Shower cabin in the apartment of tiles

The shower cubicle is made by the own technology. The tiled-tiled cabin is a stationary option for shower cabins.

Shower cabin with sink

Shower cabin with sink.


Materials and tools:

  • tile;
  • bituminous mastic;
  • brick;
  • cement;
  • sand;
  • waterproofing material;
  • pipes;
  • mixer;
  • laika;
  • shelves for soap and shampoos;
  • wiring;
  • relay;
  • plaster;
  • fine metal mesh;
  • silicone sealant;
  • rubber spatula;
  • glass for the door;
  • hinges.
The scheme of installation of a shower booth

The scheme of installation of a shower booth.

First of all, you need to determine the side walls and the pallet. Stationary shower cabins, which can be created in apartments, usually do not have a pallet.

During the shower, the water flows down to the bathroom floor and leaves using a ladder. Therefore, in the bathroom, where the shower cabin will be created, it is necessary first of all to make the floor waterproofing.

Very carefully you need to come to this point, if the installation of the cabin is made in the apartment of a multi-storey building. We must not allow water to enter the ground floor in any way.

Care must be taken to prevent moisture from entering the walls. For this, it is necessary to perform their waterproofing at least two meters in height.

First you need to clean the floor in the bathroom from the former screed. After that, waterproofing is carried out. The material is laid in three layers. Walls for moisture insulation are covered with bituminous mastic. After that, make a drain and fill the screed over the entire surface of the bathroom floor.

The pallet is made of bricks. It is carried out together with the walls located next to it.

Installation dushkabiny consists in the manufacture of fencing, designed to ensure that water does not fill the entire bathroom floor.

The most convenient place for a shower is in the corner of the bathroom.

Characteristics of ceramic tiles

Characteristics of ceramic tiles.

In this case, you will need to lay out one wall of the shower and a parapet 100 mm high. For installation use a brick. It will be cheaper than making elements from gypsum board. The structure of brick has sufficient strength and reliability.

Begin work with waterproofing the floor inside the shower. First lay bituminous mastic, then 3 layers of rubberized moisture-proof material.

It is possible for the waterproofing to plaster all interior surfaces with concrete with the addition of liquid glass.

If moisture insulation is made of a three-layer waterproofing material, a 50 mm thick screed should be made. It is necessary to provide for a slight slope of the floor, in order for the water to drain along it to the ladder.


Cab arrangement

The device of the cabin.

The shower cabin can be equipped at will with any necessary equipment. You can even supplement the shower with hydro-massage and Charcot's shower.

It is necessary to pierce the walls, lay pipes and in certain places make fasteners to connect the selected equipment.

It is necessary to conduct electricity to illuminate the shower and make a ventilation system. Since electricity can not reach the wet surface, it is necessary to lay electrical wiring outside the cabin. The lighting should be with a voltage of 12 V. The wiring is protected by a differentiated relay.

Facing the booth

First you need to prepare the walls. It is necessary to lay a small metal mesh on the surface of the walls covered with bituminous mastic and cover it with plaster.

It is possible to make waterproofing of walls with plaster with addition of a liquid glass or special dry mixes for protection against a moisture. This work is carried out after plastering. It is necessary to level the surface for high-quality laying of tile with your own hands.

Laying tiles

Ways of laying ceramic tiles

Ways of laying ceramic tiles.

In the shower cubicle, tiles are laid on the surface of walls and floor in the same way as in any other premises. The technology of laying the tiles in the shower is the same as usual. It is only necessary to smooth the interlace joints with a silicone sealant. Then the tile will stay strong.

First you need to prepare the surface. It should be perfectly flat. In the presence of defects, the walls are plastered. For the plaster get a ready mix on the basis of gypsum.

When laying the tiles, glue is applied with a comb. To ensure that the thickness of the adhesive layer is the same, the comb is kept constantly at the same angle.

On the walls, the tiles are laid from the bottom up. Glue the whole wall tile. Leave only undercutting at the floor.

Then lay the tile on the floor. Begin from the corner and end at the entrance to the booth. After the tiles dry, you need to mount the trimming on the wall adjacent to the floor.

After that, grouting is performed. Before this, wipe the seams with a wet sponge, remove the glue residues in the seams using sandpaper. Breed grout - silicone sealant.

Fill the seams with a rubber spatula. Excess grout is removed with a spatula. After 20 minutes, wipe the tiles and seams with a damp sponge. After 2 hours, wipe with a dry cloth. The ceiling can be tiled or put plastic panels.

Hardware installation

The shower cubicle is equipped with a mixer, a watering can, if desired, with the Charcot shower receivers. They are made to order from steel. Then you need to fix the shelves for soap and shampoos.

Manufacturing двери

Layout of layers when installing tile floor in the bathroom

Layout of the layers when installing the tiled floor in the bathroom.

A glass door is used for the shower. You need to order glass in the workshop at least 6 mm thick. The ends of the glass need to be processed.

Then you need to prepare the hinges for hanging the door. They are fixed to the ceiling and floor. When installing such awnings in the glass do not have to make holes. Glass just hang on them.

Then a knob is mounted on the glass door. After that, trim the glass with a film so that it becomes opaque.

Fasten the hinges to the ceiling and floor at the required level. Mount the door of the glass.

Shower cabin with their own hands is built.

In the manufacture of the shower cubicle and its decoration, you can choose any design that is appropriate in its style to the surrounding interior. In the manufacture of the cabin with their own hands, there are no special difficulties. You must apply all your skill, skill and imagination, follow the rules of installation, and then you get the perfect shower option, which will long please you with its beauty and comfort.

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