Spread the mosaic in the bathroom

People always and everywhere are trying to achieve comfort and coziness, but they pay special attention to the bathroom, which is only a few times a day. Basically, in order to wash in the morning and relax in the hot tub in the evening. Therefore, the decoration is done with modern decoration. Among the various types of materials for decoration for the bathroom is particularly distinguished mosaic.

Material Features

Mosaic is called very beautiful multi-colored tiles of the same tone, as well as having a small size. It is produced in several types, depending on the type of material used: ceramics, glass, smalt and stone. Finishing this material can be done independently without the involvement of specialists. In order to lay out the material, you need to take the most durable type of all - a ceramic tile, which is made from a substrate in the form of a grid. Due to such a grid, you can lay out the mosaic with whole fragments. For laying, you need to buy a special glue solution.

Wall Preparation

Before you start laying, the surface needs to be leveled with cement mortar, and evenness must be controlled by a special laser level. Flat surfaces will help lay out the mosaic, without distortion. It is necessary, if required, to give the surface a white color, which will help to preserve the basic color of the mosaic.

Features of the calculation

On a clean, dry floor, a pattern is laid, tiles are fitted, and if necessary, they are cut off. In order to create a framing curb, the separation of single tiles in one tone with the overall picture is done and laid out on the floor. Cutting a mosaic is quite difficult. It is performed with the help of special cutters, and for the process itself you will have to be patient and skillful. When laying, it is very necessary to treat preparatory works very carefully, since quality will directly depend on them. First of all, ceramic tiles are laid out in the required number of rows, and then on the wall horizontal and vertical lines are applied. They later serve as a mark for the beginning of work and individual elements of the pattern.

Then the first sheet gently rises, is applied to the wall. Then apply glue with a tooth-trowel. The layer should not be more than ten millimeters. A sheet is applied to the wall and pressed gently, while it is necessary to tap with a rubber spatula. Thus, after stacking all the elements, until the solution is completely dry, you can adjust the sheets.

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