Tips for decorating the bathroom

According to their design, modern bathrooms differ significantly from each other. But nevertheless they are united by the fact that the bathroom is not a nondescript room, as it was 50-60 years ago, but a room, the design of which is thought out to the smallest detail. Bathroom design has its own design rules. This is no wonder, because it is in the bathroom comes a person in the morning and it is in the bathroom that he wants to relax after a hard day.


Visually expand the space of the bathroom can be by using tiles of soft colors and good lighting.

The choice of design of bathrooms in many ways depends on their size. Most people continue to live in small apartments, where this room is tiny and often combined with a toilet. You have to apply all your imagination to make a cozy and beautiful room from such a room. But it is quite possible. There are some useful tips on this:

  • replacement of sanitary ware for more compact models;
  • the right choice of color for walls, floors and ceilings;
  • correctly selected lighting.

Plumbing replacement

The decoration of the bathroom in Khrushchev is associated with the replacement of sanitary ware. The most common option is to install a small shower cubicle or a corner instead of a bathtub. The shower corner occupies very little space due to the features of its design. In such a cubicle, the walls of the bathroom serve as its two walls. Also, change the frontal sink to a corner structure and move the toilet bowl into the corner if the bathroom is combined with a bathroom.

Bathroom layout drawing

Drawing of the layout of the bathroom.

Choosing a color scheme for a small bathroom, make it in light colors, trying to avoid dark shades. From light walls, floor and ceiling, the room visually increases in size. The installation of mirrors is also welcome, which also make the premises larger. Designers advise even in the smallest bathroom to allocate a mirror as a separate light zone.

Choosing fixtures for general lighting of a small bathroom, it is best to choose a point, built into the roof ceiling or the ceiling of a moisture-resistant plasterboard. Hanging lamps are an unacceptable luxury for premises with a small area.

It is not recommended to install in the small bath heavy shelves, which reduce the space. It is best to choose accessories from transparent glass. The same goes for the walls of the shower cubicle or the shower corner. They must be transparent.

If you consider all these nuances, then from a small bathroom you can make a comfortable room that will please the owners with its attractive appearance and convenience.

Even in a small bathroom, a jacuzzi is often installed. Fortunately, many of these products have an angular arrangement. If you pick up a small jacuzzi, it harmoniously fits into the interior. In addition, it can be used as a shower, taking a shower there. Moreover, many people remove the wash basin from the bath. Wash over the shower corner or jacuzzi, setting the mixer to the desired height.

Tile in the bathroom

The walls and the floor in the bathroom are best tiled - it is quite strong material that does not rot and is cleaned from dirt.

Finishing Options

On the places of the walls, which get water, it is recommended to lay the tile, as this is the most resistant to moisture material. If the bathroom is large, different walls can be decorated with various finishing materials. These can be plastic panels, natural or artificial stone and even wood. Only a tree before installation is recommended to be treated with a special compound that will make it resistant to moisture. The design of a large bathroom, tiled with tiles, can include areas with different colors of tile. For example, wide vertical stripes of dark or black tiles on a light background make the room higher. This is true when the height is underestimated by a suspended lath ceiling.

Decorating the bathroom with drawings and mosaics is also a good option. Of course, to make a list of walls in the bathroom can only be done by professionals. Although there is a wonderful replacement - wallpapers with a suitable pattern. There are wallpapers that are specially designed for stickers in the bathroom.

The simplest painting can be done yourself, using water-resistant water-based paint. To do this, you need to prepare the wall so that it is perfectly even, covered with paint of a certain color and draw bubbles on it. This can be done even by a person who has never painted before. This self-made drawing will bring an individuality into the room and make you proud of your work.

Lighting in the bathroom

All lighting fixtures in the bathroom must necessarily be moisture resistant.

If it is customary to decorate a wall with mosaics, murals or wallpapers, then you should choose well-lit areas for them, on which no accessories will be attached. Some manufacturers produce tiles with a large pattern. Mounting such ceramics correctly, a picture is formed on the wall, which is not afraid of water.

Selection of lighting

Good lighting is a very important condition for the images to look good. If the general lighting is not enough, then you need to make a highlight.

In large bathrooms for lighting use rotary fixtures and sconces fixed on the wall. You can also use ceiling spotlights by selecting models on which you can adjust the direction of light. Often, to decorate the bathroom use the lighting of the bath and jacuzzi. It should be noted that such work is best entrusted to professionals, since water and electricity are a rather dangerous combination. Do and illuminate the floor with LED lamps, which looks very good when the main light is put out in the bath.

For general lighting in large rooms use pendant lamps of various models. There are special lamps designed to stay in rooms with high humidity. Sometimes, when decorating a bathroom, it constructs a false window, which adds a certain charm and serves as an additional source of light.

Thinking about the design options, you need to think about furniture that will be installed in the bathroom. Of course, if the bathroom is in Khrushchev, then there is no furniture to talk about.

On the walls are mounted only small shelves, hangers, soap dishes. But if the bathroom is large, then it is possible to install a roomy closet for bath accessories, large shelves and pedestals. Choose the furniture you need from a material that is not afraid of moisture. Otherwise, it will have to be changed very soon.

Correctly selected design of the bathroom will make it a room, in its attractive appearance and convenience, no different from other rooms in the house or apartment.

Of course, the design should be such that it fully meets the tastes and preferences of the owners.

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