Suitable tiles and ideas for small sized bathrooms

Since most standard apartments do not differ in size, it can be assumed that there are not many options for decorating a small bathroom. However, a wide range of decorative coatings will make it possible to realize the most daring ideas for the bathroom, and the tiles in this list occupy the first position. Therefore, first turn on your imagination, and then proceed to the direct works relating to the design of the bathroom.

Small bathroom

A small bathroom can be decorated with tiles of different colors or textures. Or brightly colored furniture.

A variety of textures and a wide palette of colors will allow you to create the most extraordinary interior design projects of the bathroom. To ensure that citizens who decided to make repairs themselves, as successfully as possible coped with the task, experts give several recommendations that will create even in the walls of a small bathroom royal interior.

Bathroom design with ceramic tiles

To brighten the interior will help different layout of the tiles, on the walls may be the layout of the "seam in the seam" and "in the runaway". And on the floor at an angle of 45 °

Tips for finishing

When in repair work tiles for floors and walls are predominantly of the same color, it is necessary to add to this picture, for a variety of decorative elements, you can have a different size, which will bring brightness to the interior, making it more memorable and interesting. Moreover, by adding tiles that differ from the basic shade of colors according to your desire and discretion, you can get absolutely unique ideas for the bathroom. For example, diluting the ceramic surface, you can use the ideas of laying tiles of contrasting colors in the form of large cells. you can deviate from the usual scheme of laying tiles and give vent to your creative imagination, placing the cells not in strict chessboard order, but diagonally, for example. At the same time, you can change the tiling pattern. For example, on the wall you lay the tile "in a run", and on the floor "seam-in-seam". This idea will add a zest to the bathroom interior, will create an interesting visual effect.

Grouting of tile joints

Grout tiles can become a bright element of the bathroom. Select it in the color of the tile or contrast, or even with sparkles.

Another important factor by which you can easily and relatively quickly change the interior of the room is the color of the grout used to decorate the joints. If some time ago the grout was sold mainly in white and black colors, which meant that it was necessary to select and add colors to it, today it is possible to find a grout of red, blue, orange, green and even yellow flowers on almost all store shelves. You can choose the grout in the tone of the tile or play in contrast, diluting, for example, the beige background with green seams. However, it is not worth it to be shocked, because in the interior there should still be a similar shade. For example, it can be on accessories that will later be installed inside the bathroom, or on the drawings of tile-inserts.

Ideas of arrangement

The idea of ​​visual expansion of space can be realized with the help of tiles. To do this, it should be used in large sizes and laid horizontally. In any case, realizing that it is necessary to finish the small bathroom, you need to carefully consider the location of objects in your particular room and pay a lot of attention to the range of supposed shades. An important rule of stylish arrangement of a bathroom and any other indoor space is that the tiles used to cover the floor and walls must form a single ensemble.

Bathroom in the color of the sea wave

Bathroom in the color of the sea wave visually increase the space.

If you decide at the planning stage that you really need to visually expand the boundaries of a small bathroom, you can cope with this by using light pastel tones in work that is distinguished by a glossy texture or incorporating a variety of marine motifs.

For example, the color of the sea wave is ideally suited as an idea for a bathroom.

This will not only increase the visual space of the room, but it will also provide a peaceful atmosphere, fresh, warm and cozy. For this purpose, it is recommended to avoid using tiles of cold colors, preferring the finish with warm or even neutral shades.

Bathroom in a romantic style

The bathroom in the romantic style looks light and airy.

The idea of ​​a bathroom in a romantic style can be recreated in almost every small bathroom, provided the walls and the floor are finished in light pink. This does not mean that all surfaces should be completely covered with a monophonic tile. Since the ideas for the bathroom should be original and interesting motives, it will be nice to create some original drawing on the wall or floor. For such a bathroom design, the best way is to lay out the surfaces to be mosaic. Fans of strict lines can be advised to adhere to the soft colors and get by using tiles with such ornaments as simple geometric figures. Small textural patterns give the walls bulges, so they can only come up for large-sized bathroom facilities.

Combination of tiles

Combination of tiles is a very fashionable trend. Will make the bathroom bright and not forgettable.

Creating a fashionable atmosphere

To add bright accents, without which the room loses its uniqueness, you can use tiles for the bathroom of bright colors. However, this should not be carried away, since the effect can be obtained directly opposite expectations. If you can not make a choice in favor of this or that idea of ​​design, try to search in thematic magazines and pages of the Internet of resources sample recommendations of experts on how to decorate an interior similar to your bathroom. And if this business does not yield any results, then it will only be necessary to use the services of professional designers who will listen to your expectations and, taking into account all the wishes and ideas of the owners, will create the ideal option. However, this service is worth a lot of money, on which you can save money. So try to find the option that interests you.

In the fashion combination of tiles of different textures and colors, so experts advise to apply this method of laying as the main one. For those who want to add notes of optimism and cheerfulness to the interior of the bathroom, bright shades will suit. For example, tiles of orange color will perfectly match with white, green or beige. And more courageous and ready for experiments, the owners are advised to combine red, blue and black shades. Those who gravitate toward the classic combination of black and white, guaranteed the creation of a luxurious interior.

If combining colors and textures on one surface is allowed, then experts do not advise combining tiles of various sizes. Since on the background of large details, smaller inserts will look like garbage objects.

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