The use of ceramic tiles in the design of the bathroom

Ceramic tiles has been and remains the most popular material for finishing the bathroom. It perfectly suits the specific conditions of the bathroom. But, alas, the interior of this room usually does not shine with originality and variety. Meanwhile, the widest choice of textures, shades and methods of styling makes it possible to create a completely unique design.

Tiled bathroom

With the help of ceramic tiles you can create a truly unique design in the bathroom.

Correction and zoning

With the help of the competent use of ceramic tiles, you can create real interior masterpieces. To do this, it is sufficient to know what techniques allow you to visually adjust the dimensions of the room and its proportions:

  1. Vertically oriented rectangular tile allows you to visually increase the height of ceilings. The horizontal orientation makes the room spacious.
  2. Decoration of walls from floor to ceiling with a single color tile and texture turns the bathroom into a kind of a narrow and deep well.
  3. Warm tones allow you to balance the cool and humid atmosphere of the room. Cold tones visually increase the room.
  4. The division into horizontal zones looks stylish and original. But the seam should be level with the mirror, cabinet or other noticeable object. This will avoid unwanted fragmentation of the area.
  5. With the help of different textures or colors of ceramic tiles it is possible to divide even a small bathroom into functional areas. Especially this method will be useful for owners of combined bathrooms.
  6. Visually narrow the bathroom visible seams. To make ceramics look like a single cloth, you should use a grout that fuses as much as possible with the main tone.
  7. Combining two types of invoices within a single color allows you to focus on details, for example, the original mirror or the subject of the decor.
  8. It is not necessary to use an easy-care granite for finishing the entire room. With its help, you can select some elements. Such "islands" will decorate the premises and simplify the cleaning of the most polluted zones.
Combination of ceramic tiles

In the bathroom you can use a combination of dark and light tiles.

Shades and accents

Traditionally, for the interior design of the bathroom use a solid tile of cold shade. But today, decorators are increasingly using unusual textures and juicy nuances. A non-standard bathroom from the room for hygienic procedures turns into a corner of bliss and comfort.

The design of the bathroom, sustained in cold colors, allows you to visually expand the space. Often this choice is due to the habit and the fact that shades of blue and green are associated with cleanliness. You can dilute this design with a catchy accent. It is possible to preserve the overall concept by making a little creative by shifting the shades within the same color range. In the cool tones, the interior of the bathroom is in high-tech style. Such a tile will perfectly complement the weak gloss of white metal.

The design of the bathroom, made in warm colors, is a bold decision. This design is unusual and striking. But you need to remember that all warm shades visually reduce the room. In this design it is very important to observe the proportions so that the game of color and light does not distort the dimensions of the bathroom. The peach, terracotta or beige tiles are perfect for non-trivial solutions. These tones are perfectly matched with wood trim and brass plumbing. It's easier to make stylish design with their help.

Black and white tiles are also often used for decoration. But with clean tones you need to be careful. Whip-white walls can cause bad associations, and black will oppress. Stylish and original in the bathroom design look chocolate and dark gray tones, but it is better to use them as accents. In addition, it must be remembered that even the tiniest drops are visible on the dark glazed tile.

Stylish and relevant look bright accents on a quiet background. In the role of an additional element of decor can be a piece of ceramic tiles of unusual texture. Interesting look and large drawings. It can be a detailed image of a flower or an element of marine theme. Most tile manufacturers produce such items in the same collection with a single-tone ceramic of the appropriate shade, allowing the consumer to create interesting combinations.

Tile imitating the texture of a tree

Tiles in the bathroom, imitating the texture of the tree, will look very rich and natural.

Unusual invoices

But to show originality and creativity can not only thanks to the game with shades. Today, ceramics for the bathroom of unusual texture is becoming more popular. With the help of interesting solutions, you can create an interior of the usual color that will look stylish and fresh only thanks to an unusual surface:

  1. Imitation of natural stone or brick. This material is great for decorating a bathroom in an eco-style. A stone, even if it is not real, will allow you to feel unity with nature.
  2. Imitation of a tree. One of the most interesting and unusual textures. It allows to create a unique interior, which, thanks to the fact that the tile is only a skilful imitation, will perfectly carry the neighborhood with humidity and high temperatures.
  3. Bubbles. The wall, decorated with a tile of such an unusual texture, looks like a detail of the interior of a fairy-tale house. Such decor is especially necessary for children and romantic natures.
  4. Imitation of the skin, including exotic animals. Such an interior of the bathroom resembles a work of art rather than a room for hygienic procedures. But it must be remembered that even a small detail of such an unusual texture requires a careful selection of accessories.
  5. Volumetric textured ceramic tiles. This is a relatively new figurant of the finishing materials market. Such a tile usually has a matte surface and a clear deep color, but, thanks to texture, it is quite capable of being a semantic accent.

The only drawback of such a catchy tile can be considered its price, because all the original is always cheap. But it is possible to make the interior much cheaper by using such a tile not for all surfaces, but only as accents.

Original ideas

Make the design original can not only by purchasing and stacking expensive designer ceramic tiles. The main thing is fantasy and approach.

Slightly pretentious, but from this no less stylish looks the cover, imitating sewing in the technique of "patchwork". For such clearance it is enough to find a variegated tile with a fine pattern and put it in a chaotic order. It is important that all items are the same size. But such a tile should not be too much, otherwise the interior will "crush". Even a small section will make the design lively and modern.

Interesting on the walls of the bathroom looks and mosaic. Today, manufacturers have taken care of the simplicity of its styling, combining the small details in a single sheet. Using a mosaic, you can zonate the room or emphasize details.

Tile irregular or non-standard shape will make even a boring bathroom design memorable.

Pentagons ("honeycombs"), diagonal laying ("rhombuses") - each of the solutions will breathe an element of novelty into the interior. But we must remember that such details will necessarily have to be supplemented with equally original plumbing or accessories.

And although the mirror and glass blocks are not tiles in the direct sense of the word, but they can also be used to decorate the bathroom. Moreover, the reflective surface and light transparency visually increase the room.

The original and classic design elements of the bathroom there are many. But it's important not to go on about fashion and creativity. The bathroom is a premise, where first of all it should be comfortable. And, when choosing a design, you should listen not to the advice of the decorators, but to your own feelings.

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