The presence of a crack in the shower tray

The installation of a shower cabin allows you to save a lot of space in the bathroom. This is especially true if the room dimensions are too small. However, for larger sizes, the placement of the shower enclosure may allow the addition of, for example, a stand-alone whirlpool bath. This plumbing equipment is able to be located in the suburban area and serve as a replacement for the shower.

A crack in the pallet

The crack in the pan is the most frequent breakdown in the shower, it can be eliminated on its own using a special composition for repairing acrylic bathtubs.

According to the design features, shower cabins are able to satisfy most of the requirements of consumers. For example, if desired, in addition to the very soul inside them, you can install hydromassage elements, provide a waterproof player and radio. The size of the shower cabin depends on the availability of additional functions. The depth and size of the pallet are also varied, which also affects the final size of the occupied space. On how good the raw materials were and how correctly the shower is used, its service life in general and the pallet in particular depends. The most common malfunction that a consumer may encounter is a crack in the shower tray. This breakdown can be corrected independently.

Materials and Tools

In order to repair the pallet yourself, you need the following materials and tools:

Materials for pallet repair

For the repair of the pallet you will need epoxy resin and liquid acrylic.

  • alcohol or any other chemical composition by which the pallet is degreased;
  • liquid acrylic composition;
  • a spatula made of rubber or other material that has sufficient flexibility, strength and does not damage the surface;
  • an epoxy-based resin;
  • Electric drill with a special nozzle for polishing the surface.

These materials must be prepared immediately to eliminate the problem as soon as possible due to their toxicity. Therefore, if there is a possibility of occurrence of any manifestations of allergic reactions or other irritations, it is necessary to take precautions. The elements of protection include:

  • rubber gloves;
  • respiratory mask.

Fracture sealing

Dismantling the pallet

Before starting work, the pallet must be dismantled.

The repair of the pallet, namely the sealing of cracks, begins with its dismantling. This procedure must be carried out according to the instructions that must be supplied by the manufacturer when purchasing. The dismantling process itself is performed in the reverse order of installation. Do it carefully and slowly, so as not to cause additional damage. If the sequence of removal of the pallet from the place of its location is violated, it can be deformed so that its further use becomes impossible.

After the dismantling process is completed, it is necessary to carefully inspect the entire surface. This will allow you to assess the degree of damage, as well as determine the appropriateness of further repairs. If, after this, the conclusion is made that the cracked pallet is possible to be repaired, it should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and plaque that could have formed during operation.

In order to stop the spread of the crack along the pallet in the future, it is necessary to remove the stress that appears at its end. For this purpose, a small hole is made, which in no case should be through. Using an electric drill and a drill, the size of which corresponds to the thickness of the crack, perform the required hole 1-2 mm deep into the pan.

Tools for repair

From tools for repairing the pallet you will need a rubber spatula, a knife, a drill, a special hair dryer.

After this, it is necessary to thoroughly treat the surface with alcohol or any other chemical composition that will allow to degrease it, but do not damage the surface layer. Means such as gasoline or acetone are unsuitable for this procedure. They can corrode the outer layer of the pallet.

The shower cubicle, which is purchased in the store, must be provided with a kit suitable for its repair. This set includes elements that are suitable for troubleshooting the pallet. For such purposes, it is necessary to prepare a special solution, with which the embedding will be carried out. Such liquids are a hardener and acrylic, which is in the liquid state. The instructions, which are attached to the repair kit, indicate the exact proportion of these components. It is necessary to adhere to the observance of this ratio, otherwise there will be no result in carrying out further work. If the repair kit does not provide for such formulations or their validity has expired, it is possible to purchase other specialized sanitary ware shops.

If the composition that is necessary for embedding is not prepared correctly, but still applied, and at the end of the work the crack is still in the pan, then the remedy will have to be removed and the procedure should be carried out again. That is, degrease and prepare a new solution.

Practical recommendations

The mortar must be applied in such a way that it completely covers the crack.

In this case, a larger amount of solution is preferable to its economical application. If the repair mixture does not completely fill the crack, then after its hardening, the formation of a recess is possible, which in the future must be additionally sealed. That is, perform the procedure again. Such layer-by-layer application of acrylic composition can lead to the fact that the crack will be fixed poorly and can then disperse. The surplus composition can be easily removed using sandpaper.

If you use a kit that is attached to repair cracks, then it is prepared in a separate container and applied using a rubber spatula. When using acrylic, which is located in the tube in order to evenly cover the entire area of ​​the crack, it is necessary to use a special mounting pistol.

Deep crack

Sometimes deep cracks inappropriate to repair, and it is easier and cheaper to buy a new pallet.

If the crack in the pallet is a through, then a patch is performed on its back side to solve it. In order to apply it, the pan must be turned and locked in a horizontal position. The defect site is degreased. Next, cut out a piece of fiberglass, the size of which should be larger than the existing crack. The cut is applied to the damage and the epoxy resin is applied with a brush.

Thus, the glass fabric is securely adhered to the back surface. If the size of the hole is significant, then a rather large glass fabric cut may be needed. In the process of gluing it can be joined, but one strip finds on the other. After the entire surface of the damage is applied to one layer of fiberglass, it is necessary to wait until the resin has solidified. After this, a second layer is applied. It is desirable that the next layer be perpendicular to the previous one. It should be borne in mind that on air the resin freezes fast enough, so all the necessary pieces of fiberglass should be cut beforehand.

After the final hardening of the patch, the pallet is turned over and the cracks are started from the outside.


Composition for the repair of the pallet

A set of some pallets includes a special composition for its repair.

If the damage is insignificant, for example, a scratch, then its removal must be carried out immediately upon detection. This will prevent its further spread and the formation of cracks, which will require additional repairs.

Scratching is a minor damage, therefore dismantling may not be necessary. In order to remove a scratch from the surface, it is necessary to clean the defective area with sandpaper. It should be with fine grain. It is not possible to rub hard, so as not to damage the rest of the pallet surface.

After the treated area is sanded, it must be degreased. To do this, chemical compounds are suitable, which basically contain alcohol.

Then apply a thin layer of special lacquer, which is used for acrylic pallets. It can be purchased at a sanitary ware shop.

Performing repairs

Application of acrylic composition

When applying the composition, the master must be wearing a mask and gloves.

Before undertaking self-repair for the surface of the pallet, it is necessary to determine the feasibility of this action. A large number of cracks, their rather large depth may indicate that this element of the cabin is better to replace completely. After all, permanent repairs can not lead to the desired result.

To order a new pallet is desirable for the same firm that it was previously made for, so that the fasteners of the cab and pallet match.

All work that involves the application of liquid acrylic, it is desirable to perform in the air or indoors, which is well ventilated. This will avoid toxic poisoning of the body.

At the time of the purchase of the shower cubicle, it is necessary to inquire about the availability of a repair kit for the pallet, as well as all instructions for installation and dismantling, operation features. All recommendations of the manufacturer, which are given for further use, must be adhered to completely, so that the integrity of the pallet is not violated as long as possible.

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