Unusual bathroom solutions

Residents of apartment buildings suffer from the fact that they got a bathroom of relatively small size. Our morning begins with the adoption of water procedures, and the day ends there as well. Therefore, everyone would like to feel comfortable in the bathroom, so that, taking a bath, you can relax a little and forget about business.

Bathroom in Arabic style

Modern building materials will allow to create from an ordinary bathroom an exquisite masterpiece.

Small rooms

Enlarge the bathroom visually is not difficult, just remember the generally accepted rules for the design of the bathroom and apply them in practice.

We plan the arrangement of furniture:

earthing scheme in the bathroom

Grounding scheme in the bathroom

  1. If your bathroom has a small area and a square shape, then try to save space by placing all the bulky plumbing in the corners. Many people do not even suspect that you can buy not only a corner shower, but also a washbasin with a toilet bowl. So you save 20-30 cm on each part, and this is practically one free space in the bathroom, where there is always not enough room.
  2. Mini plumbing is another way to save space. Mini-plumbing will not create any discomfort for you, everything will function in the same way as in normal sizes. A weighty plus is the specific design of these objects, which will create the illusion of reduced objects, and everything around will visually increase in size. Thus, the space will expand slightly.
  3. To visually increase the space at the expense of walls, be sure to use in the design only light colors. It is better not to experiment with horizontal and vertical strips. Monochrome walls, covered with small tiles or mosaics, will help visually increase the room.
  4. Mirror is the easiest and quickest way to increase the bathroom space. Walk away from stereotypes, try to hang a mirror not only over the sink, but also on the other wall. The main thing is that the mirrors do not look "at each other". A large mirror will create a feeling of depth in the bathroom, which is important when expanding the room.
  5. Try to use a minimum of furniture. Massive cabinets, if necessary, always slide under the sink. An excellent option - light or even glass shelves. Try to avoid piling up shelves with various care products and bathroom accessories. For these purposes, you need to find a place for the most ordinary and miniature locker, which will hide all your "supplies".
  6. It is important to pay attention to the design of the door: in no case should it open inward. There are two options: either it opens outward, or you need to install a sliding structure. To keep the door open, you can make small handrails or hooks for towels, sponges and other trifles, or hang an original and roomy organizer from the oilcloth.
  7. Do not skimp on lighting. The more light the bathrooms have, the cozier it will be. Try to set the light sources so that they are reflected in the mirrors. It should be noted that the yellowish rays of light are reflected in the mirror more gently and are better perceived by human vision.
White Bathroom

Using white color and mirror surfaces, you can visually increase the space in the bathroom.

Large room decoration

That's really lucky for the owners of large apartments and their own homes, where the bathroom takes up a lot of space, because it can turn out an unusual bath that will become the property of your home.

  1. First, you need to highlight the main design element in the bathroom - an original shower, a bright washbasin, a bidet. Around this element, you will build a further sketch design.
  2. Let the main one in our case be a bath. To highlight it, you must first lift it above the floor, making a small podium (under it is very convenient to hide pipes and other small things that spoil the appearance of the bathroom).
  3. The toilet and bidet should preferably be fenced off from the bathtub with a small bright screen.
  4. The most successful color scheme for the bathroom: white, gray and dark blue. By skillful color matching on paper, you will understand what you need. The bathroom is a rest room, it will look extremely uncomfortable if you try to decorate it in bright red or acid tones.
  5. Today it is very popular and convenient to install a bath next to a huge window. Of course, it is necessary to put glass, which is poorly shining on the reverse side. This method will not only save on electricity, but also create a comfortable atmosphere during the rest in the bathroom after a hard day's work.

Remember that minimalism is in fashion, so the fewer things are located in the visible place, the more comfortable and more comfortable to be in the room.

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