The better to wash a bath

Cleaning in the bathroom should be done much more often than in other rooms in the house or apartment. Some believe that there you need to clean up every day even in a dwelling. One of the main subjects in it is a bath. In it, wash, wash clothes, towels and carpets. It should be clean constantly, it is washed after each water procedure.

Clean bath

On the surface of the bath settles dust, dirt and soap residue, so you need to wash it after every water treatment.

The basic requirements that must be met by plumbing:

  • purity;
  • shine;
  • absence of harmful bacteria;
  • nice smell.

At the bottom and walls of the tank, dust, dirt from the body, things and objects, limescale, remains of washing powder and soap settle, etc. Sometimes a bath can be used as a kitchen sink, for example, in dormitories. Then you need to wipe off grease, food remnants, etc.

Baths can be made of cast iron, metal and acrylic. When cleaning each of them, you need to take into account the features of the materials, so as not to damage the plumbing.

For their cleaning, household chemical gels or folk cleansers are used.

You can rub with a thick soft cloth, a sponge, but not steel, otherwise the surface will be scratched, or a brush.

Cleaning products

Folk remedies for bath cleaning

Folk remedies for bath cleaning.

Several years ago, the baths were cast iron and metal. And the first was several times more than the second. They were installed in apartment buildings. Top of the container was covered with white enamel. Cast-iron plumbing is very heavy, but also very durable, the service life of a quality product is not less than 20 years.

To wash a bath of cast iron is best made with improvised or folk remedies, rather than powders. The latter scratch the enamel, eventually it peels off, rust appears on the walls, sides or bottom. In this case, wipe it is meaningless, you need to restore the cover, buy the liner or completely change the plumbing.

Natural detergents for a cast iron bath:

  • usual soap;
  • a mixture of water and vinegar;
  • ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

In strong soiling, you can wash the container with special gels or pastes, which literally dissolve dirt. These funds, as a rule, have a very corrosive chemical odor. Clean the bath in the respirator, and then open the door open and ventilate the room. Plaque can be removed using Pepsi or Coca-Cola. This is not a joke, it really helps, but to apply their expensive pleasure. It is necessary, that some time the drink has stayed on the polluted surface.

It is required to make a thick detergent from water and soap, moisten a rag or sponge in it and clean the bath. At the same time, in places where strong soiling, you need to rub a little. Ammonia alcohol and peroxide are mixed so that peroxide was twice as much as alcohol. This solution removes stains. Vinegar is added to water not only to clean the stains, but also to brighten the bath.

Wash cups

Care of an acrylic bathroom

Clean the acrylic bath with a soft cloth or sponge.

These containers constitute a serious competition with cast iron, they are lighter, they are easier to install. Between the acrylic and cast iron there is one thing in common - you can not clean them with powders and metal sponges. Acrylic plumbing is very easy to scratch, so you need to handle it with care. It can only be damaged by powders, but also detergents containing chlorine, alkali, ammonia.

For cleaning acrylic sanitary ware, soft rags are used. Wipe off dirt and stains with the following detergents:

  • "Cif" - gel, removes almost all types of contaminants;
  • "Acrylan" - eliminates almost all types of spots, disinfects;
  • "Wire";
  • "Ravak".

All these tools do not damage the acrylic bath. After washing, wipe the surface dry with a clean soft cloth. In addition to household chemicals, many housewives use improvised means for cleaning acrylic sanitary ware, for example, a solution of water and liquid soap, dishwashing gels, a solution of water and lemon juice or vinegar.

Metal baths are cheaper than others, but their service life is less. They are deformed from frequent use and very hot water. If you drop a coin in such a container, then the characteristic sound of metal impact on metal will be heard. Above they are covered with enamel.

Washing a bath of steel can be using a variety of gels and sprays, but not powders. As part of household chemicals should not be acid, otherwise the enamel will be damaged. Of folk remedies, citric acid, vinegar, mustard powder, soap diluted in water are often used. You can wipe off dirt with a rag, sponge or brush.

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