The toilet was clogged in the house - what to do

If there is a litter in the toilet, you need to know what measures are needed to eliminate this unpleasant problem. The first signs indicating that the toilet was clogged is the slowly leaving water. Do not wait until the toilet completely stops flushing, because removing the blockage at the initial stage is much easier and faster.

Cleaning the toilet bowl

The first signs of litter in the toilet are slowly leaving water.

Causes of blockages in the toilet

If the toilet is used strictly for the purpose, then the probability of clogging is very small. Even if you throw toilet paper in it, it will not create an impenetrable cork, as it quickly dissolves and leaves with a stream of water. Another thing, if in the sanitary engineering, intended for the utilization of the products of vital activity, throw out such things as:

  • diapers;
  • feminine hygiene pads;
  • construction garbage;
  • rags;
  • food residues (solid);
  • Fillers of cat litter.
The scheme of cleaning the toilet bowl with a cup

Scheme of cleaning the toilet bowl with a plunger.

The perpetrator of the litter in the toilet is someone who lives in an apartment or a house. If the clog formed in the riser of a multi-storey building, then the reason for this can be the ejection of rubbish with the help of a toilet bowl by some tenants, and several at once. All residents, especially those closest to the place of its formation, suffer from such traffic jams.

When the litter happens in the apartment, you can try to eliminate it yourself, and if in the house riser - you will need to call the plumbers who serve the house.

The litter of the toilet bowl can lead to serious consequences for both the apartment owners and its neighbors, so it is necessary to eliminate the problem as soon as possible.

Cleaning of minor impurities

Sometimes, with small clogs, it is enough to pour a bucket of water into the toilet, and if the amount of garbage was insignificant, a large flow of water will push it. This method helps when the cork just started to form and slightly slowed down the water.

Cleaning the toilet bowl with chemicals

To clean the toilet bowl with a chemical, it must be applied to the surface, left for a while, then rinsed off with water.

If this option does not work and the water still slowly leaves the sewer pipe, it is recommended to use chemicals that are specifically designed to dispose of blockages in the toilet bowl. According to the instructions indicated on the package "pushing" means, it is poured into the toilet and left there for a while. If the blockage is small, the chemicals in the cleaning agent will dissolve it.

An alternative to the first 2 ways is a plunger. It is a rubber pump with a holder (handle). The pump is leaning against the drain hole in the toilet bowl and pressing it sharply.

A pressure is created that pushes or pulls back the accumulated debris. And it can already be removed by putting on a glove on the arm. This action should be repeated several times, after which, for reliability, add chemical cleaning agent.

Eliminating complex variations

If the above methods have not helped, then the litter in the toilet is much larger than expected.

In the building store you need to purchase a special sewer cable. It is made taking into account the shape of the flush of the toilet bowl and therefore will allow access to hard-to-reach places. The cable is inserted into the drain and making accurate rotational movements, gradually moving into the depth of the sewer pipe to the riser. So he will destroy the cork. Do not rush when using it, as the cable can damage the pipe.

A more radical method of removing the litter of the toilet bowl is dismantling.

It is necessary to disconnect the place of the joint of the toilet bowl with the sewage pipe. Before cleaning, it is necessary to cut off the water, and drain the water in the tank. With the help of a wrench, the bolts of the toilet seat at the base are loosened. After the toilet is no longer fixed, it must be pushed forward, thereby pulling the drain out of the sink funnel. Dismantling makes it easy to reach the knee and part of the pipe. With the help of the cable, the cleaning is carried out, after which everything is collected in the reverse order. When everything is assembled, it is necessary to check whether it was possible to remove the blockage in the toilet.

There are situations when the cork is dense and large, and it is impossible to remove it on its own. Then the plumbing call remains the last way to solve the problem. For cleaning, they use a more sophisticated technique - hydrodynamic installations, high-pressure cleaners, canal flushing machines and so on.

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