The right choice of a shower cabin

Arrangement of the bathroom can not do without the selection of the correct plumbing. There are people who prefer baths, and there are those who like showers. Both the one and the other device has its pluses and minuses. The first are designed for spacious premises, as they occupy a lot of space, while the latter help to save it. But not only the quadrature affects the choice of the shower. Moments in fact a lot, it is desirable to read them before you go for a purchase.

Shower cabinet

A shower cubicle can save valuable space in the bathroom.

The choice of this equipment in many ways should focus on the design of the room, so that it fits in harmoniously and does not fall out of the picture. In addition, this technique is bought not only for the sake of the body, but also for the sake of the soul.

The most popular model for today is one that has sliding doors, as the space around the shower remains free. Therefore the factor of compactness plays not the last role in the choice, this moment will be felt during the installation.

The first thing you need to start with is choosing the technical details. The shower cubicle is designed for reception of water procedures, nevertheless not all models have the same moisture resistance.


Depending on personal wishes, the mandatory structural elements of the shower enclosure, whether it is a pallet, walls or doors, can be made of different materials. Standard models have polystyrene walls and doors, but this material has its own unpleasant feature - after a certain time of operation, it begins to acquire cloudiness and divorce. Therefore, most prefer glass.

The device of a shower booth

The device of a shower booth.

In the shower booth only the glass is used, but this does not mean that it has a non-representative appearance. It can be patterned, toned or just matte. This design is acceptable not only for doors, but also for the walls themselves.

As for the pallet, then the choice is very diverse:

  • cast iron;
  • steel;
  • acrylic;
  • ceramics;
  • artificial marble.

Each material belongs to a certain price category. Depending on the planned interior, you can choose the option. To make it easier to choose a shower tray, you can pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of the above materials.

Basic Materials

  1. Cast iron - a fairly common material, not only for shower cabins, but also for the baths themselves. It is reliable. But due to the thick walls, its surface takes a very long time to reach the temperature of warm water. Hence, after switching on the shower will have to wait until it warms up, and this, in turn, leads to an overuse of water.
  2. Steel. Such a product can adequately compete with cast iron in terms of reliability and durability. But there is also a nuance: it makes a lot of noise during the operation. In addition, the enamel coating quickly deteriorates, forming chips and cracks. So from time to time there will be a need for restoration of the pallet.
  3. Most people prefer acrylic. The appearance of such a product is quite presentable, but if the user has a significant weight, it will simply bend under it. Although you do not need to wait until the surface gets the right temperature. In addition, it is easy to take care of such a pallet. As for the damage, if, for example, the pallet is scratched, this defect is easily eliminated by grinding.
  4. Pottery has always been distinguished by its fragility, whether it is a pallet or other product. Of course, it is stable, but take a shower in such a cabin should be neat, because if a glass jar with shampoo or a similar thing falls to the bottom, the damage is ensured. This point should be taken into account for families where there are young children, since they are very fond of playing during water procedures.
  5. Artificial marble is one of the most expensive options. But he is not afraid of damage and has a good indicator of wear resistance. To put in order such shower booth of special work will not make.
Shower room under the stone

The shower under the stone looks very presentable and harmonious, however it is quite expensive.

It should be said that in addition to the quality of the components of the device, the soul size itself is an important point. Taking hygienic procedures, you need to feel free. Therefore, experts note the moment that the minimum size of the shower should be 80x80 cm, otherwise it will be difficult to move.

Types of cabins

For today the choice of such production is wide enough. There are many different modifications from which the eyes just run. But the choice of shower cabins is carried out among the main types:

  • shower corner;
  • cockpit "Box";
  • cockpit "Box" hydromassage;
  • cabin "Box" with a bath.
Types of shower cabins

Types of shower cabins.

The first option is the same shower stall, but instead of four it has two walls, as others replace the walls of the bathroom itself. To choose such a model, you should immediately warn that it will require additional work on leveling the walls and floor. Other options have all four walls and a pallet.

When buying, pay special attention to all moving parts of the structure.

How securely the doors are in the grooves, especially if they are glass. Whether they move easily when opening and closing, whether gaps are formed in the closed state is also not the last moment. Many sellers argue that in the exhibition version, the assembled design has not tightened fasteners, which leads to the formation of lumens or loose elements. This statement can not be trusted, as there is a possibility that the shower cabin is defective and the seller tries to hide this explanation.

Representatives firms

Like any other technique, shower cabins are manufactured by different companies. Of course, in most cases, the consumer focuses on advertising, reviews of friends, neighbors or simply communicates in forums about a particular brand.

