Technology of leveling the wooden floor with plywood

Modern finishing technologies have also affected the finish coatings. Increasingly, consumers prefer cork, parquet, and laminate. Stacking each of these materials assumes an even base. For this reason, before starting work, the master solves the problem of the need for floor leveling. You can use one of several methods for carrying out this process, for example, using plywood. The leveling of the wooden floor with plywood makes it possible to obtain an even surface, and the material does not, in view of its light weight, exert a significant load on the overlap.

Laminate flooring in the bathroom

When finishing the bathroom floor with a laminate it is especially important to pre-level the floors so that the changes and irregularities do not create excessive accumulation of moisture.

In addition, the plywood guarantees a sufficient degree of hardness of the surface, which stably manifests itself under loads. In the course of work, it is recommended to use a material resistant to moisture. Due to the harmlessness and absence of harmful secretions and foreign odors, it can be used to level the floors in the space of children's rooms. Plywood has an affordable price, and it can even be mounted by a master who does not have certain skills in doing this kind of work.

Installation is facilitated also because the webs do not break when bent, which sometimes happens during installation.

Preparatory stage

Technology of leveling the floor with plywood with heat and sound insulation

Technology of leveling the floor with plywood with heat and noise insulation.

Before you level the wooden floor, you need to stock up the following materials and tools:

  • screwdriver;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • dowels;
  • building level;
  • roulette;
  • plywood;
  • antiseptic;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • wood;
  • glue;
  • heat insulator.

Before you level the wooden floor with plywood, you need to check its condition for suitability for further use. If necessary, then it will be necessary to replace old boards that have undergone decay processes. And those elements that cause squeaks are also repaired. Before starting work, it is advisable to check and evenness of the surface. If the floor has significant differences, then their maximum level should be determined. If minor irregularities were observed, then they can be leveled by applying a special substrate.

Setting up logs for installing plywood requires the use of a water level.

Technology of lagging under plywood

Technology of lagging under plywood.

Alignment should be done with a material that will be combined with the finish coat. So, if you plan to lay carpet or linoleum, it is acceptable to apply thin sheets. Whereas for parquet or laminate one should use a more massive plywood, the thickness of which exceeds 10 mm. It should be noted that the thickness of the plywood under the laminate or parquet should be no less than the thickness of the finish coat.

To conduct household equalization, it is not necessary to purchase FB and FOF material, as it is intended for industrial scale works. Buying such a plywood, you overpay, and the process will be economically unprofitable. The material of optimum moisture resistance is designated by the abbreviation FC and PSF. It is completely harmless, since it does not have any phenols.

At the next stage, it is necessary to cut open the plywood, the cloth of which will correspond to the dimensions of the room. In this case, the width of the damper joints should be laid, which should be limited to 3-4 mm, which should be left between the blanks, whereas along the perimeter of the walls this figure should be equal to 1 cm. If this requirement is ignored, this will cause expansion of the leveling layer in the process sharp changes in temperature and moisture.

After the cutting is completed, the ends of the blanks should be analyzed for the absence of delaminations. From the damaged sheets it is necessary to get rid. Alignment should be done so as to avoid the joint of four corners in one place. That is, the canvas should be laid on the principle of brickwork, slightly shifting relative to each other. After the sheets should be marked. Orienting on the joints, it is necessary to note the lines of the location of the lag, after having eliminated the canvas. The joints of the leveling cover must fall on the central longitudinal parts of the log.

Mounting lag

The scheme of technological clearances when laying plywood on logs

The scheme of technological clearances when laying plywood on logs.

On the surface of the wooden floor before the alignment process it is necessary to lay logs, which must be made of plywood, the width of which is 3-4 cm. The installation of these elements must be done according to the pre-made marks. Lags to the surface to be fixed by means of a special glue, which is used for working with wooden products. You can also use mechanical fasteners - self-tapping screws. During installation, there may be grooves between the base and the lugs. In them it is necessary to lay plywood blanks, the thickness of which is suitable for tight fitting. Before beginning the laying of the log, the mating bases must be treated with glue.

In the process, it is necessary to check whether lags are properly positioned in relation to the horizon, in this the construction level will help. On how carefully this process will be made, the smoothness of the finish coat depends.

Для того чтобы выровнять деревянный пол фанерой, на следующем этапе необходимо обустроить систему обрешетки, шаг между элементами при этом должен соответствовать размерам выравнивающего слоя. При необходимости дополнительно утеплить помещение, полученное полое пространство между лагами допустимо заполнить heat insulator. В качестве составляющих обрешетки могут выступить деревянные бруски, устанавливаемые на саморезы, отверстия для которых обустраиваются заблаговременно.

Installation of plywood

After it was possible to install the logs, you can proceed to the installation of plywood, while you need to use the marks that were made at the cutting stage. Before the final installation of the sheets, they must be treated with an antiseptic. Fix the panels with self-tapping screws that have plastic dowels. In order to exclude the possibility of damage to the plywood at the time of hammer blows, it is necessary to equip the points of the screw with holes of a diameter equivalent to the diameter of the dowel used. Then after it is necessary to count the hole of a more impressive diameter. The hat of the samurais will be drowned in it.

The final processing of the plywood sheet will depend on the selected finish coat. For example, if you intend to lay carpet, then it is recommended to cover the surface with varnish, applying a composition in several layers. If you intend to lay the laminate, the plywood leveling base must be polished and covered with a protective varnish. Under the thickness of the laminate or parquet on the plywood is to lay a sound-absorbing substrate.

Applying the described material flooring technology, it is possible to align almost any roughing base. If you work on all the rules, you will eventually be able to get a solid and even foundation. After it is permissible to mount a linoleum or a parquet. You can be sure that the finish coating, mounted on the surface of plywood, will be able to last a very long time, and the lower layer will serve as an additional thermal insulation.

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