Tips for developing bathroom and toilet design

The bathroom is the most visited place in the house. In order to be comfortable in it, its atmosphere should be adjusted to calm and relax. That is why the development of the design of this room should be approached especially responsibly.

Bathroom Design

The design of a small bathroom should be thought through very carefully, so that staying in it does not cause discomfort.

Small room

Owners of large, spacious premises can afford the implementation of any design solutions in the design of bathrooms. Much more difficult is for tenants of ordinary multi-storey buildings. The small size of the bathroom and toilet in standard apartments compels the design of the design to focus on the visual increase in the interior space.

Figure 1. Strips of frieze and ornamentation at the height of the belt visually make the room wider.

Figure 1. Strips of frieze and ornamentation at the height of the belt visually make the room wider.

The interior of the bathroom should be comfortable and not cause a sense of disharmony. Do not block up the room with a lot of sanitary ware, household appliances and furniture. It is necessary to stop only on the most necessary subjects corresponding to the chosen style.

To finish the walls and the floor of the bathroom it is better to choose materials with a matte surface. This will make it easy to keep the premises clean, which is very important for maintaining comfortable conditions. The main thing is to strive to ensure that the design of the bathroom is consistent with the desires and preferences of residents.

Practical techniques

In many apartments, a bathroom and a toilet are two separate rooms. Despite this, they should be decorated in the same style: plumbing devices from the same collection, finishing the walls and floor in the same tones.

Thanks to the design developments, a number of techniques have been known for a long time that make it possible to visually enlarge a small room.

Bathroom with shower

Figure 2. In a small bathtub, the bathtub should be replaced with a shower.

Not the last role in this is played by ceramic tiles for finishing walls and floors. Using a small-sized material or a mosaic, as well as a strip of frieze or ornament at the height of the belt, can make the room "wider" (Fig. 1). You can lay the tile in many different ways. To expand the space wall should be placed horizontally, and the floor - on the diagonal. "Lift" the room will help vertical installation of wall tiles, placement of decor elements at eye level or above, decorating the corners "under the columns." In a separate bathroom tiles can be laid in different ways. If the bathroom is allowed vertical installation, then for the toilet it does not fit. Because of the small area, the room will look even higher and higher.

As for the color scheme, the choice is for the owner. However, it should be noted that warm pastel colors in design design remain still relevant, especially for modest sizes of modern bathrooms and toilets. The main thing is to remember that the choice is based on the design of the equipment that is installed in the bathroom. To revive the atmosphere and give the room a stylish look will help fashion accessories.

Being engaged in arrangement of a small bathroom, it is important to properly zoning. In a narrow room, you can use a smaller bathtub or replace it with a shower cabin (Figure 2).

In the bathroom can be installed various pieces of furniture: bedside tables, lockers or shelves, necessary for storing towels, linen, cleaning and detergents.

If desired, the furniture can be hidden in the wall niches.

Ceiling decoration and lighting

Mirror Illumination

Figure 3. Mirror can be highlighted with a small sconce.

An important role in decorating the interior is played by the decoration of the ceiling. Recently, stretch ceilings have become very popular. They are distinguished by their aesthetics, moisture resistance and durability. Virtually they are not inferior to them from the ceiling panels made of plastic. These two options make it possible to implement any design development and create a curious interior. Caution should be observed with mirrored ceilings, so that the room does not become like a well. Especially attentive in this matter should be the owners of small bathrooms.

Not the least role in the design of space is lighting. The correct arrangement of lighting fixtures will help to emphasize the design of the ceiling, as well as create a certain mood in the room. The bathroom can be equipped with spotlights located along the perimeter of the ceiling or in the central part. Lamps can also be installed chaotically over the entire surface. Sometimes hidden illumination is used. Small sconces can be installed near the mirror (Figure 3).

Space decoration

To emphasize the style of the bathroom and make its atmosphere elegant and original will help properly selected elements of the decor: mirrors, towels, rugs, soap dishes, various hooks, holders and other items. All of them should be in harmony with other elements of the interior: furniture fittings, the color of sanitary ware, patterns on the tile. However, do not use many different accessories, so that the room does not seem overloaded with details and does not cause a sense of chaos.

It does not matter which style is chosen for bathroom and toilet design. The main thing is that the bathroom is harmoniously integrated into the overall interior of the house and the residents were comfortable and comfortable in it.

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