Shower cabin above the bathroom

The most universal option is considered to be cabin, which can be placed directly above the bathroom.

The market usually presents both domestic brands, and imported. Of course, the brand name directly depends on the price category. Therefore, often among domestic models you can find a benign analogue of foreign.

The most popular today are Jacussi and Albatros. Among the Russian representatives, "Aquapol" and "Atlantis" have proved themselves well. And this is just the case when the quality goes on par with, but prices are strikingly different.

Shower cabins can have a price of 1000 dollars and end in the area of ​​tens of thousands of euros. Their cost is affected by several factors:

  • company;
  • equipment;
  • material of manufacture;
  • availability of additional options;
  • complexity of construction.

All these factors affect not only the price, but also the choice of the buyer. The urgency of the choice of such plumbing is due to the fact that compared to the same bathroom, it allows you to take water procedures much more economically. After all, water in this case is consumed less.

This option is an excellent solution for a small bathroom. Despite the vertical structure, the correctly selected pallet size will allow the body to be positioned horizontally, as in the bathroom.

Shower cubicle from glass blocks

Shower cubicle from glass blocks can be made independently in the corner of the bathroom.

If possible, you can choose the models that have an extended range of options. There are shower cabins that have the possibility of a vertical hydromassage, and can also massage the feet or the whole body. Water gymnastics in our time is very popular, so why not replace it with such an option in the shower?

Of course, not everyone can afford such a variation of technology. In addition, the more functions a shower cubicle has, the higher the technological requirements. First of all, under such a model in the house there must be a corresponding water pressure, this is especially true for apartments in multi-storey houses, because the higher the floor, the lower the pressure. Hydromassage function is available only at a rate of 1.5-2 bar. Therefore, this point should be taken into account, so that the choice does not become erroneous, and the money was not wasted.

The function of the whirlpool is worth a closer look. Such a water massage is not just a pleasure, but also an aid to keep the body toned. This option allows a person to relax, get rid of the accumulated stress and fatigue after a hard day, especially if the activity is associated with physical stress. But morning procedures using this effect provide improved blood flow, which, in turn, dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. After such a pleasant morning it will be much easier to work.

Criterias of choice

It has already been pointed out that each component can be made of different materials. But that is not all. There are several nuances that are recommended to be reviewed so that the choice of shower cabins was not erroneous.

Open showers. This configuration is called the shower corner, where the two walls of the wall are the walls of the room itself. In this case, the kit consists of a pallet and doors, but the lid is missing. In addition, corner shower enclosures do not have any additional functions and options. This is the simplest and uncomplicated option, which has its positive aspects:

  • Such shower cabins have a square, angular or rectangular shape, which greatly facilitates the moment of choice;
  • the size of the door is selected in each case individually, since they meet with a height exceeding 1.95 m;
  • if desired, there is an opportunity to purchase a separate pallet or doors, which makes it possible to create an individual design, it is convenient in that in this case, you can take into account the wishes and characteristics of all members of the family.

Closed souls. Such structures are closed on all sides. Unlike the first, they can already be equipped with additional features, including the function of baths and saunas, a whirlpool option, a radio and a music center and even a telephone. Immediately worth noting, and the moment that the more additions, the more difficult the device of such a booth, then, of an independent installation of speech can not go. It will require the help of a professional. The shape of such a model can also be angular, oval, rectangular. This design in most cases has a roof top, and the doors are made floating or in the form of a curtain. Thus, the only, but global plus - the availability of various functions, ranging from hydromassage and ending with a TV with a phone. The minus follows from the plus: the more opportunities, the more difficult the installation and the higher cost of equipment.


The size and spaciousness of the shower enclosures depends on the size of the base, that is, the pallet. We have already described what materials are used to make this element. Therefore, generalizing them, we should highlight the key points of choice:

  1. Comfortable height of pallets. They can be low, high or medium. The height of the sides is selected by each. If there is a desire to use the booth in the role of a bathroom, then the edges should be higher.
  2. Properly selected material will ensure a longer service life.
  3. The choice of the pallet should be based on such moments: will it not sag under the weight of the washable person, how stable is the surface, is there any risk of slipping by taking a shower. All points must be carefully considered.
  4. Separating elements. If there is a desire that the shower cubicle look presentable, but the finances are rather limited, you can pay attention to Plexiglas and plastic for doors. But, despite the wide choice of material, it wears out quickly enough.

When choosing a shower, it should be remembered that this technique is designed primarily for comfort. Therefore, functionality and reliability are the two main criteria for choosing such plumbing.

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