The best way to finish the ceiling in the bathroom

In the bathroom people used to get a charge of vivacity during the morning shower and relieve tension after a hard day. Therefore it is very important that the situation in the bathroom bears only positive emotions. Variants of the ceiling finish in the bathroom can be different, however, when choosing them, you should immediately exclude materials that are not suitable for rooms with a high level of humidity.

Finishing the bathroom ceiling

It should be remembered that for the finishing of the bathroom ceiling only those materials that are resistant to moisture are suitable.

Materials that can not be used for finishing in the bathroom are as follows:

  1. Whitewashing with lime and chalk will give the modern bathroom an unaesthetic look. Chalk can serve as an excellent medium for the appearance and reproduction of mold.
  2. The finishing of the ceiling with enamel or oil paint very quickly loses its appeal (the coating cracks, turns yellow, crumbles).
  3. The wallpaper finish loses its original appearance after 2-3 months.
  4. The finish of the ceiling with gypsum board, chipboard or fiberboard is damaged by the slightest leakage, with time it deforms, as these materials easily absorb moisture.


As you already understood, the usual materials that are used in finishing the ceiling in the apartment, for the bathroom will not work.

The material for wall and ceiling cladding in the bathroom should firstly have high resistance to moisture, easy to wash and harmoniously fit into the design of the room.

The choice of material also depends on your financial capabilities.

Plastic panels

The scheme of installation of PVC panels on the ceiling

The scheme of installation of PVC panels on the ceiling.

Одним из наиболее долговечных, практичных и недорогих способов отделки является использование пластиковых панелей. Их стоимость относительно невысока, монтаж может произвести даже начинающий мастер. Plastic panels не портятся от постоянного воздействия влаги.

Panels should be mounted on a pre-installed frame, thus forming a false ceiling. This allows you not to resort to leveling the ceiling plate and makes it possible to install the built-in lamps, which will look very stylish and modern.

Существует довольно много вариантов отделки пластиковыми панелями. Они могут быть разной фактуры, имеют широкую палитру цветов: можно установить панели, имитирующие кожу, натуральный камень или дерево. При желании можно установить зеркальные панели, которые будут более безопасны по сравнению с традиционными зеркальными покрытиями из стекла, так как обладают ударопрочностью и не способствуют накоплению конденсата. Plastic panels можно комбинировать, а также использовать различные варианты укладки.

With the appearance of Armstrong ceiling suspension systems, it became possible to visually increase the small space of the room easily and qualitatively. This system can be installed after the walls are finished. It will hide all passing communications and install on the ceiling lighting devices with fluorescent lights. Decorative panels "Armstrong" reflect the surrounding space, thereby creating a depth effect in the room and visually expanding it.

This system is a metal frame with mirrored ceiling plates, on which a protective film is applied, protecting from fragments in case of damage. Suspended ceiling systems "Armstrong" are easy to install, easy to take care of. The coating has excellent hygienic characteristics, which helps maintain cleanliness in the room at a high level. All structural elements have high strength and resistance to damage, have a quality guarantee from the manufacturer.

PVC film

Stretch ceiling installation scheme

Scheme of tension ceiling installation.

Stretch ceiling itself will be a decorative element in the room. Its design has practically no drawbacks. The minus can be only one: the tension construction from PVC is afraid of cutting and sharp subjects. Among the positive qualities of the coating, it is possible to note the excellent water resistance (stretch ceiling is able to retain moisture even in the event of a flood), durability (with observance of all installation rules can last more than 15 years), ease of maintenance (any pollution can easily be eliminated with a wet sponge). Stretch ceiling has antistatic properties: dust and dirt do not stick to it. The ceiling of PVC has high aesthetic characteristics and capabilities. If desired, you can install a matte or glossy film of different colors and make a multi-level stretch ceiling. However, for the installation of such a construction will require special professional equipment.

Aluminum ceiling

The rack ceiling is a design that, according to all its characteristics, is perfect for a room with a high level of humidity. This design allows you to hide the flaws of the ceiling panels, make the built-in lighting.

Scheme of installation of a rack ceiling

Scheme of installation of the rack ceiling.

It consists of long and narrow strips - rails, which are made of aluminum or steel alloys. To ensure that all elements of the structure are resistant to moisture, they are covered with a special varnish of different colors. Reiki can be solid, perforated, have a smooth or embossed surface.

The design of the rack ceiling can be open and closed. With open design, the gaps between the slats are covered with special decorative inserts. In the closed design, all racks are tightly pressed against each other.

Seamless tile

Seamless tile из пенополистирола отличается невысокой стоимостью, прочностью, влагостойкостью, износостойкостью и простотой монтажа. Ее изготавливают из негорючего материала, который подходит для отделки любого помещения.

If desired, the tile can be easily removed using a conventional spatula. They glue it on the cleaned smooth prepared ceiling.

Most often the seamless tile has a size of 50x50 cm. The edges of the tiles can have a different contour (wavy, smooth, textured). When choosing a tile, special attention should be paid to the coating: it should be smooth, without troughs and troughs. The edges of the tiles should easily fit together.

When finishing the ceiling with expanded polystyrene tiles, there is no need to use reinforcing parts. To glue it it is necessary on mastic, for fastening of a ceiling skirting use "Master-glue" is used. Usually this type of decoration is used if it becomes necessary to give the premise a well-groomed look quickly and at a small price.

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