Than and how best to wash the tile in the bathroom

For the bathroom, kitchen, toilet today, as a finishing material, ceramic tiles are increasingly used. It is strong, resistant to various effects, including moisture and temperature changes, is neutral to chemicals. But no matter how qualitative it may be, it often raises the question of how to wash the tile.

Washing tiles in the bathroom

To ensure that there are no stains left on the tile, and dirt does not accumulate in the seams, the tile should be washed periodically.

Water, soap and others on the surface leave ugly stains, in the seams between the tiles dirt accumulates. If the humidity is excessive, mold may appear in them. All this is not the best way to affect the overall condition of the finish and the atmosphere in the room.

That's why you need to pay attention to how best to clean the surface and by what means. Today, there are various household chemical products on sale, there are special sponges for cleaning. Excellent proven themselves and folk methods. You can wash the tiles with citric acid, apply chalk or vinegar, soda, other improvised means.

Household chemicals

To clean the tile in the bathroom, the easiest way is to purchase household products. These can be soft pastes, spray liquids, gels, powders and the like. When choosing this or that remedy, it is necessary to remember:

  1. For glossy tiles, you can not use hard brushes, abrasive cleaners.
  2. Do not use concentrated acids, especially for washing unprotected joints.
  3. To protect the joints it is necessary to use a coating based on epoxy paint. This is recommended even at the stage of laying the tiles. Cleaning will subsequently be easier.
  4. For tiles is not recommended to use funds designed to remove fat from the surface of gas stoves, ovens, sanitary ware. Under their influence, the tile begins to deteriorate rapidly. Do not use funds that contain sand, pumice, soap and grease.
Household chemicals

Household chemical products perfectly cope with pollution and eliminate unpleasant odors.

Advantages of using household cleaning chemicals:

  1. Means perfectly cope with bacteria, harmful microbes, mold.
  2. Excellent all mineral deposits are eliminated.
  3. Unpleasant smells with this cleaning do not bother anymore. Using ordinary vinegar or citric acid, this effect is difficult to achieve.

The People's Way

The bathroom can be cleaned not only with household chemicals intended for tile, but also with simple but effective folk methods. These methods help to cope with pollution, without special efforts. For strong and severe soiling, it is recommended to use proven chemical methods, especially if you need to remove the mold and degrease the surface.

Simple methods for cleaning tiles:

Folk remedies for washing tiles

Folk remedies for washing tiles.

  1. Use soap gel. With the help of a soapy solution and a kitchen sponge for the dishes, the surface of the tile is cleaned. The solution should be left on the tile for about 10 minutes, then rinse with clean water.
  2. If you need to remove water from the surface, then you can use a terry towel or napkins from microfiber. Usually such measures are taken not for cleaning, but to remove excess moisture.
  3. If the tiled surface is soiled, then ordinary baking soda can be used. Everyone in the house has such a tool, but it's easy to use. It is necessary to moisten the tile with a sponge, apply a small amount of soda to the surface. Tile gently wash in circular motions, but it is impossible to strongly press, so that soda does not scratch the tile. Then the water is rinsed with the ceramic.
  4. For white tile can be used lime, it is bred with water. The surface should be sprinkled from the spray gun, leave for about 5 minutes. Then tile is wiped with a damp cloth. The same method allows you to completely get rid of bacteria, traces of mold, although the smell during cleaning and not the most pleasant.
  5. Conventional acetic acid is suitable for cleaning ceramic tiles. It is applied to the surface by spraying, then it is carefully distributed over the surface with a soft brush. After a couple of minutes, the acetic acid should be washed off with water. For cleaning, vinegar is diluted with water in a proportion of 3 full tablespoons of acid per liter of clean water.
  6. Citric acid helps restore the gloss to the tile, remove small dirt. On the kitchen sponge you need to pour the crystals of citric acid, after which it treat the dirty place, wash it off with water.

Melamine sponge

Instructions for use of melamine sponge

Instructions for use of melamine sponge.

If you often wash the tile with chemicals and at the same time begin to notice signs of irritation on your hands, and the smell and evaporation of such products cause perspiration and irritation on the skin, it is better to use special non-chemical methods.

Producers today offer to purchase melamine sponges. They are made of melamine foam, which, when cleaning, penetrates into any pores and hard-to-reach places. This completely removes all the dirt formed by the raid, all dried soap divorces are cleaned without difficulty.

To use a sponge a lot is not required: it must be soaked in clean water and you can clean the tile.

The less effort is applied, the faster and better the surface will be cleaned, i.e. strongly pressure on the tile should not be.

Such a sponge can easily wash not only ceramic tiles, but also plumbing, chrome and steel taps and mixers, mirrors, any surfaces in the bathrooms and in the kitchen. At the same time for cleaning it is necessary to have only the melamine sponge and the container with clean water. A similar method is used by many housewives. Sponges are suitable for daily care, the surface of the tile will always be in excellent condition, and cleaning will not take long.

Modern steam cleaners

To clean the tile, especially if the work needs to be done quickly and efficiently, steam cleaners can be used. It is a compact device that fits in one hand. When you turn on steam is generated, it allows you to clean even high-contaminated seams between tiles, the surface of the ceramics, hard-to-reach places. Even old dirt and mold traces are removed easily and quickly, other means can not be compared with such a device. The cost of the equipment is not so low, so many prefer to clean the tiles with chemical household products.

Cleaning the tiles with a sponge

If you wipe the tiles after each shower, this will prevent contamination.

But the steam cleaner fully justifies its value. It can be used not only for tiles in the bathroom, but also for glass, other surfaces in the house. The steam is heated to 100 ° C during start-up, it is supplied under pressure. With this device you can perform a general cleaning in the entire apartment in the shortest time. For convenience, manufacturers offer a variety of nozzles that allow the surface of tiles or glass to be easily polished.

Care instructions

To prevent a strong contamination of the tiles, you will have to periodically clean the surface. It is much easier, using a detergent, to wash out immediately a small amount of pollution, rather than trying to remove already quite serious stains and stale dirt.

Caring for the tiles is not so difficult - just do the following:

  1. Wipe the tile in the bathroom best every time after the shower, since from simple or soapy water on the surface after drying, there are stains.
  2. A couple of times a week, it is recommended that the surface of the tile be treated with any glass cleaner. This allows not only to remove dirt, but also to give the ceramic shine and attractive appearance.
  3. After cleaning, the surface of the tile must be wiped dry, for this, paper or special napkins are used.
  4. For regular care it is necessary to use soft sponges, tissue napkins, special means. Do not use hard and metal brushes, abrasive chemicals, since they can damage the surface, the tile will become dull with time.

Tile in the bathroom should be cleaned regularly, and not occasionally. For this, numerous household chemical products or folk recipes are used. It can be soda, citric acid and other means. If you properly look after the tile, then its appearance will remain in excellent condition for a long time.

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