The main device of a shower cabin with a pallet

When buying a shower, many people want to install themselves. But before proceeding to such work, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with what a shower enclosure with a pallet represents.

Shower cabin in the interior

The shower cabin consists of a pallet, a partition, a top cover (if the model is closed), a shower panel.

Such plumbing has obligatory constructive details in a complete set:

  • pallet;
  • partitions;
  • if the model is closed, then there is a top cover;
  • a shower panel, namely a watering can, additional injectors, if any.

Shower cabins are open or closed type. In the first case, its main elements are a pallet, a shower head and doors. In the role of the side walls are themselves the walls of the bathroom, which are mostly tiled. In the second version, the design is installed in one corner of the bathroom, so they have acquired the name of "corners".

Closed design

Such an installation involves the following actions:

Assembly закрытой душевой кабины

Assembling a closed shower enclosure.

  1. First of all, you should determine the location of the shower. It is best if this place is tiled with tiles, since this material is absolutely not afraid of moisture and sudden changes in temperature.
  2. Next is the installation of a pallet. Most models have legs, which should be adjusted using the building level. If such an element is not provided in the shower cubicle, then it is necessary to make a "pillow" of brick or cement screed on its own.
  3. After the pallet is installed, it is connected to a sewage system.
  4. Next is the installation of a watering can and a shower panel. The latter is a device for placing the watering can and additional injectors. It can be aluminum or steel.
  5. Then follows the installation of the shower door. Depending on the configuration, they can be sliding or opening outward, they can be made of glass (roasted) or polystyrene.

Elements with pallet

The closed shower has a more complex complete set consisting of a pallet, side walls, doors, lid and shower panel. This type of booth can be found almost everywhere.

The frame is the basis of this design. Most often it takes aluminum, which allows you to give lightness to the whole device, but at the same time to maintain high strength.

Shower tray scheme

Scheme shower tray.

The rest of the parts, such as walls, doors and roofs, are mounted to the base. The ready-made structure is mounted on a pallet. Experts recommend that before starting the final collection, first try to collect all the details together in a free room. Thus, it is possible to remember the whole sequence of actions, besides, unpleasant moments can also be revealed.

For example, the lack of any fasteners or a marriage (both factory and production, for example, during transportation, the pallet or glass of the door cracked). In this case, you should immediately apply for replacement to the seller, whether it is a separate firm or a plumbing store.

To make one of the important details of the design of the shower enclosure, that is, the pallet, the following materials are used:

  • acrylic;
  • kvaril;
  • metal;
  • steel;
  • faience;
  • marble chips.

In some models there is an enamel coating. Very often you can see models where the walls are made of polystyrene, and the opening doors are made of glass. But there are options when both elements can be made in one material.


Usually, for each model of the shower, there is a manual for assembly. But, alas, they are not always complete.

Therefore, it would not hurt to know how this process looks like in step-by-step instructions:

Stages of installation of a shower booth

Stages of installation of a shower booth.

  1. As already noted, it is necessary to prepare a place for the installation, where the structure will be located. The installation starts with a shower tray. It is very important to properly adjust it. For this, he has legs that can be twisted. So that the whole booth does not "lead", it is very important at this stage to control everything with the help of a building level. All joints must be lubricated with a sealant, this will help to avoid mold formation in places where water will accumulate.
  2. Proceed to install the side walls. They are fixed with bolts (the number in each case is different) from the back side. And again, do not forget about the sealing of seams.
  3. After that, there is work with the shower panel. It is attached to the side walls by self-tapping screws.
  4. After the frame is ready, it is inserted into the pallet.
  5. The side walls of the shower enclosure are sealed to the walls of the bathroom itself.
  6. If such an installation implies the presence of a roof, now its turn has come. For its installation, use self-tapping screws or bolts.
  7. The last stage is the assembly and installation of doors.

After all elements are connected, it is necessary to check all joints once again for the presence of sealing. If there is none, then correct this defect.

Basic set

Modern manufacturers try to expand the range of products all the time, equipping them with all sorts of functions and options.

Stages of mounting the shower tray

Stages of mounting the shower tray.

There are models that have the functions of a Turkish, Finnish bath and even with the option of a tropical shower. The booth includes a steam generator with a fan. The first provides the necessary temperature, and if it exceeds the preset index, it will automatically turn off. This serves as an additional protection against overheating. In more expensive models, the steam generator has the ability to purify liquid from lime deposits. The fan provides an even distribution of steam, and after the end of operation it removes it from the booth.

But in this case, the installation of such a device is left to professionals. Electricity and water are far from being compatible, only the master can properly isolate everything from moisture.

There are shower cabins that have turntables, hydromassage functions.

In any case, the more options the shower booth has, the more expensive it will cost. In addition, choosing such a "cool" shower, it is better to test it on the spot of purchase.

Principle of operation

Any plumbing requires water supply, both hot and cold, and do not forget about the outlet to the sewer. Therefore, the installation of the shower must be accompanied by the preparation of all communications.

The water is connected to the mixer.

If there is no experience of carrying out such work, it is better to call a master.

Wiring diagram and connections to the shower enclosure

Scheme of connection and outputs of communications on the shower.

Mixers are of two types: single-lever (single-handed) or thermostatic (two-fan). The first type is considered the most convenient and optimal option. With the help of it, water is saved, since it has an aerator. There is no need to make great efforts to adjust the head and water temperature. The second type of mixer is a classic. It maintains a good temperature.

The water is drained from the shower by a pipe under the pallet. It is connected directly to the settler, which has a transition to the sewer. Basically it's the same siphon. But it is very important at the time of installation of the shower cubicle to check the reliability of its connection. In order to check this, water is poured into the tray, and paper or napkin falls under its drain. If, after draining the water, the paper surface remains dry, then the fasteners are assembled correctly.

The working surface of the watering can has many different sized holes. If the shower model has different modes, then it is multifunctional. Usually, they are switched using a special lever located on its body. Hydromassage flows are more "hard", and "soft" help to relax.

Depending on the need, the hoses can be selected absolutely different lengths: 125,150,160,175,200 cm. The optimum and often occurring is 150-160-cm hose. For their manufacture, silicone or conventional rubber is used. They can have a metal shell. By the way, this moment is very important, since it depends on the quality of the winding how long it will take to operate the shower.

In general, the choice is very wide, it all depends on the capabilities of each. Therefore, when choosing a particular model, it should be remembered that it is easy to install it, but another question, but will it be possible to do it correctly. Therefore, maybe you should not do homemade work and entrust it to specialists? Although if there is self-confidence, then why not.

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