The right bath choice

You have to repair the bathroom? Do you want to know about what baths are, how much they cost, and, finally, which one will fit optimally into your interior? Many choose a bathtub at a dead end. This is due to the large assortment provided in the sanitary ware shops. In addition to the variety of materials, the baths differ in shape, color and have various kinds of improvements, which increase its cost by an order of magnitude.

Scheme of basic parameters for bath measurement

Scheme of the main parameters for measuring the bath.

Therefore, the question of which bathtub to choose, almost always on hearing and excites many. Let's sort it out in order. Consider first the recommendations for choosing the material from which modern baths make.

So, before you go to the bathroom to the store, check the characteristics of the materials from which it is made. Only then your choice will not disappoint you. The modern plumbing market in abundance offers a variety of options. This is a cast-iron bath, and acrylic, and steel. And on sale there are baths made of a new and unfamiliar for most of the material - quark. And, of course, exclusive baths for a special category of consumers: baths of glass, marble and even wood. But first, let's consider the more usual option for all - cast-iron baths.

Cast-iron constructions

Scheme of a cast-iron bath with hydromassage equipment

Scheme of a cast-iron bath with hydromassage equipment.

This type of bath is quite popular among consumers and remains so for more than one decade. Why are they so good? The most famous advantages of these baths are the following:

  • Cast-iron baths due to the fact that they have a lot of weight, are very stable;
  • in addition to stability, they have high rates of strength and durability;
  • cast iron very well retains heat, therefore in a bath of cast iron it is always cozy, it is practically impossible to freeze in it.

But it is these advantages and cause the appearance of some disadvantages of cast-iron baths. After all, heavy weight does not make it possible to easily move it, so both transportation and delivery to the apartment is very difficult. The weight of the cast-iron bath, more precisely its minimum value, corresponds to an index equal to 120 kg. And this despite the fact that modern baths are manufactured using new improved technologies that make this plumbing easier. In the absence of a freight elevator in a high-rise building, delivery of a cast-iron bath to the upper floors is a real problem. To solve it, you'll have to part with a tidy sum, which, most likely, will require the loaders.

Bathroom grounding scheme

Grounding scheme of the bathroom.

The surface of the cast-iron bath is enameled. And most often, choosing a bath in the store, buyers choose the option that is most attractive to the eyes, more white and shiny. Do not forget that the cast-iron enamel bath requires a certain care of the surface. And not all detergents are suitable for its purification. Damage to the enamel of a cast-iron bath can also be caused by the fall of a heavy object on it, especially with sharp angles. Enamelled surface - the weakest place in the design of a cast iron bath. Therefore, choosing a bath in the store, it is very necessary to inspect the entire enamel, since even chips of a small size can later turn into a big problem, significantly worsening the appearance.

As already mentioned above, cast iron sanitary ware retains the temperature of the collected water for a long time, therefore for those who like to take a bath, this is the best solution.

As for the shapes of the baths made of cast iron, here you will not find any original options. Everything is quite simple: a standard, all-common form of a cast-iron bath is the only solution. It is conditioned by the properties of cast iron: it is almost impossible to make something original from it.

Steel and products

Steel bath

The weight of the steel bath is approximately 30 kg.

There is another solution for the production of bathtubs - this is steel. The first thing I would like to note is their price. They refer to the budget option, but, despite the low price, their appearance remains at a fairly high level. Another positive factor in buying a steel bath is its weight.

It is about 30 kg. If to compare with the cast-iron variant, then the difference is considerable. As a result, it is easier to transport and change the bath (if necessary). The strength of the steel bath also meets modern requirements.

And now a few words about the shapes of the steel bath. Unlike cast iron, the shape of a steel bath can be practically any. On sale there are also round, and oval, and many other original variants.

As for the shortcomings, then without them, of course, can not do. One of the main ones can be called its thermal conductivity. The water in the steel bath cools down very quickly, so you can not lie down in it for your own pleasure.

Besides this drawback, the steel bath is very noisy. When recruiting water into it, the ringing from the metal is heard even by neighbors.

