Shower tray of tiles

Need to repair the bathroom? So you can experiment from the heart. How do you like the idea with a shower? No money? You can do it with little money. With insufficient financial resources, but a great desire to get a shower, you can do everything yourself. Today, let's talk about how and what to do a shower tray.

The scheme of the shower tray device made of tile

The scheme of the device shower tray of tiles.

To begin with, we'll find out which pallets exist. What is good about this or that option and how to make a pallet of tiles with your own hands? We'll talk about all this later.

Main options

If you want to buy a ready-made shower tray, you can go to the store and buy the option you like. So, they are:

  • of metal;
  • from acrylic;
  • from cast iron.

Of course, there are a lot of options. In addition to the material, they differ in color, shape and, of course, size. If you adhere to the individuality in the design of the bathroom, then it's time to make a shower tray on your own. Even in the smallest bathroom you can realize what you want.

In such a situation, most often, various building materials are used to create a pallet, for example, a brick, and the finish is done using tiles. Of course, the size of the pallet will be directly dependent on the size of the bathroom, but with its shape there is a chance to experiment.

Preparatory work

Shower tray scheme

Scheme shower tray.

Before you start making a pallet, you will need to perform a series of preparatory work. They will touch the place where the shower is planned. The most important thing in this business is the work on waterproofing. She is exposed to all surfaces that come into contact with the pallet.

Let's consider the option of making a pallet using the above materials. It's about concrete and brick. These are the most popular materials for the creation of pallets in-house.

Form and size in this case do not play a special role, it all depends only on your imagination and financial possibilities. Many believe that this option of bathroom arrangement is an excellent alternative to buying expensive, and therefore not all available factory shower enclosures.

To cope with this work independently you will be helped by a list of necessary materials and tools that are sure to be at hand for each master:

  • brick, sand and cement;
  • a mixture for waterproofing;
  • beacons;
  • grid;
  • drill and special nozzle for mixing the solution;
  • brush;
  • building level;
  • roulette;
  • sanitary plum for the future pallet;
  • self-leveling mixture;
  • putty knife.

Mounting procedure

First you need to prepare the base on which the pallet will be located. Do this work before you finish the floor and walls. Where the pallet will be in contact with the wall surface, it is necessary to conduct its treatment with a waterproofing mixture. This will eliminate the formation and reproduction of fungal and other infections. For its application, use a conventional paint brush. It is necessary to execute several layers: the first will be located under the screed, the second - on top of it. The third is done before the execution of the cladding works.

The scheme of installation of a drain in a shower booth

Diagram of installation of a drain in a shower booth.

If you want to make the floor heated, then under the layer of screeds of a clean nature have a system that allows you to do this. The installation of electrical equipment, called a warm floor, is carried out not only directly under the construction of the pallet, but also in the area protruding beyond its perimeter.

After the first waterproofing layer has completely dried, begin to spread the shape of the future pallet using a brick. More than other species suitable for this purpose is a normal or silicate brick. At its laying a solution of cement and sand is used. An alternative to this solution can serve as a special ready-mix. The grid is laid in the base of this construction. Its necessity is caused by the strengthening of the pallet.

The next stage of the work involves the installation of a drain and a plumbing of water to the sewage system. Please note that only good quality must be used. This is a mandatory requirement, since after the completion of the work to create a pallet, it will not be replaced.

Sizes of shower tray from tiles

Dimensions of the shower tray from the tiles.

When this work is completed, it is necessary to place the beacons and execute the roughing screed. For this purpose, a solution prepared from cement, sand and gravel is suitable. Due to the fact that the flooded area is usually small, a spatula and a trowel are used for the leveling procedure. Further, the dried surface of the rough screed is again treated with a waterproofing compound. Only with this option, moisture will not fall on the concrete, and therefore on the slabs. In addition to excluding contact with moisture, properly executed waterproofing eliminates the multiplication of fungal infections in the bathroom and other rooms located next to it.

The next layer will be made using a self-leveling compound. The area around the sink becomes deeper than the other surface. This is necessary for unhindered entry of water into the sewage. The most effective are drains made of metal.

After the self-leveling layer has dried, it is necessary to apply a waterproofing compound. This stage of work should be carried out especially carefully to avoid water leakage in the joints of the floor and walls, as well as around the perimeter of the water drain.

Advice from professionals: to improve the safety of operation of the shower enclosure, the edge of the pallet is best done in the form of a semicircle. Well, now came the turn of the shower tray. Do this with ceramic tiles.

Facing works

As already mentioned above, in order to perform the pallet lining, ceramic tiles suitable for floor decoration can be used. Particularly beautiful is the mosaic surface of the pallet.

Installing the ladder in the shower tray

Installation of the ladder in the shower tray.

To perform these works you will need:

  • tile;
  • adhesive for tiles, repellent water;
  • spatula with denticles;
  • building level;
  • mallet (rubber hammer);
  • roulette;
  • grinder for cutting tiles, tile cutters;
  • knife;
  • trowelling compound for seams with water-repellent properties;
  • a spatula for rubber;
  • crosses for tile.

Before you start laying the tiles, you need to take care of the preparation of the adhesive composition. To mix it, a drill with a special nozzle is used. The proportions of the adhesive are indicated on the package, their observance is strictly necessary.

The installation of the tile starts from the corner.

Sound insulation of the shower tray

Sound insulation of the shower tray.

To ensure high quality of work, glue on the surface of the tile is applied with a notched trowel. After placing the tile in its place, it must be pressed. To level the position of the tile, focusing on the level, you need a hammer (rubber). And to control the size of the gaps between the tiles use special crosses made of plastic, designed specifically for this purpose.

После того как укладка плитки окончена, всю ее поверхность, точнее швы по всей отделанной плоскости, заполняют с помощью специального состава. Он будет защищать конструкцию поддона от попадания воды под отделку. Этот состав необходимо готовить в небольшом количестве и тщательно втирать в плиточные швы, используя такой инструмент, как резиновый putty knife.

After that, the entire surface, tiled with a tile, is cleaned with a wet piece of cloth. In this way, you remove all the remnants of the mixture used for grouting. To obtain the same joints, they are processed with the help of the back of the spatula used by you. Its handle, made of plastic, is very convenient to use for these purposes. After the completion of all stages of work, the finished tiled surface is washed with water, after which it must be dried.

The mosaic version

In addition to ceramic tiles, mosaic is often used for pallet lining. This design looks aesthetically and unusually. Mosaic material exists in two forms: plastic mosaic and glass. To finish the shower tray, you can use any of them. Mounted mosaic cloth on the glue. It is better if it is white.

The beginning of laying, as in the case with tiles, is made from the corner. The method of applying glue and fixing is the same as for the use of ceramic tiles. The mosaic canvas is very easily cut with a knife or scissors. This is due to its paper basis.

As well as when laying tiles, it will be necessary to carry out grouting. A feature of its implementation is the speed of work. Do this very quickly, immediately getting rid of the residues of the trowel.

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