Variants and features of the bathroom interior

Women think the main place in the house is the kitchen, the men are the living room, in which the favorite chair is in front of the TV. But the morning in the family begins with a visit to the bathroom, and usually this is the first thing that a person sees after awakening. From the way it looks and how convenient it is to use, the mood of the first morning hours depends. And for those who like to bask in a fragrant foam in the middle of a burning candle before going to bed, complete relaxation is impossible without a thoughtful bathroom interior that will complement the relaxing effect with originality and beauty. Regardless of the size of this room, there are options to make its layout comfortable, and the design - harmoniously blending into the apartment environment.

Bathroom Design

Expand the bathroom room will help one of the following ways: the combination of the bathroom and the bathroom, the expansion due to the part of the hallway, the installation of a bath and a sink of a corner type.


Even in modern apartments, the bathroom does not always have the desired dimensions. An exception are the houses built by themselves, in which you can plan any area and give vent to the imagination for the decoration of the bathroom. But even if you have to think about finishing the space in 3-5 squares, competent arrangement of objects, correctly executed lighting and a successful choice of finishing materials will turn a small bathroom into a comfortable and truly luxurious place.

Examples of bathroom layouts

Examples of the layout of the bathroom.

Layout ванной комнаты не всегда включает замену сантехники или ее перенос на другое место. Но если есть возможность расширить пространство за счет ее более удачного расположения, то перед приобретением новых сантехнических приборов следует уточнить в магазине их точные габариты. Это поможет выбрать наиболее выгодные места их расположения. Расширить небольшое помещение ванной комнаты поможет один из следующих способов:

  • combination of bathroom and toilet;
  • Expansion due to part of the hallway;
  • the arrangement of niches for the location of the washing machine and lockers;
  • installation of a bath and a sink of a corner type.

The first option is not suitable for large families, although it makes it possible to significantly increase the space. If only 2-3 people live in the apartment, the removal of the adjacent wall between the toilet and the bathroom, if necessary, is successfully compensated by a mobile screen or a stationary multifunctional partition, which additionally will serve as an original solution for the bathroom interior.

The large room gives space for the realization of any ideas in the interior. In this case, it becomes possible to apply multi-level ceiling and floor structures and placement of additional elements of the situation. A magnificent decoration of the bathroom will be the creation of a podium, which will contribute to zoning space. The surroundings of the falshkolnn, trimmed with marble tiles, will give the impression of a uniform style composition of the bathroom interior. Sophistication and ease have fashionable types of baths on thin legs, placed in the center to provide a comprehensive overview of the structure.

Interior Style

In order to impress the design of the bathroom was harmonious, you need to sustain its design in a unified style.

Bathroom in Art Nouveau style

Backlighting in the bathroom can be divided into three types of placement: top, bottom, side.

Acceptable use of mixed versions, but close among themselves on the subject. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of each type of possible modern solutions:

  1. The Art Nouveau style implies a contrasting color scheme, which is achieved through the use of ceramic tiles. A lot of light and mirrors, smooth lines of objects and modesty in accessories.
  2. Country requires the use of only natural materials. Their color and texture should be natural.
  3. In the classical style, it is appropriate to use massive objects having a gold or bronze frame. It fits in well with porcelain and a natural tree decorated with patterns.
  4. In the light oriental style, light shades prevail, in the design of the bathroom, bamboo and wood are used.
  5. Decorating the bathroom in the Mediterranean style recalls the sea spaces: lack of luxury and consistent colors in the shades of the sea, sun and sand.
  6. High-tech: glass, metal, plastic, strict geometric shapes, spot lighting.

Ideal design of the bathroom can be created not only by a famous designer. Even bold experiments on combining different styles will lead to a victorious result, if you combine enthusiasm, imagination and love for your home in your work.

Lighting choice

The illumination in the bathroom can be divided into three types according to the type of accommodation:

  • upper;
  • lower;
  • lateral.

The lighting scheme is developed only after the final choice of the material for interior decoration, with the obligatory consideration of the most advantageous direction of the light streams towards the furniture. In a small space it will be enough to have a ceiling lamp. A good addition will be the lamps placed on the sides of the mirror. Outdoor lighting makes it possible to create an unusual romantic atmosphere, and the internal lighting of the lockers will make it easy to find the necessary in them. Multicolored light bulbs will help create unusual light effects, and the combination of rotary lamps with a tile that has a mirror surface will fill the bathroom with wonderful glare from refracted rays of light. The thoughtful arrangement of bathroom lighting not only gives the atmosphere a special charm, but also greatly influences the mood of the incoming.


It is impossible to imagine a refined atmosphere without the various accessories designed to bring a note of charm and unique style to it. Their color can be contrasting or complement the shades of the bathroom interior. In addition to the usual set of things necessary for the adoption of water procedures, such as towels, sponges, soap dishes and cups for toothbrushes, various kinds of interesting objects can decorate the setting. A hand-made mosaic made of sea shells and small stones will decorate the main wall, compositions made of artificial flowers placed in flowerpots or pots will revitalize the situation.

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