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Shower cabins are a stylish, incredibly practical solution for people with small bathrooms. We offer a more detailed discussion of the choice of a booth and improvement of the bathroom.

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So, in the West, long time ago they used booths. Nevertheless, they began to take on a prevalence for almost a decade. Of course, and what could be expected during the Soviet Union, when the conveyor was all of the same type, and even in not too large quantities.

Naturally, there was not much to choose from. Although it is very strange that in our country, where there are a lot of small apartments, naturally, shower booths are not in demand. As in the same West.


In addition, take a bath, lie in it for a while - not every one of us likes. They relax perfectly, no questions. But, in the morning, for example, it is necessary, cheer up! Yes, and the procedure for taking a shower has certain advantages before taking a bath. Namely:

  • Saving. After all, taking a bath will require much more water than a shower. On average, the amount of water consumption for one session is less than almost 4-fold, rather than for the period of taking a bath.
  • Efficiency. In fact, people take shower much faster than relax in the bath. Do not wait until the bathtub is full of water. Naturally, the procedure itself takes a minimal amount of time without any such splashing.
  • Compactness. After all, even if the cabin is spacious enough, it will still take up less space than a large tub.
  • Hygiene provided by running water. She regularly flushes bacteria with dirt, which do not have time to accumulate properly, or, at least, in smaller quantities.

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Choosing a shower cabin by type

Booths can be closed / open.



Presented in the form of small pallets, installed in the corner, together with two partitions, "connecting" the walls.


The option is compact and inexpensive. When choosing an open type of booth, we recommend choosing the options in which the partitions are high. Thanks to them, water will not pour through the top.

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Closed type

Presented hermetic capsules, closing with each side, including in the upper. It does not matter where the booth will be located: in the corner / in the middle of the room. From the increased humidity the whole room is protected, since the structure is closed, and quite tightly.


In addition, thanks to a closed structure, the bathroom is protected from condensation. Accordingly, the walls and furniture do not succumb to temperature changes, an increased level of humidity.


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To the important advantage of a closed type is the provision of their modern devices with gadgets. For example, they include the function of whirlpool, FM-receiver, TV, Wai Fai, etc.


Choosing a booth model

Shower Corner

It is the simplest among open types, where there are no specific features. It happens:

  • Frameless, when the partitions are fastened with loops. To install them, use the installation profiles as the fasteners. Such designs look stylish, and they do not make the interior of the room visually even more visually.
  • Wireframe, when the frame, by means of which the partitions are attached, are placed around the perimeter of the shower room. As a rule, they have sliding doors, due to which they are very economical and functional in terms of space saving. This ensures their optimality when choosing booths.
  • Frame, in which there are internal types of partitions. Such variants of showers are popular, because they are incredibly stable.


In addition, showers can be rectangular, square, semicircular.

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In this matter, we recommend to focus on personal taste, as well as on how possible the chosen option to install in the bathroom.


If the hygiene room is miniature, give preference to the option with small dimensions and a rounded shape. It will need a minimum amount of space to accommodate in the room. At the same time, you will be comfortable moving around the bathroom with such a corner, thanks to the streamlined forms of equipment.


As for showers with rectangular shapes, they are better to choose if you have a fairly large and spacious bathroom.


If you are interested in the approximate dimensions of the booths, the minimum among them are, in cm: 75 to 75, and the maximum 90 to 120.


Shower without the roof

The variant (the main thing is that the partitions in it are closed from each side) - an excellent compromise to an open / closed type. This option is not able to protect the bathroom from condensation, high humidity and other. The ceiling of the bathroom should be decorated with the most durable, resistant materials. Otherwise, its appearance will be lost in comparison with the original, after a short time interval.


Then for whom / what do these types of showers do? In fact, everything is quite simple. They are chosen in the case of:

  • The presence of low ceilings (less than 210 cm), as showers with upper roofs need a higher room height.
  • If someone from your family, who will use the shower, is very tall (from 1 m 95 cm).


In both cases, you will not be able to choose a completely closed shower option at all. Use this option will be completely inconvenient.

When installing closed cabins in which there is no roof, we recommend to make special types of drains from that side. Where are the walls. This is necessary for the flow of water and, along with it, condensate, not flowing into the cracks. Otherwise, mold and mushrooms will be your constant problem.


Shower Capsules

Completely closed types of showers, to the advantages of which are:

  • Absolute tightness.
  • Protection of the interior against temperature fluctuations and increased humidity.
  • Various additions as devices, gadgets.
  • Absolutely not necessarily the location is in the corner part of the bathroom.

Shower cabins -

But, they also have disadvantages, which include:

  • High level of prices
  • The need for a place to post it
  • For people with high growth, an entirely inappropriate option


Combined type

They are called shower boxes, hydroboxes. The bath is attached to the booth, it is very interesting and popular, especially in families with toddlers, which can not be showered. In addition, it is a great way to organize a romantic atmosphere, relaxing in a foam filled in a bath.


