Than you can wash the tile in the bathroom to shine

What can I wash the tile in the bathroom to make it shine?

Cleaning tiles

The correct selection of cleaning products and timely cleaning will allow the tile to preserve beauty for a long time.

Many housewives ask this question, but they do not find the exact answer. In fact, the answer lies on the surface, since there are many tools that can help with this problem. It is important to make the right choice.

The use of chemistry

Tile cleaning scheme

Scheme of tile cleaning.

This is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to cleaning the bathroom. The seller of the store can provide a large number of various means, but before you go there, you need to understand a few points. To wash the tile in the bathroom, you can use several categories of devices. All of them are conventionally divided into two large groups - daily care products and fairly strong compounds. The first type is represented by liquids and creams, as for the latter, it is in most cases powders, which contain abrasive substances. This category should be used with caution, otherwise the active substances of the powder can harm the surface, and the tile will not only not shine, but will also look worse. Especially it concerns the glazed surfaces.

If the tile is covered with strong spots, there is some plaque and the surface becomes dull, then to eliminate this problem it is necessary to use drugs that contain chlorine. However, you must treat it with caution, since chlorine is dangerous for humans. In addition to its cleansing function, chlorine is an antifungal and antibacterial agent, and fungi and other organisms can also worsen the appearance of the tile, resulting in gloss and speech can not be.

Home remedies

If you do not have time or desire to go to stores, and cleaning of the bathroom should be done urgently, you can try to pick up something from home, already available funds. The main tool of every housewife is a preparation for washing windows. It includes ammonia alcohol, which allows you to wash the tile well, restore the lost shine.

As mentioned earlier, household chemicals require careful treatment with it because of its virulence. Many of this is clearly not pleasant, so if the fear for your health is not an empty phrase, you can find a substitute for household chemical products. As with the window cleaner, and with other drugs - for each tool there may be a suitable option that will not yield to efficiency, but will also be safer.

Soap solution

Regular use of a soap solution avoids rust and limescale on the tile.

The simplest in manufacturing is a soap solution. Its application to the surface is carried out by a conventional sponge, followed by wiping the tile, after which the solution is washed off with a clean rag or sponge. With a regular application, the soap solution avoids rust and limescale on the tile, and the bathroom will be clean and tidy.

If the contamination is too difficult to eliminate by soapy solution, then you should use a conventional vinegar dining room. There are two ways of applying the product to the tile in the bathroom - a regular sponge or using an atomizer. In the latter case, the effect will be reached the maximum in a rather short time. It is necessary to pay attention, that usual table vinegar having concentration in 6% is applied for clearing. Acetic essence of 80% is not needed, but it can be diluted with water to achieve the desired concentration.

To clean the surface after cleaning and clean, it must be sprayed with vinegar or apply this product to the tile, and then allow some time to stand. Further actions are simple - the product is washed off with water, and the tile is wiped off with a dry rag. In order to maximize the effect, it is recommended to stock up with a special microfiber cloth. Its plus is that it does not leave any divorces and other traces. Since acetic acid is a rather aggressive substance, when working with it, you should use protective equipment, for example, gloves. In addition, avoid contact with acids in the eyes and other vulnerable areas.

In addition to the above, you can use to clean the bathroom with citric acid, the crystals of which are poured on the sponge and rubbed into the surface. After that, the tile will be clean and shine, like a new one. A good effect will give an alcohol solution. For 2 liters of water, you need to use 1 spoon of ammonia. The agent is applied to the tile, after 10-15 minutes it is washed off. But it is necessary to pay attention that frequent application of this tool has a negative result - the tile becomes dull.

It is necessary to pay attention, that to remove a dirt and to force a tile in a bathroom to shine are absolutely different things. Therefore, you need to choose the funds taking into account this factor. In other cases, it is possible to combine preparations to remove contaminants and gloss. So, after cleaning the surface of the tile, you can walk through it with polishing wax. It is highly appreciated by car enthusiasts, who by means of it achieve the brilliance of their vehicles.

Elimination of fungi

Scheme of growth of molds

Scheme of growth of mold fungi.

Fungi also affect the gloss of tile, so to achieve a beautiful and clean surface of the tiles in the bathroom, you need to deal with this problem. More often fungi are formed in the seams, gradually spreading to other parts, which disrupts the appearance of the material. Eliminate the problem already mentioned earlier acetic acid or alcohol solution. It is necessary to take an old toothbrush, moisten in these means, and then perform cleaning.

It should be noted that the use of metal brushes, basts and other rigid devices is prohibited. Otherwise, you can get not the gloss of the surface of the material, but its shabby appearance with a lot of scratches and other damages.

In addition to alcohol and vinegar, the stores have a wide range of products designed to eliminate mold. Similar tools are used according to the instructions, and they can be applied all with the same toothbrush or a thin brush.

It is not difficult to find such tools, the main thing is to choose the most suitable for the given purpose. However, various organic solvents, alkalis and preparations containing concentrated acid can not be used. Powerful by effect, the agent can easily cope with the strongest spots and fungi, but it will not be possible to achieve the gloss of the surface.

Thus, there are a lot of various devices and drugs that can help solve several problems at once - clean the bathroom and achieve its brilliance.

But along with this, there are some pitfalls that are associated with particularly aggressive means.

They should be used very carefully.

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