Stacking ceramic tiles in the bathroom

Most often, we are faced with the problem of laying the tile, as hiring a master does not want to, and how to lay the tile is not known by everyone. Gone are the days when without a professional in the laying of tiles we could not do, now this work can be done by ourselves, it is enough only to learn a few rules.

Laying tiles in the bathroom

Tiles trim the walls, the bathroom floor, and also close the bath and pipe screen.

First you should clean the surface of the old tile, using a hammer and a chisel. Put on the mask to avoid getting into your body the remainder of the old glue. After the old tile has been removed, the surface must be plastered. Of course, you can do without plaster, and unevenness can be leveled with glue for ceramic tiles, but then the consumption of special glue will have to be increased by one and a half, and then twice.

We proceed to the main work. In order for the tile to lie smoothly, it is necessary to find the vertical and horizontal with the help of the level, nailing two racks to the wall. Tile in this case, we begin to glue not from the floor, but a little higher, from the second row.

In order to mix tile glue use a pelvis or a plastic bucket. In this container, first pour cold clean water, and only then pour out the dry mixture, mixing it with a drill with a special nozzle. After a few minutes, the glue should be mixed again. As a result, the mixture should be without lumps, homogeneous. The instructions for preparing the glue are usually written on a bag with a mixture. The glue should not be too liquid, otherwise the tile will move out of the place, and if it turns out too thick, then the tile may not grasp the surface.

Stages of laying tiles on the wall

Stages of laying tiles on the wall.

As you have probably already seen, tile glue must be applied with a ribbed spatula, it promotes a uniform distribution of the glue over the surface. Apply the glue to the surface, but not at all (as the glue dries quickly), and on the tile.

In order for the ceramic tile to lay flat it is necessary to use dividers in the form of crosses.

After the tiles were laid, the joints must be wiped with a special mortar. Before you put the tile and the grout must pass at least three to four days - this is necessary to ensure that the glue is permanently withered and the tile firmly established on the surface. Grout can be white, and can be matched to the tone of the tile. Surplus grout must be removed immediately, as then there will be problems with its rubbing. After the grout dries, it should be treated with a special solution that protects the surface from fungi and mold, which will increase its shelf life.

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