The better to paint the walls in the bathroom

When performing repairs in a modern bathroom wall, you can not only decorate the old fashioned tile, but also paint. If you use high-quality materials, the surface will retain its performance for a long time. With the help of a decorative coating, you can create a bathroom in any style and in any color.

Painting the walls in the bathroom

Painting the walls in the bathroom is very simple and does not require large financial costs.

Painting the walls in the bathroom is possible in order to save. This option does not require high costs. However, do not be too keen on the idea of ​​saving and buying cheap low-quality paint, since such a coating will not last long on the walls. It is recommended to apply this method of finishing only in those areas that do not constantly contact with water. Sites over the bathroom and washbasin should be tiled or painted and hidden under glass panels.

Paint choice

A prerequisite for choosing a paint is its moisture resistance. Use in rooms with high humidity also causes the creation of an enabling environment for the reproduction of various organisms, so the paint should be with antibacterial protection.

Table of types of paints for different surfaces

Table of types of paints for different surfaces

For the bathroom, you can use one of the following types of paint:

  1. Water emulsion. This type of dye composition can be made on the basis of acrylic, silicone, latex or with the addition of PVA.
  2. Chlorinated rubber. It has an increased resistance to moisture, so it is often used in swimming pools.
  3. Alkyd Enamel. This is a universal compound, which is often used to cover external surfaces and prevent the appearance of corrosion on the metal. These compounds are moisture-resistant, they dry out during oxidation. On the surface of the paint a thin layer forms around all the irregularities. As a result, the paint leaves no divorce. When used in a residential environment, it is recommended to adhere to precautionary measures, since the evaporation of the paint is harmful to health and has an unpleasant odor.
  4. Oily formulations. Previously it was used to paint baths quite often. Its use is acceptable, but it is not recommended, as the surface finish will not last long. In addition, the paint dries for at least 24 hours and has an unpleasant odor. The surface cracks quickly, but removing the old paint layer is not easy.

Types of emulsion

The optimum solution for the bathroom is water-based paint.

However, among its varieties it is required to make a choice. Compositions have these features:

  1. Acrylic compositions are the most popular. They are not very expensive and at the same time have high enveloping characteristics. They are quite suitable for use in high humidity conditions.
  2. Latex paints create a film on the surface that protects it from dirt and moisture, so the quality of the coating is higher than using an acrylic paint.
  3. Compositions with the addition of PVA are not recommended for use in wet rooms. They can paint the ceiling or walls in a dry room.
  4. Silicone water-based paints are used mainly for coating facades. Their structure is vapor-proof, water coating is not afraid.
Cracking effect

With the help of a layer of paint, you can create an interesting cracking effect.

Also the paint can be glossy or matte. A glossy glossy finish looks very attractive, but only on the condition that there are no disadvantages on the surface. Any irregularities in the glossy paint are only emphasized. From an aesthetic point of view, matte compositions are more practical, they do not emphasize irregularities. However, mechanical damage remains on such surfaces very easily. Matte coatings fit into the interior, made in any style. If the surfaces have a lot of small irregularities, then to cover them, a structural paint will do.

Thus, the bathroom can be painted with different compounds. Optimal options - acrylic or latex water emulsion. However, everyone can rely on their own taste and preferences when choosing the material for coloring.

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