The layout is based on the size of the bathroom

During the planning of the bathroom and toilet (or combined bathroom), it must be taken into account that the room is relatively small, and it is necessary to place a lot in it. The dimensions of the bathroom can be different, but in planning, it is necessary to pay close attention to a number of requirements and norms relating to and ergonomics including. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of plumbing and furniture placement, the optimal dimensions of a bath and toilet bowl, a shower cabin. Care must be taken to locate the equipment.

Large bathroom

The large space of the bathroom allows for a very convenient layout.

When repairing or complete reconstruction of the bathroom it is important to determine its size correctly for the selection of furniture, sanitary ware and their convenient location. Attention should be paid to the following parameters:

  1. The configuration of the bathroom and its total area, width, length of the room.
  2. The location and size of the door, the window, if available.
  3. The number and type of sanitary ware to be installed indoors.
  4. Necessity of installation of sockets, switches, points of connection for a shower cabin, the washing machine, a bidet.
  5. Parameters and norms for the installation of sanitary ware.

Plumbing Sizes

In order to combine the size of the bathroom and sanitary ware, it is necessary to take into account:

Layout options ванной с метражом 10.3 м²

Bathroom layout options with a floor space of 10.3 m².

  1. The distance between the toilet and the bidet can be from 35-45 cm. If it is much smaller, then it is better to refuse the bidet, since it will be inconvenient to use it.
  2. The toilet design should be selected in such a way that it is convenient for them to use. From the wall, you should retreat 20 cm. It is important not to forget that most models have a less compact cistern.
  3. For the toilet, the following dimensions are considered optimal: height - 370-400 mm, width - 380 mm, length - 480 mm.
  4. The shell can be any, its width at the same time should be 360-550 mm, length - 550-650 mm, and height - 850-900 mm. Above the sink you can put a shelf at an altitude of 110-1300 mm and a mirror in 1600-1750 mm from the bottom edge.
  5. When installing a shower or bath, you must observe a distance of 30 cm from the wall and other pieces of furniture.

All this imposes its demands on the size of the bathroom. It is much easier to observe such norms when building a residential private house and planning is made literally from scratch. In urban apartments, everything is much more complicated. Usually the toilets are narrow, so the plumbing is selected, only based on the size of the bathroom.

Ergonomics of the room

Layout options ванной с метражом 7.2 м²

Bathroom layout options with a footprint of 7.2 m².

Bathroom sizes are usually small. Even in a private house, this space is rarely made spacious, so the planning and selection of plumbing must be approached seriously. Free space should be such that a person can normally stand up and wipe himself with a towel, for which the range of hands is taken into account. In an adult, it is usually 150-190 cm.

Places for it need less, and the comfort of use is not less. The rest of the furniture and plumbing must be placed in such a way that it is easy to reach it, usually it is 70-92 cm. Near the bathtub, towels must be hung, shelves should not be placed at high altitude. In a small bathroom it is best to use a minimum of furniture and sanitary ware, optimizing their location.

If the bathroom is small, then instead of a bulky bath with hydromassage it is recommended to put a comfortable shower.

Security with dimensions

Layout options ванной с метражом 5.9 м²

Bathroom layout options with a footprint of 5.9 m².

The bathroom is considered one of the most dangerous premises, because it is here that moisture accumulates constantly. The floor gets water, it becomes slippery, even if you use mats. Therefore, during the planning of a small bath, the importance is given to safety. In the bathroom, you must use mats that have a rubberized base. He will not slip on the wet tile floor. If the house has children or elderly people, it is recommended to use rubber and plastic non-slip mats for baths.

In a house with children and invalids, during the selection and installation of the bath, one must remember the handrails. If the bathroom is small, then the handrails will be short, but they should be placed at a convenient, accessible height. If there is enough space, then an additional handrail is mounted near the toilet. During fastening of handrails it is necessary to monitor the quality of the material and fixation to the wall. The handrails must withstand the weight of a healthy person, have a non-slip, better ribbed surface. The location itself should be parallel to the floor, you can not put handrails under the slope, as it is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous.

Small bathroom

If properly planned, the small bathroom will be very comfortable and cozy.

If the bathroom is small in size, it is recommended not to put a bath, but a shower. Its dimensions will make the room more convenient to use. For older people in these booths equipped with a seat, it is important to make a ribbed ridge, install at least 2 handrails. All handrails should be placed at an altitude of 83-93 cm (an exception is made for very young children).

In small bathrooms, according to regulations, you can not use sockets and switches. In the premises there are more than 4 m², you can put out the sockets, but only away from water sources. Use only waterproof models. From the bidet, toilet bowl, sink to the outlet, it is necessary to observe a distance of 60 cm. When choosing luminaires, it is necessary to consider whether they can be installed in bathrooms. It is important to correctly determine the height and location of light devices, the way they are connected to the power grid, and protection from moisture.

Layout options

Depending on the area of ​​the bathroom and safety requirements, the following layouts can be used:

Layout options ванной с метражом 4 м²

Layout options ванной с метражом 4 м².

  1. For a rectangular bathtub with a width of 170 cm and a length of 235 cm: the front door is in the middle, its width is 90 cm. The bath is on one side, and the toilet and sink are opposite. From the wall to the toilet, the distance is 25 cm, from the shell to the wall - 30 cm. Between them, the gap can be equal to 15 cm.
  2. For a rectangular large room with a width of 210 cm and a length of 235 cm, you can use a different layout. Bathroom and a shelf for cosmetics will be on one side of the room. On the contrary, you can place a toilet (the distance from the wall is 20 cm), a bidet - 20 cm from the toilet and a sink (the distance from the wall is 20 cm).
  3. For a small elongated room, the following dimensions can be observed. With a room length of 220 cm and a width of 150 cm, the entrance door of 80 cm is located in the corner. On the opposite side is mounted a shower cubicle with shelves for cosmetics. On the left side of the door there is a sink 20 cm from the wall and a toilet 15 cm from the sink.
  4. For a small combined bathroom with a width of 170 cm and a length of 2 m, another layout is used. The door is located near one of the corners of the room, the width of the door leaf is from 60 cm. Opposite the door there is a toilet with a distance of 20 cm from the wall, with a 20 cm step installed a shower (30 cm from the wall). On the diagonal of the toilet is mounted a small sink, there is room for hooks under the clothes, shelves.

The specified sizes completely correspond not only to ergonomics of a premise, but also to the safety precautions. It is necessary to take into account the presence of young children in the home, the elderly or disabled. In this case, it will be possible to execute the planning correctly and quickly. As a result, the room will be comfortable and comfortable to use.

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