The correct order of the shower cabin assembly

Such devices, as a shower, help to rationally distribute space, significantly saving the area of ​​the room. In the process of using them, you can reduce the amount of liquid used, since this flow is distributed very sparingly.

The scheme of installation of a shower booth

The scheme of installation of a shower booth.

The modernly equipped cabin is represented by a whole complex of pleasant procedures, which give wonderful sensations. For this reason, she was so fond of a lot of people. The order of the shower cabin assembly will be mastered by any master, it is only necessary to exert effort, diligence and desire to engage in such activities.

Preparatory activities

Diagram of installation of a drain in a floor for a shower

The scheme of installation of a drain in a floor for a shower.

The creation and further installation of shower cabins is a complex of activities that require exposure and cleanliness. For proper placement of this device, it is necessary to prepare the base and isolate the water pipes. For installation work, you need to prepare a set of tools, without which you can not do without, as installing the shower cabins assembly is quite a painstaking stage:

  • washers with holes M16;
  • sealant;
  • siphon;
  • sharp knife;
  • paint;
  • screwdriver;
  • brushes.

On the eve of the basic work you need to study the sequence of the installation. First, you need to unpack the device and inspect the surface for scratches, chips and structural integrity. For this, it is removed from the packaging film. Additional parts in the form of fasteners are separate from the kit. Each washing shower is provided with detailed assembly instructions. From it you can learn about the scheme of installation of the structure.

Creating a foundation

Ceiling Mounting Plans

Layout of the ceiling panel.

There are 2 types of pallets, which differ in different installation principles. It is low construction and high, on a steel frame. Put the first version of the device in place is easy, it almost does not need to be assembled. It only puts a drain siphon. Fixation is carried out by usual gluing to the floor base with polyurethane sealant. Then the lower part is loaded, which helps to prevent foam picking up.

Frame pallets are placed on a metal base. For this purpose, not only the siphon itself is collected, but also the carrier device. The bottom of this part is best strengthened. This is due to the fact that the surface of the pallet is not sufficiently rigid.

To begin with, when assembling the shower cubicle, it is necessary to fix the lower part of the structure. You can do it like this:

  • the pallet is tipped upside down;
  • thin and long hairpins are screwed in all the way; this piece of glass made of glass requires carefulness and work in gloves;
  • the pallet returns to its original position, the frame is put on; fiberglass seems to be an uneven base, for it you need to shape the bottom, taking arbitrary material, this method will help to get rid of all the irregularities.

Now you can screw in the central legs. It is important that the lining does not look at the pallet, otherwise there will be a warping of the base. To achieve their correct location, take the screws, any of the mounting beams is attracted to the wood blocks.

The assembly instruction assumes an initial screwing of the screws, after which it is possible to screw in the reinforcement bolts. In another embodiment of fixation, the base may be warped. After this, with the help of the level of the foot aligned, under each of them put a support.

Installing the pallet

After assembling the pallet, align the legs. The subsequent actions are associated with securing the screen. Of course, fix it best at the end of the work. So it will not interfere with the installation of the shower. And at this time it is necessary to mount the screen brackets. This assembly instruction will help to assemble the shower in a short time. Once the cabin is installed, an automatic siphon can be installed. For this, a water key is useful.

Wall installation

Shower cabin connection

Connecting the shower.

Further step-by-step instructions are associated with the definition of the wall of the soul in its place. To find the top and bottom of the glasses, it is important to pay attention to the presence of holes in them. A large number will testify about the top of the design.

To fix the glass of shower cabins is quite simple, for this they are equipped with an edge. Once the glass has been inserted, it should be slightly raised and the guide rails lubricated with a sealant. Then it is fixed with a screw.

The following installation rules are reduced to such activities:

  1. Strengthening arches and racks with screws.
  2. The sealing element is put on the glass.
  3. The shower tray is lubricated with silicone along the guides, it is important to pay attention to the fact that during the coating process the drain hole does not overlap.
  4. Then, the joints of the pallet and panels are treated with a sealant.
  5. After this, a similar composition greases the lateral joints.

The subsequent assembly instruction is associated with the fastening of the panels. For these events to be most successful, the screws that help to screw these elements to the pallet are taken. Likewise, the side panels are fixed. As a result of this installation, the connection points of the cab and the rear strips are greased with a sealant. In a similar way, another shower wall is mounted.

The provided shower assembly instruction assumes that the initial stage is to install the rollers, then the existing seals are fixed to the edge of the door, and then the doors can be installed and the rollers can be adjusted. In this way, the valves are connected. At the end of the work, screw plugs are installed, equipped with rollers.

Before installing the roof, a fan, a watering can and a light are placed on its surface.

Then they are fixed with screws and screws. This assembly instruction helps to make the correct process for creating the cabin. Once installed, you can connect to the communications.

Once the highlights of the build are completed, you can verify that it works. In this case, it is important to monitor possible leaks and unnecessary noise. If necessary, the height of the legs can be adjusted.

The process of assembling shower cabins becomes a matter of great gravity and responsibility, the assembly instruction allows such work to be carried out according to all the rules. If the main points are observed, there should not be any difficulties, the work can be carried out independently.

Device Features

The scheme of installation of the shower tray

The scheme of installation of the shower tray.

As for the design features of the shower cubicle, it can be combined and monolithic. The last option does not involve the use of instructions, the device is connected to ready communications. In the version created by own hands, the design consists of the following elements:

  • a tray with a screen that runs all around the perimeter;
  • door leafs and non-sliding elements;
  • water intake mechanism;
  • roof.

The pallet is the main part of all shower cabins. Often, its dimensions help determine the final dimensions of the entire structure, because there are almost no cabs that go beyond its boundaries. Pallets have standard sizes - 80 cm. The main materials for this part of the shower will be:

  • acrylic;
  • ceramics;
  • enamelled metal;
  • enameled cast iron.

Recommendation. Despite the fact that the shower can be assembled on its own, it is most convenient if the assistant will assist the installation. Quite a cumbersome design is not very convenient to lock, hold and move alone. Especially need help during the fastening of the wings. In the process of working with the pallet, it is necessary to take into account the angle of connection with the walls, if such is provided. Other parameters are easily adjustable.

Installation of shower doors

Installation of shower doors.

All pallets are put in place without complementary finishes, with the screen going in the kit. But any owner can, at his own discretion, change the external design. For example, for this you can use ceramic tiles. In low-rise buildings, this structure can easily be lowered into the lower part of the floor. Such metamorphosis can be carried out and in the conditions of an apartment, however it will be much more difficult to do because of the features of the sewage system.

The main reason for the restrictive nature is associated with the regulation of the height of the cabin and the arrangement of the drain, more specifically, the height of the siphon that unites the structure with the sewage system is important here. This distance not only carries out the installation of a tap for sewage, but also provides its maintenance. In some cases it is necessary to make a podium for the required height.

Taking into account the further complexity of access to the siphon, before assembling the shower it is necessary to read the accompanying instruction well and, in accordance with its provisions, perform the necessary work. It is better to choose a pallet in advance, while taking into account access to communications. Basically, the definition of the right place for this part of the design seems to be an important work process. The entire structure is equipped with adjustable feet to help with the unevenness of the floor. Well, if it is pre-leveled and equipped with a quality waterproofing system.

Shower cabins are sold in different versions of models, which differ in the configurations, sizes and design. Almost all cabins are assembled in the same way, but in some there are certain subtleties of installation, which are reported in the detailed manual for the assembly.

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