Steps of connection of a bath to the water drain

If you decide to make repairs in the bathroom, the connection of the bath to the sewage system will be an obligatory attribute of this event. For the work does not necessarily involve specialists, it is necessary to study information on how to connect the bath to the sewer system in stages, and you can do it yourself.

Scheme connecting plumbing appliances in the bathroom

Scheme connecting plumbing appliances in the bathroom.

After the bath was brought to the destination, it is necessary to prepare all the necessary tools, such work is not very difficult, but requires careful implementation of the instructions to properly conduct pipe routing and installing all necessary elements.

For installation of the bath you will need:

  • siphon with all components;
  • connecting pipe;
  • sealant
  • FUM-лента;
  • gaskets.

Stage of preparation

In order to properly connect the bath to the sewer, the materials must be selected the most suitable. To do this, remember a few simple tips:

The scheme of the device of a siphon for a bath

The scheme of the device of the siphon for a bath.

  1. To connect to the sewage pipe, a special siphon is necessary, the nodes of which will be responsible for reliable connection to the drain holes.
  2. If you install the bath yourself, do not recommend using corrugated tubing due to some drawbacks. Too much hydraulic resistance, cleaning, causing a number of problems, and a sufficiently rapid accumulation of contaminants can interfere with the habitual functioning of the bath.
  3. Before connecting the bath, it is necessary to ensure that the required difference in height between the sewer pipe and the connection point is made. On the siphon is also worth paying attention, and specifically for its release, to improve the flow of water.
  4. It is necessary to try to provide free access to the siphon so that in case of clogging or when repair is necessary it can be easily dismantled.

It is worth remembering that in the presence of insufficient height difference, the drain pipe will become clogged very often.

Pipe Selection

When you choose a sewer pipe, you should pay attention to rigid or flexible tubing, always made of plastic.

For example, a pipe with two knees and having the ability to swing is a good one. If the rigid wiring is still impossible due to any reasons, it will be possible to use a corrugated pipe.

Diagram of the distribution of pipes in the bathroom

Diagram of pipe routing in the bathroom.

When there is a question of choosing the pipe needed for water disposal, the following simple rules should be followed:

  1. If the sewage system consists of plastic pipes, a special flexible smooth tube with a diameter of about 4 cm should be used to attach the siphon. In addition, you can take an ordinary plastic rigid tube of the same diameter.
  2. If the diameter of the pipeline exceeds 50 mm, an adapter will be necessary, with which it is possible to make a correct transition between tubes with different diameters.
  3. In the case where the wiring is made of cast iron pipes, it will be necessary to buy a 73/40 rubber coupling before the bath is connected.

Connection procedure

В первую очередь нужно произвести сборку сифона так, как прописано в инструкции к нему. Особое внимание стоит обратить на герметизирующие gaskets. Дальше пластиковые монтажные элементы крепления должны быть хорошо закручены, но делать это нужно с большой осторожностью. Использовать инструменты в процессе закручивания креплений категорически не рекомендуется, потому что из-за этого на них могут появиться трещины. Таким образом, закручивание лучше всего проводить собственноручно.

After the siphon is assembled, one of the ends of the pipe should be connected to it, the opposite part should be brought to the sewage drainage, and only after that the connection is completed. Next, you need to connect the drainage sewer. During the connection, you need to carefully monitor the density of the assembled joints. Such measures will help to ensure a higher degree of tightness, since there should be no slack anywhere in the pipe routing.

If the bath tightly rests against the wall, all joints must be very sealed to avoid leakage of the bath while it is used for the intended purpose.

Mounting process

The process of routing pipes requires increased attention and maximum concentration. On the pipe itself, before the connecting part (fitting), you must first of all put the shut-off valve in order to be able to shut off the water in the apartment if necessary: ​​repair, change equipment or gaskets.

After that, attachments of eccentrics need to be connected to the connections on the mixer: first it is necessary to do this manually, and after using a special key to increase the pressure.

Installation diagram of connecting the bath to the sewerage network

Installation diagram of the connection of the bath to the sewerage network.

During joining, including, you can use a tape made of fluoroplastic insulation material (FUM) or special threads designed to connect water-conducting elements.

The next step is the attachment to the eccentric ornamental nozzles. In the inner part of the mixer should be equipped with gaskets made of silicone or rubber. After that, the mixer is screwed to the eccentric. In this case, the FSM tape or thread is not necessary. The mixer is connected from both sides at the same time, since this is how the seal of the gaskets will be as uniform as possible.

If the mixer itself is supplied with the bathtub, the permissible level of height at which the pipeline elements are to be placed must be lower than the bath level, due to the fact that the connection is due to the use of reinforced hoses. In this case, there is no need to work on leveling the ends of the pipes, since the hoses themselves are very plastic.

After the connection of the bath to the sewerage system is completed, it is necessary first of all to check its efficiency: water supply and water disposal, in order to detect possible leaks and other defects.

При наличии протечек необходимо перепроверить качество прикрепления прокладок, а также проверить сами gaskets. В случае если они не отличаются высоким качеством, их стоит сменить. Если соблюдены все этапы подключения так, как указывается в инструкции, то новая ванна может прослужить долгое время, не доставляя никаких проблем.

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