Tips for installing a rack ceiling

Reed ceilings have certain advantages that made them very popular. Simplicity of installation, high hygiene and the ability to mount built-in lamps make such constructions popular in the design of bathrooms, kitchens, hallways. Mounting the slatted ceiling with your own hands is not an easy task, and two people can do it, helping each other. Some of the helpful suggestions below will help in this. The rack ceiling in the bathroom is an ideal repair option, as it is absolutely not afraid of moisture and it is easy to clean. In addition, the bathroom, designed in this way, looks great. Thanks to the spotlights, lighting can be varied by arranging light zones in the room. Depending on the chosen design of the room, you can fix the slats so that there are gaps between them, and you can make a flat surface.

Scheme of suspended ceilings

Scheme of suspended ceilings.


This type of ceiling is a metal or plastic strips, which are attached to special tires. Tires, in turn, are fixed to the ceiling of the room by means of hangers. The following materials and tools are required to make the installation yourself:

  • a rack ceiling with tires, a profile and suspensions;
  • self-tapping screws and plastic dowels;
  • drill and screwdriver;
  • level and padded thread.


Elements of a design of a rake ceiling

Elements of the design of the rack ceiling.

It should be noted that the quality of the installation depends on the correct layout. After retreating 15-20 cm from the ceiling of the room, follow the perimeter of the horizontal line. The easiest way to do this is using the building level and the warp thread. When installing such a ceiling, you can not prepare the ceiling of the room, only conduct electrical wiring. All electrical wires must be placed in special housings, especially if the work is done in a bathroom, a room with high humidity. As soon as the work is done, spotlights will be connected to the wiring. In the bathroom before installing the rack ceiling it is recommended to first make a waterproofing. For this purpose, it is possible to use waterproofing materials in rolls or special mastic. Waterproofing will protect your repair if neighbors have an accident on top.

On the line, the metal or plastic profile should be fixed. To do this, holes are drilled in the wall, plastic dowels are driven into them. The profile is also drilled holes, and it is screwed to the wall with screws. The distance between the fastenings should not exceed 1 meter. In the corners of the profile is fixed "joint in the butt". If the walls of the bathroom are tiled, use special drill bits: feather or diamond-plated.

To ensure that the drill does not slip on the tile, adhesive tape is applied to the surface of the tile. Drill at a low speed drill, keeping the drill strictly perpendicular to the surface of the tile and wetting the hole with water. When the tile is drilled, a hole is already made in the wall by another drill. It is recommended to take it smaller. Such precautions are necessary to ensure that the tile does not crack.

Scheme of installation of a rack ceiling

Scheme of installation of the rack ceiling.

Then hang the suspension to the ceiling. They come in different designs, but whatever the design, fixing the tires on them is not difficult. The distance to the walls should be at least 50 cm, and the distance between the hangers - 1-1,5 meters. Suspensions are attached using self-tapping screws. In the ceiling it is necessary to drill holes, as well as when attaching profiles. If the surface is covered with waterproofing, then the places of fastenings should be additionally treated with a sealant.

Tires are attached to the suspensions by self-tapping screws, and the slats are simply "snapped" onto them. The edges of the rods are inserted into the profiles, which are fixed along the walls. To install spotlights in rails in advance, you need to make holes. For this, a circle is drawn, in the center of which a hole is drilled. Petals are cut from it and broken off. It's okay if the edges turn out to be uneven, as the unevenness will close when mounting the fixtures. If there is a protective film on the slats, it will be removed after the end of the work.

The metal and plastic lath ceiling is fixed by the described method. But sometimes they make it from the lining. Very often, such a surface is mounted on the loggia, previously making the insulation. For insulation, the insulation sheets are glued to the ceiling of the loggia, then a vapor barrier made of foil-coated polyethylene is attached to them with a double-sided adhesive tape. Through the vapor barrier and the insulation with self-tapping screws, wooden blocks of the crate are attached. First you need to drill holes and drive plastic dowels into them. They need to be leveled, so that the ceiling is flat. To the bars self-tapping screws are attached.

Thus, the installation of the rack ceiling is not difficult, you just need to properly mark up and use the services of an assistant to work was easier.

The ceiling, the installation of which is executed correctly, will last for many years without needing repair.

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