To choose the best quality steel bath, you need to pay attention to the thickness of its walls. They must not be less than 3 mm. Only in this case your bath will be strong and reliable.

Acrylic bathtubs

Acrylic bath

The cost of a quality acrylic bath will be quite high.

Now a few words about one more material, from which modern versions of baths are made. It's acrylic. The material is quite new, but has already proved itself from the positive side. His popularity is growing year by year. Why? Everything is very simple. If the bath is made of quality acrylic by a proven manufacturer, then it will serve you long enough, and yet its properties include reliability and aesthetic appearance.

The weight of acrylic bathtubs is also a plus. In this indicator they surpass even steel models. The maintenance of the acrylic bathroom is simple enough, it does not require special conditions. Along with these qualities, the acrylic bath very well retains the heat of the water. On these indicators, it even exceeds the cast-iron version. Forms of acrylic can take any. Along with other advantages, this indicator usually turns out to be decisive when choosing a bath. But acrylic acrylic discord. Therefore, to choose a bath you need the highest quality, otherwise its service life will disappoint you. Having saved on quality, you will eventually regret it. In what way will this be expressed? A poor quality acrylic bath can lose all its qualities even under the influence of ordinary hot water, first of all the appearance suffers. The bath practically spreads under the influence of high temperatures.

Basically, acrylic is plastic, which is why it is so influenced by high temperatures. To prevent acryl defects from hot water during the production of baths, it is reinforced. For these purposes, glass fibers and various resins are used. A qualitative acrylic bath will be made of several reinforcing layers. This is one of the factors that should be considered when choosing.

Instructions for assembling an acrylic bath

Instructions for assembling an acrylic bath.

Experts do not recommend stopping the choice of a bath on too original forms, for example, resembling a flower. Since the shape is likely to suffer quality in places where the acrylic material is bent.

What else to look for when choosing an acrylic bath? It should be remembered that acrylic can easily be stained. And after getting on the acrylic surface of the dye, it will be difficult to wipe it, it is almost impossible. Change the color from white to another acrylic may even result in water falling on it with rust or when soaking colored underwear. But there is a way out: if you choose an acrylic bathtub not white, but any other color, the coloring will be almost imperceptible.

What other drawbacks does the acrylic bath have? I want to note that acrylic is very easily scratched. True, scratches are not as noticeable as on any other material, and there are many ways to eliminate them.

Well, now a few words about the price of an acrylic bath. If you get a quality copy, do not expect a low price. Its cost will be quite high.

Kvaril for child

One of the newest and most modern materials for the production of bathtubs is kvaril. This composition, which includes both acrylic and quartz. There is an opinion that this new material is much better than acrylic. What are its advantages? Please note that quartz is added to the composition, and it significantly increases the stability of this material to high temperature conditions. When making a bath from quarry, the use of reinforcement will no longer be required.

The positive properties of quarian baths include their long service life, the ability to retain heat and light weight for a long time. They are, of course, slightly heavier than the acrylic version, but much easier than cast-iron baths. The most valuable advantage of a quarry bath is its high resistance to damage of any kind. It is almost impossible to damage the surface of this bath.

Device size

Since all people are different, the baths are also available in different sizes. Someone needs a smaller option, someone, on the contrary, more.

Standard size, which is responsible for the length of the bath, varies from 150 to 180 cm.

Scheme of installation of a bath on legs

Scheme of installation of a bath on legs.

And the width of a standard bath can be from 70 to 85 cm.

In order not to make a mistake with the size, it's best to try it on yourself. Try to lie down, you should be comfortable sitting in a reclining bath, but so that the legs remain straight.

As for the width, the most optimal is the size, when from the edge of the bath to the body of a person on both sides remains about 5 cm. Otherwise, you will be uncomfortable. The depth of the bath is also important. If you are reclining in it, then your head should be above the water level.

If you refer to the standard values, then usually the depth of the bath corresponds to a value of 50 cm.

Having familiarized with the given information, you can give preference to a certain bath. Choosing the best option will not cause you any difficulties and will certainly be right.

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