Some examples of the bathroom interior

Creating a bathroom interior can be compared with art, because you have to combine the maximum functionality and aesthetics of solutions. The presence of a bathroom in a dwelling has long ceased to be a sign of luxury, but problems with its layout are especially relevant for housing, where plumbing items are located on a small area. For large bathrooms, too, special approaches are required, because in them the excess space often creates a feeling of indefinite. On what examples of interior should pay attention to prevent common errors? How to turn a room into an oasis of luxury and comfort?

Choice of bathroom color

Before arranging the bathroom it is necessary to carefully consider what color it will be.

Classical harmony

If you have to do the bathroom, you need to decide on the desired color solution. In the modern decoration of the bathroom, all the shades of pastel colors reign:

  • milk;
  • pink:
  • beige;
  • blue.

For the design of the bathroom there is always some conservatism, it is reflected in the most popular color solutions.

An important role here is played by those sensations that cause each of the listed colors. Cold shades are needed if the interior of the bathroom is set to visually expand its space, warm - on the contrary. For the interior of the bathroom, claiming for luxury and aristocracy, you need elegant accessories, details with gilding, bronze decoration of things. Such elements exist in almost all the options for decorating the classic bathroom interior, they do not become outdated and do not lose relevance.

Glossy tiles in the bathroom

Glossy tiles of light tones visually enlarge the room, and matte - reduces.

Each of the pastel colors has its own effect, which must be taken into account when arranging the bathrooms. Milky and beige are considered neutral, calm colors, green - has the ability to relieve nervous tension. To create the most relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom design options use blue. To escape from the usual classical solution, in the design of rooms for water and sanitary procedures, bright, saturated colors are used. The latter give an opportunity in the interiors to apply different textures:

  • steel;
  • strained glass;
  • plastic;
  • faience;
  • porcelain tiles;
  • acrylic;
  • laminate;
  • natural wood.

The combination of natural and artificial materials, non-standard color solutions, oriented to the end user, makes it possible to create the necessary atmosphere in the room. A striking confirmation of this are examples of finishing rooms for water and hygiene procedures in bright red. They violate the classical canons, but in such a room a person receives a charge of positive, energy, vivacity.

Decrease and increase

Bathroom in a modern style

The bathroom in a modern style should have clear shapes and smooth smooth surfaces.

If there is no desire to arrange a bathroom repair to lay a red tile in it or to make a floor covering in this color, but you need a "warming effect", you can go another way: use bright red accessories. Pay attention to the effect that produces a surface of matte and glossy tiles in the bathroom. An example of a successful selection of tiles for a small room is a finishing material with a glossy surface.

Such a tile visually pushes the boundary of the room, creates a feeling of airiness. Ceramic tiles with rough surfaces produce the opposite effect, because it can be seen where the interior is aimed at creating a chamber space. What kind of solutions do designers offer to create the illusion of reducing the size of bathrooms? Apply a tile of bright, saturated tones, which will create the desired effect.

The colors of the bath and washbasin should be combined. For combined bathrooms, the classic design offers this option, provided that the toilet is made with other plumbing in a single color scheme. But modern fashion trends suggest to have plumbing of different shades of the same color, and even at all - contrasting colors. Many consumers initially took such a proposal with hostility, but examples of interior in retro style, where black and white colors reign, destroyed the stereotype that colored plumbing is a sign of bad taste.

Features of the bowls

Shower cabin in the bathroom

Due to its size, the shower cabin allows you to save considerably space in the bathroom.

Samples of bathroom facilities offer different types of baths. In the production of sanitary ware mainly used cast iron, steel, acrylic. These materials become the basis of design solutions for bowls. Examples of the interior usually offer the following types:

  • angular;
  • Oval and rectangular in full length;
  • round and arbitrary shape.

White bowls have long ceased to be the rule, as modern materials allow you to take almost unlimited color solutions, but the color of the washbasin and bathtub is the same.

The most complex design solutions require the arrangement of a small bathroom. Designers offer installations as one of the options for visual expansion of space. Examples of the interior offer various options for rearranging the plumbing. The additional space in the room is released when components are placed with the help of fasteners in the walls.

The options for installing corner baths are to maximize the release of a part of the bathroom space for a more comfortable moving.

The optimal type of bathroom design is the one where there are small spaces next to the bowl so that you can have the necessary detergents for taking the procedures. The ways of optimizing the space provide for the bathrooms different types of bowls:

  • symmetrical;
  • аsymmetrical;
  • pravostoronnie;
  • left-handed.

Each of them must be combined with other things located in the room and represent together with them a single stylistic solution.

What options do designers offer as an example in order to save space as much as possible and free up its center? Many examples of arrangement of small bathrooms offer to replace the bath with a shower cabin made of tempered glass or polymers. As experts say: in this case, there is a double saving of space. The next option of popular solutions is a combined bathroom. It is necessary to take into account: this design move requires a special approach to placing plumbing in the bathroom space.

Increased comfort

Bathroom in orange tones

Visually expand the space: shiny coatings and mirrors, small tiles or mosaic, laying the floor in a diagonal way and so on.

In the arrangement of premises for water and sanitary procedures, it is increasingly possible to see the allocation of a separate zone for washing, which greatly improves the convenience of operating the bathrooms. If the space of the room is small, it is better to refuse from the dark floor, despite the fact that such flooring is considered practical. Do not use a border dividing the light walls and dark floor. As a variant of visual increase of space, it makes sense to make one wall light, the other - dark. This approach in the arrangement of the bathroom allows you to visually expand the boundaries of the room, hiding its shortcomings.

From the large-format tiles in small bathrooms, designers have long since given up. As an option, it is proposed to use a mosaic tile. As a way of large-scale decoration of a room for water-hygienic procedures, volume drawings on the tile are of great demand. Examples of the interior of bathrooms prove that no less popular solution is to install a white glossy stretch ceiling: it is a universal tool for expanding the space and stylish decoration of the bathrooms.

Variants of bathroom lighting can be any, but much depends on the initial layout of the room. Stylish bathroom - the one where there is a window that is a source of natural light, but in practice this option can not be realized in every apartment. If there is no window, for high-quality illumination of the room, illumination is installed in the suspended ceilings, corner and side niches. On the samples of bathrooms clearly visible the main design trend: uniform illumination of the entire room and the use of light for the placement of design accents, for example: illumination above the mirror.

The idea of ​​a beautiful interior is unthinkable without homemade paintings, wall applications and panels with marine themes, in the manufacture of which natural materials are used. The rooms are widely used for living flowers and small accessories, made in a single color scheme: among them - a set of towels, soap dishes, curtains.

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