Stretch ceilings in the bathroom

When installing the ceiling in the bathroom, buyers often face a question, and can I mount a tension there. Such ceilings have become very popular. Stretch ceiling is not afraid of moisture, does not rot and does not deteriorate, and besides it does not settle microorganisms, and there are no fungi and mold. Therefore, this is the best option for installation in a bathroom.


The ceiling is beautiful with a variety of colors; Does not let water pass; Does not form condensate on the surface; Easy to clean; Long serves. In the bathroom it is better to choose a stretch ceiling made of PVC. It will look great and, if necessary, hold water if the neighbors suddenly flood. Brilliant surfaces that mirror a bathroom interior will give a volume and create a visual effect of space expansion. The film perfectly withstands high temperatures, even if you suddenly want to make a steam room in the bathroom. Perfectly hide all the flaws of the room due to a flat surface and protect numerous electrical appliances from penetration of moisture. Most of all, buyers like that the surface of the ceiling does not darken with time, does not become covered by bloom and is perfectly washed with soap and water if necessary. In addition, bright colors that you can choose to decorate the bathroom perfectly complement the tile or mosaic, and add a touch to the interior of the room.

Design Tips

If the bathroom is made in an avant-garde style, or ethnically, then the film best imitating the surface of metal, wood, leather and suede; When you need to increase the room - choose glossy films; With a standard bathroom, without special artistic delicacies, both white color and colors repeating the tile coloring look great. Bathroom is an object of high humidity, so that it looks flawless, you need to use materials that are easy to clean when necessary. In addition, in a high-rise building, the risk of flooding by neighbors is high, and the stretch ceiling in the bathroom will withstand water. Therefore, if you want to keep the renovation as long as possible, it makes sense to install a stretch ceiling to protect yourself from new repairs. Stretch ceilings in the bathroom look great in any color version. Most importantly, do not forget that the smaller the room, the lighter the color scheme should be the ceiling. It will give volume and lightness.

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