As for the hydrobox, it is also a compromise for families from a large number of people, where there can not be a single decision regarding the choice of a shower cubicle / bath.


The only disadvantage is that for the location of such a booth space will be needed, and the prices are rather large.

black and white-tiles

Material for the production of a pallet


One of the most common, used to make pallets in showers. It is caused by many reasons:

  • Acrylic is rather pliable, as a result of which it can be given any shape. Thanks to this, the shape of the product can be any, while very beautiful and stylish. You can also create a variety of add-ons. And it will serve such a pallet version for about twenty years!
  • Caring for acrylic is easy enough. It is easy to clean, no special tools are needed, and the appearance remains for a fairly long period of time.
  • Applying a special paste, you can correct any defects of a mechanical nature during operation, so that the pallet can be used even longer.


However, acrylic pallets are bent, and as a result, they can break. If the pallet is not reinforced with metal plates during production, you will need to buy an additional frame.



Such options are the most durable and not killed. If they are operated correctly, they will last for many decades. They can quickly heat up, but also cool down as quickly, and heat is given very slowly. In addition, these pallet variants are quite inexpensive, refer to the category of budget models.


Their disadvantage is in heavy weight, as well as in limited forms. After all, they are produced only in certain several models.


Steel pallets

They are opened with enamel. In comparison with cast iron, they are more beautiful. Although, they will also very slowly heat up. And also in them the sound-proof threshold is sufficiently low. Depending on what enamel is used in the manufacture of the pallet, the period of its operation depends.


Ceramic products

They are beautiful, and they are easy to take care of. Warmer than steel / cast iron, although very fragile.


Stone shower tray shower cubicle

Sturdy, stylish, and importantly - warmed up in a short period of time. For the bases choose marble, or other types of stone. The disadvantage is its high cost, because of which materials are used that are somewhat cheaper. For example, excellent porcelain stoneware, which has a high degree of strength, and similarity with natural types of stone. Due to this, this material is popular enough to create pans for shower cabins.



Pallets made of natural wood are more suitable for dachas. In addition, if the material does not produce the right processing, it can serve a very short period of time.


Nevertheless, only some decorative elements can be used in shower rooms, for example, to decorate the bottom, which people become during hygiene procedures. This method will allow you to feel comfort, since wood is a natural material.


Selection of material for partitions

Waterproof curtains

The use of curtains in showers means using banal partitions that are made with your own hands. In general, they are echoes in the application of the most common baths, where it is unthinkable to shower without blinds, otherwise the whole bathroom is flooded with water.


One should also take into account the nuance that the curtains should be fixed both above and below, if you do not want all the water from the booth to pour to the bathroom floor.

Waterproof curtains


As for PMAA, plexiglass, acrylic, such materials are quite in demand, high-quality to make partitions. The material is easy to clean, but it looks pretty stylish.



Light and cheap, it is very simple for organizing partitions. The bunk from it is assembled very easily with our own hands. Apply plastic for the bathroom - not very comfortable. With him, the room can resemble a hospital setting, or as a cheap recreation center.


Tempered glass type

В сравнении с обыкновенным стеклом, закаленный вариант очень прост, а разбить его практически невозможно. Tempered glass type стильный, благодаря ему помещение выглядит легче и с определенным шармом.


At the same time, there will be lime on the glass, which is why after taking a shower - the glass should be carefully wiped dry. Alternatively, a matte version of the glass can be used, on which practically no divorce is visible.


Selection of equipment

Select mixer

The mixer must be of high quality. He should not rustle after a few months, or fall off. To choose a really high-quality option, you should contact an experienced technician. Which will help to choose the most suitable option for the shower in each individual case. The connoisseur will tell you what types of products behave with respect to microelements in water, which manufacturers have better products and other moments.


Nevertheless, it is worth remembering about such nuances:

  • Compared to the levers, the cranes will break less often.
  • Adjust the temperature regime with separate cranes - exactly, but much slower.
  • The cranes should have a minimum shell not of metal, because the "hot" tap after heating will be impossible to turn off.
  • It is practical that the cranes open with one turn, rather than multiple torsions.


Shower Heads

  • On how often the holes are located in the watering can, depends on the density with which the water will flow. For example, owners of long hair to wash the head is quite difficult, if the water begins to fly in all directions.
  • Also, the watering can be mounted in the ceiling, the wall of the bathroom, the shower wall. Then at the time of reception, the soul will need to put on a special hat on his head, or each time wash it. The most optimal option is a hose with fastening, thanks to which the watering can be removed at any time, while the height and direction of the water jet you can adjust yourself.
  • We recommend to choose a hose from silicone or rubber, since ordinary spirals very quickly fail.


Also, we recommend viewing the photo of the shower cabins on our website, be inspired by ideas and create your own, individual image in the bathroom.


Photos of the best shower cubicles for the bathroom

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