Than you can wash off the tile in the bathroom

The bathroom, filled with gloss and cleanliness, is an indication that its owner knows how to wash the tile in the bathroom.

Cleaning the tiles from the plaque

Since the tile is constantly in contact with water, it causes plaque and stains to be cleaned.

Remove plaque can be a variety of ways, but despite the durability of tiles, you need to know the nuances of work:

  1. For surfaces with gloss, metal brushes and abrasive cleaning will not work.
  2. Substances that are based on acids, destroy the seam between the tiles (treatment of their coating with epoxy paint will increase the level of resistance to chemical attack).
  3. Means containing particles of sand, pumice and fatty soap, are not suitable for cleaning.
  4. The matte coating is washed with a special emulsion and then covered with wax mastic.
  5. The brush for cleaning should have a soft bristle that does not leave scratches.
  6. Substances for the care of gas stoves and plumbing are not suitable for washing tiles.

Advantages of Chemistry

Chemicals for cleaning the bathroom are effective due to:

  • elimination of mineral deposits;
  • the destruction of germs and bacteria;
  • aromatic components, filling the room with a pleasant smell.

It should be remembered that there is no universal substance for getting rid of plaque, so you need to carefully study the information on the label. For example, if a chalk cleaner is present on the surface, traces remain that are difficult to remove later. Therefore it is important to know how to wash the tile.

Folk ways

Folk remedies for washing tiles

Folk remedies for washing tiles.

A known method of cleaning tiles is the use of soda. To do this, you will need to moisten the surface of the tile, then apply a small amount of soda to the sponge and wipe the tile without great efforts so that scratches do not appear.

If the plaque is fresh, then the gel with which the dishes are washed will help. A few drops of the substance are added to the water. This solution is applied to the tile with a sponge. After it is necessary to wait about 10 minutes and remove it with clean water. At the same time, wipe the surface with a soft cloth that absorbs moisture well.

Strong pollution can not withstand acetic acid. For washing, you will need to pour the essence into a spray gun and apply it to the tile. Then the vinegar is spread over the surface with a brush. After a while, the substance is washed off. One liter of water will require 3 tbsp. l. acetic acid.

To return the tile to its original snow-white color, chlorine lime is used, which destroys bacteria and mold, but has a specific smell. To prepare the product, it is necessary to dissolve the lime in water and apply a spray on the tiled coating. After 5 minutes, remove it with a damp cloth.

Citric acid helps in the fight against taint on the tile. For this, the sponge is dipped in crystals. Then the contaminated surface is treated. The acid is washed off with clean water. To the tile does not leave traces and moisture, you need to wipe it dry with a cloth. Suitable for:

  • microfiber;
  • mohair rag;
  • bamboo towel.

Melamine sponge

Clean the tile without much difficulty and chemicals will help the sponge from melamine foam, which is distinguished by its ability to penetrate into dense formations, destroying not only the plaque, but also the divorce.

To clean the melamine sponge you only need water. The less force is applied, the more noticeable is the effectiveness of the sponge, which can clean the mirror, bath and other surface.

Tile will please its original beauty if:

  • carry out care on a regular basis;
  • start washing from the bottom, and wipe from the top;
  • bleach seams with hydrogen peroxide;
  • to process a tile with mastic.

These methods allow you to save the bathroom from contamination without damaging the tile coating and turn this decorative element into a work of art.

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