factory). You can do this with your own hands.

Tools for work:

Bathroom curtain shelf scheme

Scheme of a hanging shelf for the bathroom.

  • ruler;
  • gon;
  • plumb;
  • a simple pencil;
  • building level.

First, the fixing points should be noted at the selected place, then on the surface of the panels - perform the marking. It is important to observe exactly all dimensions, since with an incorrectly selected cut, it will be difficult to assemble the structure. Additional shelves for cabinets make it easier, you only need to know the length and width. The shelf is cut from the MDF panel.

Saw panels

For cutting the panels, a jigsaw is used, which makes it possible to make even edges. Preliminary on the surface of the panels you need a simple pencil and a ruler to apply the marking. If there is no jigsaw, then you can use a hacksaw, but the edges after cutting are best processed so that they become smooth and smooth. The shelf itself will be much more accurate.

As a result, after cutting, the following should result:

  1. 2 shelves (equal in size) in the form of a quarter circle.
  2. 4 rear elements for the base and fixing of the shelves. They are executed in the form of rectangles.

All the end parts are framed by a special plastic end band, which is glued with a conventional iron or a construction hair dryer. Surplus, which can remain around the edges, must be trimmed carefully with a knife.

Wicker baskets for the bathroom

Figure 1. If you do not want to make shelves yourself, then small items can be used to store things.

Assembly and installation

Is going to the bathroom shelf in a matter of minutes. It is only necessary to pre-check the geometry of the structure, then perform fasteners using hardware. The first is going to the base, then everything else. We must immediately check that the resulting angle of 2 parts was straight. Then the fasteners are inserted into the pre-drilled holes.

You can additionally use wooden dowels, smeared with PVA glue.

The rear panels are pulled together and left under the press to dry the glue. For the other 2 rear parts, it is necessary to make a marking under the shelves, drill the holes with a drill. In the shelves themselves holes for fastening are drilled.

The final assembly looks like this:

  1. For the finished corner, wooden fasteners, glued with glue, are inserted into the prepared holes. The outer part of them should protrude slightly so that the shelf can be fixed. The same procedure is repeated with 2 other rear elements.
  2. Further, the resulting design should be further tightened with self-drilling screws for woodworking.

Now the regiment with its own hands must be hanged on the wall in the place chosen for this purpose. A variety of mounting options can be used, but it is best at a convenient height to make markings and drill several holes for the anchors. On the back of the shelf, hinges are mounted or special fixing holes are drilled, after which the structure is fixed to the wall surface. If you want to quickly cope with the work, it is worth paying attention to the design of the baskets (see the figure).

Shelves with their own hands for the bathroom can be assembled in the shortest time. The main materials for this can be ordinary boards or MDF panels. The surface of the tree must be protected with varnish or special impregnation after the assembly.

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