Step-by-step installation of the heated towel rail

Your bathroom shines with cleanliness, but you do not have enough. Maybe this is the most important element in this room, that is, a heated towel rail? What is it? This equipment is a pipe that is connected to each other and connected to a system with hot water. They perform very important functions. It is not only the beauty of your bath, but also the maintenance of warmth, prevention of dampness and fungus formation. When repairing, the question always arises: how should a towel warmer be installed? And how to do it yourself? The construction market is rich in assortment of such equipment. But you have to choose the one that suits your bathroom design.

Scheme of connecting the heated towel rail

Scheme of connecting the heated towel rail.


There are three types of apparatus for drying towels:

  • Water (connected to a system with hot water, less often - to a heating system);
  • Electric (connected to power supply);
  • combined (simultaneous connection to the heater and water supply).
Scheme of connecting the heated towel rail из нержавеющей стали

Scheme of connecting the heated towel rail in stainless steel.

So, in order to properly install a heated towel rail in the bathroom, you will need materials and tools such as:

  • polypropylene pipes;
  • Ball Valves;
  • two American women for 3/4;
  • knee propylene (12 pieces);
  • eccentrics;
  • dowels and screws;
  • 2 water discharges;
  • plumbing thread;
  • fasteners (brackets);
  • welding;
  • 1 male with female thread;
  • 1 polypropylene elbow with internal thread;
  • drill, bulgarian.

To install a heated towel rail in the bathroom, do not need to spend a lot of time. Please note, before starting the installation (if you are installing for the first time), you must obtain written permission from the utility to avoid problems that may arise, for example, when selling an apartment. Next, make a plan, select the kind of drying and buy the necessary materials for installation (they are described above). To properly install the heated towel rail in the bathroom, follow the instructions.

Installation instructions

Scheme of a water heated towel rail

Scheme of a water heated towel rail.

In order to conduct the installation, it is not necessary to call specialists, it is sufficient to follow certain rules that are generally accepted:

  1. It is necessary to stop supplying water to the riser, blocking it.
  2. If there was an old towel warmer, then it should be removed. If it was not, then you need to make markup where it will be.
  3. Lay pipes from hot water to the towel warm, weld them or strengthen them, if they are plastic. If you are laying pipes for equipment that is installed for the first time, then you need to measure the distance between the axes of the device and bring the pipes to it. If you are replacing the old one, you will have to work with the existing wiring.
  4. On an American, wind the linen winding and spin it into the ball valves. Then the pipes must be welded. Be careful when soldering: the pipes are brought to dryness so that the water is directed from the top down.
  5. Tighten the eccentrics.
  6. Put the heated towel at the bottom, level it with a level. Mark at the top of the place where there will be a mount for it. Remove the structure and drill the holes for the fasteners.
  7. Install the sliding cups below. Install the dowels in parallel.
  8. Tighten the brackets.
  9. Put on the heated towel rail.
  10. Check the drying for leaks. Slowly fill the towel with water and inspect to ensure that the connections do not leak.
  11. To maintain a stable pressure in the device, connect it to the bypass jumper. This will set the necessary temperature in the room.

When repairing the bathroom, the pipes from the riser to the towel warmer can be hidden in the wall, and on top - covered with tiles. Then the device looks beautiful in the bathroom.

Electrical appliance

Installation электрического полотенцесушителя

Installation электрического полотенцесушителя.

Installation полотенцесушителя электрического не требует дополнительных работ (проведения труб). It works from an electrical outlet, always with grounding. Inside the electric heated towel, oil or antifreeze is heated. Experts for security reasons do not recommend installing the outlet in the bathroom itself, but advised to take the cord to an adjacent room. The device of this equipment is quite simple, because it consists of a stainless pipe equipped with heating elements. This can be a normal cable or a liquid with a TEN. On any kind of electrical appliance there is a controller and a switch. Some models are connected directly to the outlet, and some - directly to the cable that is held in the bathroom.

Before installing the towel, you need to collect it. In the complete set always there should be a corresponding size bolts which and will help at assemblage. After the device is assembled (the diagram is in the manual), you must attach it to the location where you need to mark with a pencil all the attachment points. As a rule, in this room there are tiles on the walls, for which you only need to use a drill, designed for tile. Next screwdrivers make holes and carefully insert dowels, screw fasteners. Then install the device and check the operability by connecting it to the outlet.

Some do not know how to install a heated towel rail that connects to the cable. To do this, first of all, the electricity is de-energized. With the cable you need to remove the braid and clean its ends by 5-6 mm. Then connect the cable. In this case, grounding is not necessary, so the connection is made by phase (white) and zero (blue) wires. In the heated towel rail there are terminals, to which the wires are connected.

Combined option

The scheme of a tie-in of a heated towel rail

The scheme of a tie-in of a heated towel rail.

To install a combined towel, you need to follow the instructions for installing water and electrical equipment, as it works by connecting it to hot water and electricity. Specialists recommend using this particular model, since it combines the advantages of the other two types, and does not have any disadvantages. If there is no hot water or heating, you can use electric drying. Such a device must be filled with water. It is not allowed to remain hollow inside. The combined model is connected in the same way as the water and electric, only at the same time.

Experts recommend how to properly install the towel by yourself. In one system, parts from different materials should not be used. Especially it concerns metal: for example, steel is not completed with aluminum. But if you have already purchased a similar model, then neutralize the negative impact with Teflon gaskets. If the pipes are plastic, then do not worry, because this material is in excellent contact with others.

Before you go shopping, make certain measurements: the diameter of the pipes, the distance between the taps.

Masters are advised to install special cranes on hot water risers, which allow water to be blocked, if necessary, to fix something in the drying. The instructions of the experts will help you understand how to properly install the heated towel rails.

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