The technology of connecting the water heater

Today, uninterrupted and constant supply of hot water to many private mansions and apartments are provided by domestic water heaters. For those who know how to connect a flow-through water heater or storage model independently, there is an excellent opportunity to save money and enjoy the work done.

Diagram of the device of the water heater

Diagram of the device of the water heater.

Select a device

Before you buy and connect a water heater yourself, you need to decide on its type, which will suit all household members. Because this device will be equally used by all family members, it should be convenient and simple in everyday life. Manufacturers offer two types of models for heating water: storage and flow.

The operation of the storage device is based on the collection and heating of water in a special storage. Among consumers this type of device is considered the most popular. Such a demand for a storage water heater is explained by the relatively low cost of the model and the ease in connecting to electricity.

Wiring diagram for instantaneous water heater

Wiring diagram of the instantaneous water heater.

In the flow model, water is heated by passing through a separate container. The instantaneous water heater is installed immediately on the water tap. The main drawbacks of this device are that a large amount of electricity is wasted to heat water. And this condition is not always feasible in homes that belong to old buildings.

Tips for installing the device:

  1. Buying the desired type of boiler, you should carefully read the instructions that are attached to it. Installation and connection of any model of the water heater is carried out in accordance with the guidelines and requirements of the manufacturer, as well as general safety rules.
  2. Before starting all installation work, you should select the appropriate wall where the device will be installed.
  3. Check the condition of the wiring, piping and risers. If they do not meet the requirements, and to avoid problems in the future they are better to replace.

Cumulative model

Installation and connection of a storage water heater is easy and qualitative to make even a novice able to do. The most important thing is that the wall where the equipment will be fixed is necessarily capital and capable of withstanding a double load, which depends on the size of the capacity of the water heater itself. Otherwise, there will be a danger to the life of all family members.

Wiring diagram of storage water heater

Wiring diagram of the storage water heater.

  1. On the corresponding wall by means of a tape measure, a ruler and a pencil it is necessary to mark the places of attachment of the storage water heater.
  2. Use an electric drill to make holes on the wall.
  3. Insert the fixing rods into these holes and tighten the hooks there.
  4. Put the water heater on the hooks.
  5. After connecting the storage water heater to the mains, it is recommended to output all the connection points outside.
  6. Using flexible hoses, connect the connection points with input and output from the system.
  7. To avoid water leakage at the joints, lay rubber gaskets.
  8. At the entry point of cold water, an additional valve must be installed, by means of which it is always possible to remove excess pressure from the system.
  9. For convenience of maintenance of the storage water heater, a tee should be installed in front of the shut-off valve, which, if necessary, will remove excess water from the reservoir.
  10. Following the manufacturer's instructions, it is necessary to connect the water heater to the power supply.
  11. At the end of all work, you can connect the system to electricity. The signal that the system is connected correctly and fully ready for operation will be a light indicator that should light up.

Flowing product

The flow model for heating water is characterized by a small size and weight. Such qualities of the model give an excellent opportunity to place this device in any suitable place for it. But such a device has its own strict requirements, which must be observed. This means that the meter should be from 40 A and above, a wiring cable from 4 to 6 mm² and an auto switch from 32 to 40 A. The device can be connected to the mains in two ways: stationary or temporary.

Diagram of installation of water heater valves

Diagram of installation of water heater valves.

Stationary connection:

  1. In pipes with cold and hot water cut one tee.
  2. Install the valves, and the places of their connection to the pipe are additionally treated with a hermetic paste.
  3. The pipe, through which cold water passes, is connected to the place of input of the heating system.
  4. The hot water outlet is connected to the hot water valve by means of a hose.

Temporary connection:

  1. For temporary connection of a flowing water heater, install a shower hose. And if periodic connection to centralized hot water is provided, then this hose can be temporarily closed.
  2. A shut-off valve is installed in the flow-through device.
  3. The water-heating device is connected with a shut-off valve by means of a hose.
  4. For normal operation of the entire system, it is necessary to open cold and hot water, connect the unit to electricity.

At the final stage, you need to open all the faucets and faucets to check the correct connection and tightness of the attachment points themselves. If everything is done correctly, hot water should flow from the mixer.

It is important that when installing a flow-through water heater with your own hands, it is necessary to completely cover the entire riser with hot water in a multi-storey building.

Materials and tools:

  • connecting rods;
  • flexible hoses;
  • rubber gaskets;
  • pressure release valve;
  • tees;
  • shower hose;
  • shut-off valve;
  • hermetic;
  • linen threads;
  • ruler;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • electric drill;
  • adjustable wrench;
  • spanners;
  • screwdriver;
  • passages.

Self-connection of a water heater requires a certain skill and knowledge in the field of plumbing and electrical works. If such a task seems difficult, then it is best to seek the help of a specialist in this matter. This will ensure the correct installation of the device and safety when it is used again.

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