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From time to time, each of us has to repair our home, completely getting rid of the old tile or replacing some of its elements. The very process of dismantling the tiles is not particularly difficult and depends, first of all, on what solution: cement or glue, it was installed earlier.

Dismantle of tiles

The tile, laid on the glue, is dismantled with a scrap.

There are various gentle ways of how to remove the tile from the wall, preserving its integrity.

Preparatory work

To remove the tiles in the right way, before carrying out the basic work, it is necessary to conduct quality training. It consists of:

  • in the selection of the tools required for work;
  • in the use of protective equipment and materials.
Tools for tile dismantling

Tools for dismantling tiles.

Given that the dismantling of ceramic tiles is a dirty and dusty process, you need to take the necessary precautions. To protect the eyes from debris, special glasses should be used. From getting injuries and cuts caused by the complex texture of the material, strong working clothes will save. Additionally, you need to use a mask and gloves. To protect the floor covering and to facilitate cleaning, after finishing the work on removing tiles from the walls on the floor, you can lay an old oilcloth.

To perform the work of tearing off the tile from the wall, depending on the method, the following tools may come in handy:

  • drill;
  • perforator with special nozzle;
  • a metal spatula;
  • statue;
  • a hammer;
  • bits;
  • steel wire;
  • sharp knife;
  • water and spleen.

After carrying out the preparatory work, you can begin to remove the tiles from the wall.

Technology of tile removal

The simplest way to get rid of tiles is to consider the removal method without preserving its integrity. The work is performed by a perforator with a special nozzle, placing it at a certain angle to the surface of the wall. As a result, the tile is broken up into a number of fragments that scatter in all directions. Remains of cement mortar from the wall are knocked down with a hammer or chisel. But this method is rarely used in practice. The most often considered options are how to carefully remove the tile from the wall.

Removal tool

With the help of a sharp knife, the grout is easily removed from the seams.

To do this, first of all, with a sharp knife and a metal spatula, carefully remove the grout between the tiles, previously softened with water using a sponge. By removing it completely, you can proceed to remove the tiles from the wall. All work should be done slowly and carefully, starting from the top down.

If a perforator with a flat nozzle is used for this purpose, the algorithm of the actions is as follows: shallow, without pressure, the flat head is driven under one of the tiles and the old solution is gently scraped off. Then the tile is carefully peeled off. In this case, it is not always possible to maintain the integrity of the tile, especially if it was planted on cement mortar.

In another way, the old tile can be removed using a chisel with a wide working surface and a hammer. After removing the grout in the manner described above, the chisel is inserted as deeply as possible under the surface of the tile and, using a hammer, slowly and carefully fights off the wall. First, the actions should be very careful and careful, and in the end - more clear and confident. Before this, you should tap its surface to determine the voids, the presence of which will facilitate its removal. Sometimes, steel wire, successfully inserted between the tile and the wall, helps to cope with the work.

Special cases

Screed removal plan

Screed removal plan.

Sometimes it is not necessary to dismantle the entire surface, tiled with tiles, but it is only necessary to remove a few tiles. More important in this case is not how to remove the old tile, but how to preserve its neighboring elements. It will be more difficult to work on removing the tile located in the middle of the wall or in its corner part.

In any case, the work begins with soaking the interlace trowels and removing them.

After that, one of the tiles intended for removal is taped for the presence of voids. It should be noted that in this case it is not necessary to use a puncher, and all work must be done manually. The tiles are carefully peeled off using a chisel and a hammer. For the same purpose, you can use steel wire, making a hook from it. If the neighboring tiles are damaged, they are removed.

If the tile was planted on cement mortar, then it will be difficult to remove it, as indicated above. Then it is required with the help of a drill to drill several holes in the tile to be removed, thus weakening its fastening. Then, using a chisel and a hammer, in parts, carefully discard this tile.

A special case of the above works is the removal of the old tile from the wall of plasterboard. Here it is important to know the following feature: the tile can be removed in the general order, if it was planted on a quality plastered wall from gypsum board.

The situation is different if the plasterboard wall in front of the tiles has not been plastered. Then the dismantling of the drywall with the tile, which is necessary for removal, is performed.

The process of removing the old tiles from the wall

The tile is carefully removed with the help of a chisel and a hammer.

For this work, you will need materials and tools:

  • a wooden beam or a metal profile;
  • screwdriver;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • knife on the GLK;
  • ambulance and marker.

First, the grout from the interlace joints is removed in the right place. Using a hacksaw, a section is cut off that requires replacement. The perforator removes the fastening elements of the sheet to the frame. The sheet of drywall or part of it is removed together with the tile, and a patch is installed in its place, which is then fixed with a new tile.

It should be noted that a bar or profile is installed inside the patch, depending on which material the main frame of the wall is made of. The entire structure is fastened with a screwdriver and self-tapping screws.

Thus, having considered all the recommendations on how to remove the tile from the wall without damaging its integrity and having prepared all the necessary tools, having shown patience and accuracy, one can hope for a successful result of the work.

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