The most popular options for laying tiles in the bathroom

Tile is the most suitable finishing material for bathrooms. With the help of tile you can realize the most fantastic ideas to create a unique color scheme of walls and floor. He persistently withstands high humidity and calmly tolerates steam, water splashes and temperature fluctuations. A wide range of products, represented by various manufacturers, pleases with a variety of colors and textures.

Laying tiles

Despite the wide distribution of various types of masonry tiles, the simplest is the usual flat one.

Ideas for the design of the bathroom are very many, and everyone can create their own unique look or seek help from an experienced designer to translate their dreams into reality.

For beginners in the decorative decoration of bathrooms there is an instruction that recommends starting work with traditional types of masonry wall tiles. All the complicated methods associated with laying tiles of small sizes, using complex schemes that require multiple tile cuts, should be entrusted to the masters who have practical experience.

Before you begin laying the tile, you should carefully prepare for this process.

Preparatory work

The layout of ceramic tiles in the bathroom, when laying it does not remain small pieces

The layout of ceramic tiles in the bathroom, when laying it does not remain small pieces.

First you need to think about ideas, color and pattern masonry. The traditional scheme of tiling in bathrooms, consisting of two different colors, separated by a border line, does not always look good in such rooms.

This scheme is not recommended for the arrangement of small bathrooms, because it visually reduces them.

Choosing the color range of tiles for masonry, stop the choice in color, which will relax and soothe. Bright red shades press on the subconscious and annoy.

Thinking over the layout of the masonry in the bathroom, you need to correctly place the accents that will help visually correct all the shortcomings of the room.

To optically increase the width of the bathroom, choose a small tile. The color of the tile in this case will be cold shades.

For this purpose, blue, silvery, gray-turquoise tiles are suitable. If you want to visually increase the height of the ceilings, this is done by directional laying of vertical colorful strips.

Creating a schema

Options for laying ceramic tiles in the bathroom

Options for laying ceramic tiles in the bathroom.

Instructions on the laying of tiles are recommended to create a scheme of room on paper, indicating the accents and details of the decor as they will look without furniture and sanitary ware. The layout of the room should reflect the perimeter of the floor, the height of the walls, the doors, the presence of protrusions, niches. It marks the location, shape and size of sanitary ware. On the plan indicate the location of outlets, the outlet of pipes, cranes and other equipment.

Before you create a circuit, you must remove the dimensions with high accuracy. Having accurate length and width data, you can determine the location of the decor parts, the probability of cutting, the size and the area of ​​gluing the cut tiles. All the cut-off elements are planned in places that are usually covered with furniture and placed in corners far from the view.

On a separate sheet draw a plan for the layout of tiles. It is colored with colored pencils, creating color schemes for laying the tile.

Completely clarifying all the details of the location of the material in theory, begin practical work.

Laying of tiles

Layout of tiling on the floor in the bathroom

Scheme laying tiles on the floor in the bathroom.

The options for laying the tiles depend on the selected schemes. Begin the masonry from the central wall, which is completely in sight. If the picture of the wall is monochrome, then work starts from the bottom rows, if the drawing is located in the center, then first spread it, making sure it is in the middle of the composition, and then work with the periphery. For evenness of the rows, plastic crosses are used, which help to form even seams.

There are several common ways of laying tiles. Knowing the basic methods of laying tiles, you can come up with your own version and put the idea into practice, laying out any picture from the tile.

The simplest way of laying for beginners is the "seam in the seam" scheme. Laying tiles in this case involves a straight line of rows running parallel to the floor. The accuracy of the directions is verified with the help of a plumb line, and a triangle is used to check the contours. For this method, rectangular and square tiles are suitable. Applying this method of laying, you can lay out a curb or an ornament. Often this method is used, making a black-and-white masonry in the form of a chessboard.

Tile with a picture

If there is a picture on the tile, the tile laying begins with it.

Laying the tile "in a bandaging" resembles a traditional brickwork. Do it with a rectangular tile. The method is simple, and it is often used for monophonic floors or walls. The contrasting colors in this kind of masonry create the impression of an uneven surface. This method is good if the used finishing material has small deviations in size, which can easily be hidden.

Layout of tiling in the bathroom

Layout of tiling in the bathroom.

Diagonal laying requires a certain skill in working with tiles. This method needs to be cut when dividing tiles into parts. This increases the consumption of the material. To the location of the tiles in the bathroom was even, the parties must control. Thanks to such a clutch, it is possible to correct the curvature of the wall lines and visually expand the space of a small room. Modular method involves the use of several colors of tiles to create a conceived pattern.

Laying tiles in a modular way, use tiles with multiple sizes of sides. First, the proposed drawing is laid out without gluing, then to accurately reproduce it on the wall or on the bathroom floor.

Linear version is used to create any lines. For this, two or more colors of a tile having the same dimensions are taken. The creation of lines, their size and appearance, depends only on the wishes of the owner of the bathroom and those ideas that he wants to see on the walls of the bathroom.

Ornament is used for laying tiles in the bathroom, creating a geometric pattern in the form of a carpet, which has a beautiful colored border.

Knowing these techniques, you can lay out any drawing in the bathroom. To the material is sufficient, to the calculated number of tiles should be added 15% of the area.

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