Using the ball valve device

The design of the ball mixer is easy to use, therefore this type of sanitary ware is very popular. The flow of the ball valve is a rare occurrence, so its use helps to save water.

Ball valve

The ball valve can be repaired independently, without resorting to the services of specialists.

Often, those who use ball valves are asked a question related to their arrangement and disassembly method. This is necessary in order to repair the crane yourself, without resorting to the services of experienced masters. The design is quite simple, and its repair is not associated with any difficulties.

The mechanism of the ball mixer

A ball mixer was recently produced by manufacturers supplying products to the market, and replaced the stuffing box. His predecessor required constant replacement of rubber gaskets. Under the cover of the ball mixer is fixed a special adjustment knob, which is carried out with a screw. Despite the fact that the design of the ball valve is more rigid, it does not protect the faucet from the influence of hard water.

Scheme of the ball valve

Scheme of the ball valve.

To eliminate all malfunctions, disassemble the mixer in the kitchen or in the bathroom, where the operation of the mixer must be of an intensive nature. The crane should be disassembled if a leakage of water of a certain degree was found during its inspection. In this case, water can be poured in a thin stream or flow out under pressure. Disassembling the ball valve, you should know the mechanism of this mechanism, which has a fairly wide range, despite its small size.

The device of the ball valve includes a non-separable cartridge made of ceramics, which makes it reliable and durable. In the design of the elements are tightly fitted to each other, so there are no seals. The mechanism of the ball valve can periodically fail, since its device with tightly fitting parts does not affect the operation of the mixer.


Buying a ball valve, it is necessary to determine for what purposes it is intended. On the one hand, it can be installed in a water supply system that provides water supply both cold and hot. And on the other hand, it should be used as a constructive element of the gas pipeline system.

It is necessary to take into account the type of the part that can be welded or be a flanged (full-bore) version. Flanged tap is strengthened by thread, and this does not allow the device to function in an aggressive environment. The ball valve is checked with special care for the purpose of the marriage, as leakage and the need for repair are possible. The kit includes the following components:

Repair of the ball mixer and the order of its assembly

Repair of the ball mixer and the order of its assembly.

  • control knob;
  • the body;
  • ball made of brass or steel;
  • seal stem;
  • Teflon Sealing Seats;
  • the brass rod;
  • nuts;
  • packing washer.

There are two types of systems available for sale:

  1. All-welded.
  2. With a dismountable body.

The crane, having a dismountable device of the hull, is a priority, therefore it has some advantages. The device is a more reliable accessory, since its design does not provide for numerous gaskets, which lead to leaks during wear of parts.

The process of using this type of product is convenient, since their use requires lifting the lever or lowering it. For the design of the device is characterized by a high degree of tightness, achieved with a complete fit of the ball to the faucet.

Schematic of the principle of a single-lever mixer with a ball mechanism

Schematic of the principle of a single-lever mixer with a ball mechanism.

For single-lever ball valves, the principle of operation is associated with the presence of knobs for adjustment, reinforced under the lining. Therefore, a special screw is provided.

When disassembling no special devices are required. The design of the ball mixer, which is more perfect, sometimes does not do without defects in operation, therefore further analysis of the crane may be required.

The deformation of the locking device is more common. During the repair process, the levers in the crane are changed, and the swivel head is replaced.

If there is a water leak, then you should understand the design of the ball valve to repair it. Ball valves are easy to use, so they have gained wide popularity in the market.


The ball valve is characterized by the presence of a regulating head, for the manufacture of which stainless steel is used. The ball of the crane in the middle is hollow, it has holes and a pin, polished to shine, and it is located in the body of the mixer. The supply of hot and cold water is carried out by special brass tubes, and also by flexible wiring. A handle is attached to the pin, which drives the ball into rotation.

Scheme of two-ball ball mixer

Scheme of two-ball ball mixer.

The cartridge of the special hole must be sealed, this is achieved by the presence of gaskets.

To prevent burns on the crane cartridges, there is a ring that limits the angle of rotation of the handle in the direction where the hot water is supplied. They are ground using ultrasound and are firmly attached to each other. This type of grinding does not allow water to seep.

Если разобрать картридж, положив его шайбы друг на друга, то они притянутся, словно магниты. Данный способ является определяющим для проверки качества картриджа. Наличие дополнительных смесителей в однорычажном устройстве шарового крана не предусмотрено. Device не имеет деталей, которые могут стираться при эксплуатации крана, поскольку прокладки отсутствуют, а все элементы точно соответствуют друг другу.

Disassembly Recommendations

Tools at work

Often, when a deformation of the locking device is detected due to the influence of hard water on it, the lever and the head of the crane are changed, which is rotary. In this case, you must follow the step-by-step instructions. To disassemble should be, using such tools as:

  • Flat screwdriver;
  • hex key;
  • a hammer;
  • pliers.
Types of cartridge for ball mixer

Types of cartridges for a ball mixer.

Central water supply is switched off if the single-lever mechanism is dismantled. Before removing its handle, make sure that the valves are closed. The hexagon key loosens the screw, which serves to hold the handle. Then it is removed and a screwdriver is pressed on the notch of the threaded ring, tapping it with a hammer. Then, turn the ring gently counter-clockwise.

It must be remembered that if the entire ball mixer is turned over, this can lead to malfunctions of the water hose under the crane mechanism. Therefore, the chrome-dome pliers should be removed so as not to damage the four-toothed ring located under the dome.

Correct the position of the wheel is necessary movements that are directed up or down. After that, usually pay attention to the rust, which allows you to assess the degree of compaction. Since the seal is located inside the ball of the mixer, it is necessary to remove the ball from it. Possible critical rotation of the crane is prevented in the mechanism due to the presence of a ball stopper. It is a hole with a characteristic elongated shape.

It is necessary to examine the entire ball, paying special attention to the lower part. It is important that its surface is clean and smooth. If metal wear is detected near the holes, this part is replaced. Having found the sealing elements inside the ball of the spring, they are replaced, since in the process of operation they can lose their own characteristics. Using a screwdriver, remove all seals. Then they are replaced with new parts.

Assembling the structure

Assemble the crane, performing all the operations in reverse order. Collecting the crane, necessarily lubricate each seal. This requires a silicone non-toxic lubricant, which is manufactured only for sanitary parts and parts.

A special instruction explains how to dismantle the ceramic faucet by evaluating the condition of its individual elements and replacing each worn part. After that periodically repeat the assessment of the internal parts of the crane and replace them with new ones if they are worn out.

For each modification of the crane, their disassembly methods are characteristic. Carrying out disassembly, you should beware of causing possible damage to your fingers with shards of metal.

The instructions supplied with the mixer must be retained, as it contains information on the installation of the mixer. If difficulties arise when disassembling the mixer, the recommendations of the instructions can be very useful.

The installation of a ball mixer and its repair are associated with the need to seal the threaded joints with a tape made of PTFE.

When winding, always follow the location of the tape in accordance with the thread.

You can use not only the tape filler, but also a special thread drawn from the cassette beyond its tip. When the ball valve is repaired, and the water is still oozing, all work must be remade. Water is turned off, and the connection is unscrewed to repeat all operations first.

Often, many owners who have an old mixer in the kitchen or in the bathroom, replace it with a new one, causing the plumbing. You can do all the work yourself, as this will save you money.

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