Step-by-step repair instructions for the bathroom

The renovation of the bathroom differs markedly from the restoration of other living quarters. Substantial moisture, frequent vaporization and exposure to elevated temperatures cause additional requirements for materials and repair technology. Step-by-step repair of the bathroom is a prerequisite for quality of work.

Repair in the bathroom

Due to high humidity and temperature, repairs in the bathroom should be carried out with increased requirements for the quality of materials and work.

In modern times, a huge range of construction and finishing materials is produced. The use of different materials and equipment requires the use of certain technologies for their installation. Step-by-step repair of the bathroom includes all the necessary steps (steps) and allows to solve the arising problems. In general, this approach to repair involves the following steps:

  1. Planning.
  2. Preparation
  3. Direct repair work (installation).

Repair planning

Repair planning

To calculate the amount of materials, the bathroom needs to be measured, the condition of plumbing and pipes should be assessed.

Repair planning ванной комнаты своими руками является первым шагом. Any step-by-step repair should begin with an assessment of the scope and timing of the work, for which you need to outline an action plan and a cost estimate. At first, the condition of the bathroom itself (ceiling, floor, walls, doors) is determined and the need for repair. Then, the need to replace plumbing, water supply and sewerage systems, electrical wiring, ventilation is assessed.

With the help of a tape measure measurements are made of the overall dimensions of the bathroom, piers, as well as ledges or niches, if any. After selecting the desired design, a list of required materials for repair is made (the recommended materials are discussed below) with the calculation of their number. The tape measure of the length of water and sewage pipes is made, as well as the length of the electric wires. The necessary quantity and nomenclature of equipment and materials is determined.

Preparatory work

The next step in the repair is to prepare the bathroom. To begin with, it is necessary to vacate the premises from all furniture and old sanitary ware, including dismantle the bath. Then the bathroom is released from the pipes and ventilation system. If necessary, the wiring is dismantled.

Preparatory work

Before the beginning of the finishing works from the bath you need to take out all the furniture and sanitary equipment and remove the old finish.

After the release of the bathroom from all the disturbing, the tile is removed from the walls and floor tiles. The ceiling is peeled off, and if there were old suspension systems, they are dismantled. In cases where paint or paint has been applied on walls or ceiling, it is removed completely.

The main tool required for preparatory work:

  • Bulgarian;
  • plumbing keys;
  • hammer (sledge hammer);
  • abrasive sandpaper;
  • a statue or a palace;
  • pliers;
  • nippers.

Installation of communications

The next step in the repair of the bathroom is the installation of communications, namely pipes, hidden electrical wiring, ventilation system. In this order, the installation is carried out. First, water and sewage pipes are installed. They come to the points where it is planned to install a bath and a sink. Metal or plastic (polypropylene) pipes can be used for water supply and sewage drainage.

Installation of communications

After the dismantling of the old covering and sanitary ware, new pipes and wiring are installed.

Installation of the hidden wiring is conducted from the junction box to the points where it is planned to install sockets, a switch and lighting. When laying, it should be borne in mind that in subsequent stages the wiring should be inside the outer layer of the wall and ceiling, it must be laid in a previously made deepened channel. It is recommended to use a wire type PV, VVGili or PPV with a copper core. Ventilation is recommended to use an exhaust type. When using forced ventilation, an electric wire is supplied to the installation site of the fan. If a standard air discharge into the shaft is provided, the vent window is closed with a decorative plastic grille.

The main tools for installing communications:

  • sanitary engineering key;
  • knife;
  • Bulgarian;
  • screwdriver;
  • pliers.

Aligning surfaces

An important step is to level the surface of the ceiling, walls, floor.

Initially, the ceiling is equalized.

Aligning surfaces

Before finishing the walls, the floor and ceiling are leveled.

When repairing a bathroom, usually choose a ceiling of two types: lined with slabs of moisture-resistant materials (for example, plasterboard with a waterproof layer) or painting over plaster. In the first case, there are no special requirements for leveling the surface of the ceiling.

The second design requires an even ceiling and more thorough plastering. If the "rough" ceiling is flat, just apply a small layer of putty, but so that the wiring closes. In case the primary principle has numerous and profound flaws, a thick layer (or two layers) of plaster on a cement base is applied. The plastered (shpatlevannaya) surface is carefully rubbed with a sandpaper.

The walls of the bathroom are leveled to obtain a surface without pits and other large flaws, taking into account the fact that it will be tiled. The leveling of the walls is done by plastering with the control of flatness along the vertical and horizontal lines. Grouting of the surface is not carried out.

The floor leveling of the bathroom is made using the floor. Such a formulation is obtained by diluting a standard dry floor mix. Filling is carried out from the far wall to the door by applying a spatula with an even layer of mortar. In the process of pouring, it is necessary to continuously monitor the horizontal surface of the resulting surface.

All leveling operations are carried out with a spatula, and grouting - with a sandpaper. Consumable material: dry plaster, dry filler, dry mortar for the floor, cement, PVC adhesive.


A very important and responsible step in repairing the bathroom with your own hands is the final lining (finishing) of walls, ceiling, and floor. The most

Wall tiling

The walls in the bathroom should be tiled, as this material is durable, well washed and does not rot.

The decorative way of finishing the walls is recognized as facing them with tiles. The fixing of the tiles is carried out with a standard glue intended for these purposes. Masterkom glue is applied to the surface of the wall on an area of ​​2-3 tiles. Tile is installed on the glue, and a beacon is fixed at its corners to maintain the same size of the seam between the tiles. When laying the tiles should be particularly controlled, so that under it there are no voids. For dense overlapping, it is taped with a rubber mallet. After the glue dries, grouting is performed. A standard mixture for grouting can be used, in which the color of the desired color is added. The trowelling mixture is rubbed into the seam with a rubber spatula so that it occupies the entire depth.

The ceiling is finished according to the chosen design. Often the ceiling is covered with plastic panels. Apply tension ceilings. The most common and cheapest way is to paint the ceiling with water-based paint or enamel. By adding color, you can provide any shade. It is produced by painting with a roller.

The floor of the bathroom is usually faced with ceramic tiles. The best material is ceramic granite, which has increased strength, its surface is non-slip. The technology of laying such a tile is similar to laying tiles on a wall. The leveling of the floor is checked by level. The tool for facing:

  • Master OK;
  • a spatula for rubber;
  • Kievan rubber; beacon;
  • glass cutter;
  • paint brush;
  • paint roller.

Installation of equipment

After completing all the finishing work, the plumbing is installed. Sewer pipes are connected through drainage devices. The mixers are fixed and water pipes are connected to them. Installed and fixed a bath or shower.

The final stage

The final step of the bathroom repair is the hinge of the door, the installation of furniture and accessories. On the ceiling or wall is placed one or several lamps that are attached to the ends of the wiring. The switch and sockets are fixed and connected to the network. If necessary, additional interior decoration is made. The repair of the bathroom with our own hands is quite a responsible exercise, and it is necessary to approach it professionally.

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