Water hardness, regular operation, wear of gaskets - all this leads to failure of water taps. You can repair the water tap yourself, without resorting to the help of a master. It is enough to have a few simple tools and know what kind of faulty mixer it is.

Leaking faucet

If you have a tap, then immediately, in order to save money and keep your nerves, you need to eliminate the cause.

Tools and materials for the repair of faucets:

  • adjustable wrench with a yoke up to 24-27 mm;
  • flat and cross screwdrivers;
  • a wrench 22-36;
  • tube (clamping) up to 32 mm;
  • rubber gaskets or rubber for their manufacture;
  • Ftoroplastovaja a sealing tape for replacement of loose leaves;
  • sponge, rags;
  • detergent.

The most common are lever and two-valve water taps.

Leverage water taps

Leverage cranes are characterized by ease of use and reliability. This tap allows you to easily adjust the temperature and head of water by simply moving the lever. However, for all their reliability, they still break. And if the water begins to drip from under the lever, you need to take action.

The main element of the lever water tap is a cartridge, which can be of two types: ball and disc (ceramic).

Mixing device

Mixing device с шаровым картриджем

Mixing device с шаровым картриджем.

In the mixer, a hollow ball is located on the two rubber seats, having two inlet openings at the bottom and one outlet opening at the top. It tightly presses against the seats due to the pressure of the water. Cold water flows through one hole, hot water through another one. By changing the position of the lever, the water supply to the bowl is regulated by aligning its holes with the holes of the rubber seats.

The most important reason for the flow of such a mixer is garbage, which leads to a violation of the tightness of the connection of the ball and saddles. To eliminate this malfunction, you need to disassemble the mixer and clean it of debris. If the cause of the leak in the cartridge wear, then it should be replaced with a new one.

Disassembly of the ball valve:

  1. Close the water supply valves and drain the remaining water.
  2. Remove the plug under the crane lever, painted in blue and red.
  3. Unscrew the fixing screw with a screwdriver, which secures the adjusting rod to the lever.
  4. Remove the lever, slightly loosening it from side to side.
  5. Unscrew the clamping nut, remove the cartridge and replace it with a new one.
  6. Inspect and replace seals if necessary.
  7. Assemble the tap in the reverse order.

When assembling the valve, note that the protrusions on the cartridge must fit into the grooves in the mixer. The cartridge must not be warped. When replacing the cartridge, set the lever neutral position.

Disc Cartridge

Disc Cartridge представляет собой два плотно прижатых друг к другу металлокерамических диска, положение которых регулирует напор и температуру подачи воды.

To find out the reason why the water drips, you need to disassemble the mixer. Disassembly of the disk cartridge is similar to the disassembly of the ball cartridge. However, remember that you can not change the ball cartridge to disk and vice versa.

Double-ventilated structures

The device two-ventilated mixer

The device dvuhventilnogo mixer.

Repair of faucets is cheaper and easier than lever valves. For such cranes, you can even make a rubber gasket yourself. But valve valves also break more often.

If the water from the tap drips even with a tightly twisted valve, the problem lies in the failed gasket. Replacing it is very simple:

  1. Unscrew the valve body by turning it counterclockwise.
  2. Remove the damaged gasket.
  3. Install a new gasket from the repair kit or make it yourself from a piece of rubber.
  4. Wind the seal on the stop edge.
  5. Turn the valve body into place by turning it clockwise.
  6. Use a wrench to tighten the valve.

The cause of leakage of water from the tap may be a worn seal packing gland.

When the tap is open, water flows between the valve stem and the gland nut. The problem can be rectified as follows:

  1. Unscrew the packing gland nut with a screwdriver.
  2. Make a sealing insert from the veneer tape.
  3. Take out the damaged liner.
  4. Tightly wind a new liner on the valve stem.
  5. Tighten the nut.
O-ring mixer washer

The cause of the mixer leak may be a poor ring gasket.

In the appearance of a leak at the junction of the mixer and the shower hose, in most cases the bad annular gasket is to blame, which requires replacement:

  1. Using a wrench, carefully unscrew the shower hose.
  2. Remove the spoiled seal.
  3. Install a new O-ring.
  4. Screw the shower hose back.

It is recommended to use a silicone gasket as a sealant, as it is more resistant to wear than rubber.

If water flows from the tap at the time of transfer of its supply to the shower hose, then it is required to replace the locking elements located in the mixer handles, which are called crankboxes. They are ceramic or with a rubber gasket. They are sold in specialized sanitary ware shops.

Recommendations for selection

When choosing a mixer, do not try to stop at a cheap option. Such mixers are made of low-quality, fast-rusting metals. They practically can not be repaired. It is better to choose a mixer from heavy non-ferrous metals, for example, brass, rather than stainless steel. Spare parts are also better to buy brass.

It is recommended to install filters for rough water purification on the water supply system, which will protect the mixer from getting into its debris mechanism. It happens that not only the faucet, but also the hoses can become clogged.

There are filters that purify the salts of hardness and lime scale.

Do not treat chrome products with acidic or abrasive detergents. Use gentle cleansers and soft sponges for this.

Adhering to these recommendations, you will not soon have to deal with the repair of faucets.

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