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For most people, a bathroom is just a room, and for others it is a kind of paradise where people can relax, relax and take spa treatments. It must be understood that comfort and sophistication must be present in this room.


To date, installing tiles in the bathroom is not a novelty. But the tiles can not spoil the entourage of your room, on the contrary, supplement it with new colors, beauty and coziness.


Tiles are divided into 2 types: Tile, ceramic and tiles from mosaic.



Tile from tiles possesses qualities: it is steady against the increased humidity, it is hygienic, it is very simple in its washing. At this time in the world there are many manufacturers of ceramic tiles. Each offers you a wide range of different material for the walls and floor of your bathroom.


To decorate your bathroom more often use tiles because it has great popularity and practicality for more than a dozen years.


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Ceramic платки выделяет себя маленькой стоимостью. Она производиться из белой глины, а сверху ее покрывают глазурью и вырисовывают на ней разные узоры и картинки. Выделяются 3 типа керамической плитки: матовые, глянцевые,матовые. В интернете или в магазинах вы сможете посмотреть фотографии разных видов плитки.



Tiles from a mosaic are often taken in small rooms. With this method, you can independently make changes to your bathroom if the floor and wall coverings are not sufficiently level. This tile can be harmonized with tiles of other sizes.


How to choose the right color design?

How can I choose the color that suits you? The first rule that you should use is the rule what color you like more. For the bathroom there are more bright colors, they do not show water and soap stains, they are easier to wash and they are more practical because they do not absorb the light of the lamps.

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In contrast to the color tiles, black looks much more elegant. Black color since the antiquity was the color of greatness. But as mentioned earlier on the black color will remain stuck. Therefore, the use of such a tile is needed more often.


The type of tile will hang from the type of your home. There are 3 types of houses: a Khrushchev, a panel house, and a private plot.


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In Khrushchev, the bathroom and toilet are often connected in one unit. For a bathroom of a small size, it is desirable to choose a medium-sized tile or use a mosaic, preferably if the tile was a light color and did not absorb the light of the lamps.


Panel house

In the panel house the bathroom is divided. Here you can choose what you want though a large and dark and a small and tiny tile. It is advisable to choose a tile of the same size, so it will look much better.


A private house

If you chose the type of architecture of your house and the dimensions of your rooms, then you need to know what type of bathroom is yours. If you have a bathroom one you should try to make the room much brighter, so that it has good lighting. And if your room is small, you can make it as light and dark, it all depends on your imagination. Here you can use a large and medium-sized tile, not how you will not damage your square meters.


How to arrange a tile in your room?

It all depends on you, you allocate funds to your home. And a lot depends on your size. Manage everything yourself, do not be afraid that you can hurt your room. Try to make everything as beautiful and comfortable as possible. You can make your bathroom both manually and with the help of workers.


If you want to make a bathroom with your own hands, then lead your fantasy and material means.


In other cases, if everyone does the work then you should closely monitor their work. Clearly say what you want and how it should look like. As for me it's better to do everything myself and personally control everything, the main thing in this job is you and you all lead.


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